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With a strong foundation of over 117 years of supplying drive solutions, DESCH specializes and is one of the most successful companies in the field of gearboxes, crankshafts, flexible couplings and gear technology, the company sets itself apart with the use of state of the art technological advanced manufacturing, offering customers innovative and customized system solutions along the entire drive train.

Our industry leading drive solutions ensure highest quality with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Learn more at or visit us at booth 2649!

 Press Releases

  • Today’s demands on machines and systems confront companies with increasingly complex tasks. Due to higher productivity and capacity utilization, the mechanical components are heavily challenged. Service life and maintenance intervals are maximally exhausted. Preventive maintenance is more important than ever, and today’s industry cannot be imagined without it.

    Looking for additional service and support for your gearboxes, and crankshafts? We know that our products operate under extreme conditions. We offer expanded support for preventative maintenance and accessibility to standard wear parts. Take advantage of our smartly curated system kits and spare parts, designed to simplify drive maintenance at competitive prices.

    Our global support team can offer you expert knowledge and unmatched customer service. Keep your operations in top shape with DESCH—your partner for hassle-free maintenance solutions!


  • DESCH Thruster Gearbox for the Offshore Industry!
    DESCH thruster gearboxes are three stage planetary gearboxes driven by a hydro- or electro motor. Used in drive units for floating oil rigs via GPS, the gearboxes rotate the thruster by 360 degrees....

  • Situated between the gearbox and the motor there is a safety clutch. 

    The output gear connects with the ring gear, which is connected to the thruster. 

  • Precision Manufactured Crankshafts
    Our crankshafts are manufactured on the WFL M 120 Millturn
    Max. turning diameter->920 mm
    Max. turning over slide->820 mm
    Max. turning length->3,000 mm
    Steady rest->200 - 601 mm
    Steady rest->75 - 401 mm
    We would be pleased to offer an individual package!...

  • At DESCH Canada’s precision manufacturing division we have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing precision parts and assemblies for Marine, Oil and gas and other industrial sectors. We utilize state-of-the-art technology including multi-CNC 3, 4 and 5 axis and turning machining centers, lean manufacturing methods, in house CAD/CAM tools and have a robust network of partners for outside processes (Chrome plating, anodizing, special painting and Heat Treatment).

  • DESCH Control.M
    Our compact, user-friendly tool ensures seamless condition-based monitoring, detecting issues like damaged bearing, miss-alignment, tooth engagement, loose connection, at their inception....

  • Embrace the future of maintenance with DESCH Control.M! As Industry 4.0 evolves, predictive maintenance takes center stage, and our cutting-edge vibration diagnostics pave the way. We will determine the repeat intervals and build-up a machine history based on the actual condition measured. Stay steps ahead by organizing timely maintenance, preventing glitches before they disrupt operations. #Industry4.0 #PredictiveMaintenance #Innovation #DESCHControlM

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