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Dutch Filtration  

Vrijheidweg 61
Wormerveer,  Noord-Holland 
  • Booth: 1779

Dutch Filtration designs, engineers and builds filtration equipment and consumables for the oilfield and process industry. We have many years of experience in building filtration solutions. We design, innovate, engineer and manufacture in-house.

Applications in the oil and gas industry are:

  • Completion Fluid Filtration (Well Bore Clean Up),
  • Oily Water Clean Up 
  • Water Injection/Water Flooding
  • Produced Water Treatment
  • Frac Fluids
  • Surface Water Intake
  • Pipeline Flushing


  • Dual Cartridge Vessel Units/ Dual Bag Vessel Units/ Dual Vessel Combi Units
  • Filter Press
  • Vertical Pressure Leaf
  • Stackable Skids
  • Filter Vessels
  • Pump Skids
  • Auxiliaries
  • Pleated Filter cartridges
  • High Flow Pleated Cartridges
  • Oil Absorption Cartridges
  • Spunbonded Cartridges
  • Wound Cartridges
  • Filter Bags
  • High Capacity Filter Bags

For more local support in North America, Dutch Filtration has an office in NA.


High Capacity Filter Bag

 Press Releases

  • No mountain too high, no water to deep for Dutch Filtration

    Dutch Filtration has designed and built a filtration system on behalf of one of the world’s largest Oil & Gas service companies. With our experienced engineering department, we design products of the highest quality.

    Filterpackage for filtration of Completion Fluids

    The uniqueness of this filtration system is that it will be the largest filter press for the offshore industry in the world. This high flow filter package is designed for filtration of well completion fluids at high rates for (ultra) deep offshore operations.
    The customer, headquartered in Houston Texas, wanted the largest offshore filter system for the filtration of completion fluids.

    These salty and heavy fluids are used to clean out the wellbore to maximize oil and gas production. The system will be deployed in the Gulf of Mexico in ultra deep water. The filter units are placed on large floating drilling platforms in water depths of more than 1.5 km and the drilling goes up to several kilometers into the seabed. Due to the great depths, large volumes of clean ‘completion fluids’ are required at a flow rate of more than 300 m3/hr (>32 BPM). The water can contain up to 0.5% suspended dirt particles and be as black as coffee. Our filter system removes all particles from the water up to 2 microns with an efficiency of 99.98% and after filtration the water is as clear as tap water.

    Stackable slurry skid with dual vessel filter unit

    The filter press comes with a stackable slurry skid and a dosing unit for filter aid. The large working platform can be accessed with a ladder this entrance has a security gate. Everything is designed for use on an offshore drilling platform and meets the strictest standards. All pipework, pressure vessels, tanks are made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance. Everything is very robust and easy to operate and maintain. The entire design was carried out by our engineers and the complete system was inspected and stamped by Lloyds to DNV2.7-1 / ISO10855. The system is equipped with several innovative details that make the system work safely, quickly and efficiently. Among other things that make this happen are:

    Semi-automatic plate shifter Filter Press

    A semi-automatic plate shifter which shifts the filter plates of the filter one by one for cleaning. This drastically eases the operations, lightens the manual labor and ensures a safer work method.

    Semi-automatic powder dosing system for Diatomaceous Earth dosing

    A semi-automatic powder dosing system. Instead of manually cutting open to bags with filter aid and dosing manually, the new system pumps (air driven) the filter aid from a big bag holding tank, dust-free and mixed in the tanks on the stackable slurry skid.

    Quick opening Closure

    The filter housings (for filter elements) are fitted with our proprietary Rudi Quick Opening/Closures (designed by Ruud Wolthuis). This allows for very quick and safe opening and closing of the filter vessels without the use of any hand tools.

    Click here for more info 

  • With our high capacity filter basket & bag the filtration surface area is increased by 70%. By placing this filter bag, you can take a smaller and cheaper filter housing, but still have the desired flow rate and dirt holding capacity. This increased dirt holding capacity extends the service life of the filter bag. The liquid enters the filter bag and then passes through the outer surface and through the central core, doubling the flow rate.

    The volume of retained liquid is reduced by 30% compared to a standard filter bag, reducing the removal weight, and wasting less product.

    Application membrane prefiltration with high capacity filter bags

    Our customer has 4-off Reverse Osmosis (RO) units protected by 4 x 2 single bag filter housings with standard length #2 polypropylene filter bags @ 10 microns, 24/7.

    The life of these filter bags was very short, which meant that the bags had to be changed out several times a day, resulting in a usage of 32 filter bags per day. (11500 pieces/year ~ €70K/year).

    In addition to the cost of the filter bags, the cost of downtime and maintenance was also very high, as the filter bags had to be replaced even during the night shift.

    The first step was to replace with our high capacity basket and polypropylene bags in the existing single filter housings. This resulted in changing the filter bags twice a day and using 16 bags.

    The cost of the high capacity basket and polypropylene filter bags was recovered within 2 months and after that the savings on the filter bags was € 30,- /day (€ 11.500,- / year). This cost reduction was only material, the cost reduction on maintenance was 3 times higher. This relatively simple conversion using the existing bag filter housings saved the customer ~ € 30K per year.

    Single bag replaced with multi bag housing

    This was only the first step!

    The operators still had to change the filter bags almost every night because the bags were clogged, and the RO plant was continuously backwashing what also resulted in a higher CIP frequency.

    This was a big problem for the operators and the cost of personnel during the night was very high.

    We were convinced that if we replaced the single bag filters with our DFVB600 multi bag housing each with 4x high capacity baskets and polypropylene filter bags, we would extend the life of the filter bags and therefore greatly reduce the need to replace the filter bags. The theory behind this was to increase the total filter area by doubling the number of filter bags resulting in a much lower flux and this results in an increase in filter bag life of up to 4 times or more. To convince the customer we installed our rental Dual Vessel Bag filter unit and conducted a test for several weeks.

    Return on investment realized within the first year with our high capacity filter bag

    Our customer ordered 4 pieces of combination bag/cartridge filter housings (DFVCB600-50-40-4-2-4), and these were installed in front of the 4x RO units. In addition to the high capacity basket and polypropylene bags, the customer also uses our Twistflow nominal rated string wound filter cartridges which result in even longer life and less maintenance (change outs).

    The ROI of this project was realized within the first year. Of course, for us as a supplier of filter consumables not the most profitable, but for the customer a significant reduction in operational costs.

    We are convinced that offering the best solution for the customer is the only solution.

    If you want to see the high capacity basket and bag in person, please come to the OTC Houston, from May 2-5. Learn more about the OTC here.

    Products used in this project

    Other available Dutch Filtration products 

    • Standard Single Filter Houses
    • DF00747 – Filter basket, for L2HC bags, SS316
    • Filter bags Length #2, PP, 10 micron
    • Combination filter housings bags/cartridges

    Dutch Filtration gives you

    • Improvement of your process and (working) environment
    • Saving operational (OPEX) and overall costs
    • 24/7 customer service, personal and fast response.

  • The pneumatic plate shifter can very easily the move the plates, even when weighing more than 150 kg (330 lbs) when full.

    The system is 100% safe, with two hands on grips with buttons very easy to operate. From both sides a plate shifter will move the plates pneumatically. The semi-automatic plate shifter is very compact compared with full automated systems. The semi- automatic plate shifter is developed for movement of very heavy plates which are difficult to move by one operator.

    We design and manufacture Filter Presses with various filtration areas, ranging from 600 till 2,400 sq. ft.

    Features Filter Press Dutch Filtration

    • Compact footprint
    • Frame designed according to, and certified to DNV 2.7-1
    • Pneumatic powered hydraulic system and plate shifting system
    • All wetted parts SS316
    • Connections unions fig. 206
    • Stainless steel control cabinet


    • Fits on every on-/offshore installation
    • Designed to global on-/offshore requirements
    • Simple and reliable
    • No corrosion issues
    • 100% leak-proof and easy sealing with uniform pressure
    • Robust and no corrosion
    • Able to handle high solid loaded fluids

    What is a Filter Press

    A Filter Press is used for liquid/solid separation. It’s called a Filter Press because pressure is used to separate the liquids and the solids. The Filter Press consists of a set of vertical recessed plates pressed by each other through hydraulic cylinder. A slurry is pumped into a Filter Press and under pressure water flows through the plates and build up filter cake. Each filter plate must withstand the internal pressure developed by the sludge pumped into the Filter Press. Therefor the it must withstand high pressures. The main components of a Filter Press include the filter plates with filter cloths, the frame, piping and valves. The working principle of a filter press is based on slurry solids (mostly Diatomaceous Earth) building up on the filter cloth forming the filter cake. The slurry is mixed in a slurry tank and is pumped into the Filter Press. The wastewater is then pumped into it and passes through the filter cake and cloths, the filtered water exits the filter plates through the outlet. The solids will be built up within the chambers until they are full and the cycle is completed. The filter cake must be released and filter cloth must be cleaned.

    Filtration time depends on:

    • Sludge concentration
    • Specific resistance
    • Cake thickness
    • Compressibility coefficient

    The first filter press was built around the 1800’s and then it was called a “plate and frame” filter, sometimes people still use this term.

    Filter Press Applications

    Because the size of a filter press can vary from very small (lab-scale) to very large Filter Presses (250m2) filter presses can be used in a broad spectrum of applications such as;

    • Completion Fluids
    • Work-over Fluids
    • Gravel-pack Fluids
    • Wellbore Clean-up fluids
    • Food and Beverage
    • (Bio) Diesel
    • Surface Water Intake
    • Process Water
    • Frac Fluids
    • Wastewater


  • High Capacity Filter Bag
    High Capacity filter bags increase the filtration surface area by 70% compared with a similar sized standard bag. It also reduces the volume of retained liquid in the filter bag by 30% compared to a standard bag system....

  • With our high capacity filter basket & bag you can have the desired flow rate and dirt holding capacity, for lower cost and with smaller filter housing. Due to the increased dirt holding capacity, the service life of the filter bag is increased.

    The high capacity filter basket & bag has an outer surface and a central core. The liquid flows through both, which doubles the flow rate compared to the standard size filter bag.

    The filtration surface area is increased by 70% and the volume of the retained liquid is reduced by 30%. This reduces the filter bag removal weight and the product wastage.

    Features High Capacity Filter Bag

    • Filtration surface area is increased by 70%
    • The volume of retained liquid is reduced by 30%
    • Contaminated fluids flow from inside to outside, so all solids are retained in the bag.
    • Low operational costs.
    • Easy handling, easy, clean and quick change out of filter bags.
    • A wide range of materials and micron rating.
    • Wide chemical compatibility

    Options for High Capacity Filter Bags

    • Different materials
    • Different media
    • Other sealing configuration
    • Other lengths
    • Absolute rated bags
    • Pleated bags
    • Welded construction
  • Dual Vessel Filter Skid
    Our dual vessel cartridge filter unit is especially designed and manufactured for oilfield filtration services. With our unique design features, such as the Rudi quick opening closure....

  • Our dual vessel cartridge filter unit is especially designed and manufactured for oilfield filtration services. With our unique design features, such as the Rudi quick opening closure, the filtration operator will be able to work more safe, faster and ergonomic. All new features are based on customer feedback combined in our unique twin vessel filter unit. HSE, efficiency and reliability are the key drivers for our product improvement and design.


    • Compact footprint
    • Quick opening closure lid
    • Simple Davit
    • Frame designed and certified
    • according DNV 2.7-1/ ISO 10855/ EN12079
    • All wetted parts SS316
    • Connections unions fig.206
    • Standard 10 bar design to PED2014/68
    • PED module A for hazardous fluids


    • Fit on every on-/offshore installation
    • Quick and safe filter change out
    • Easy opening and closing
    • Designed to global on / offshore requirements
    • No corrosion issues
    • 100% leak-proof and easy sealing
    • with uniform pressure
    • Suitable for most applications
  • Stackable Filter Press 2400
    Stackable Filter Press with Duals vessel Filter unit and Slurry Skid. This Stackable Filter Press is available in different Sizes f.e. 1600 and 2400...

  • The Dutch Filtration stackable dual mixing slurry skid is a complete unit for pre-coating, body feed and polishing of fluids. The stackable unit can be placed and fixed on top of the filter press. 

    Unique Features/Options:

    • Twistlock to fix the Dual vessel Filter unit and Slurry Skid on top of the Filter Press. There is a box on the unit to storage the twistlocks.
    • Foldable stair, the stair can be fixed on the unit
    • Frame designed and certified according DNV 2.7-1/ ISO 10855/ EN12079
    • All wetted parts SS316
    • Connections unions fig. 206
    • Air driven precoat and bodyfeed pump.
    • Stackable on top of the filterpress.

    For a customer we designed and manufactured the largest Filter Package in the world read more . The total filtration area of this Filter Press is 2400 sqft

    Features of 2400 Stackable Filter Skid

    • Connections and manifolds 6 inch
    • Flowrate up to 50 BPM
    • Design pressure is 105 psi
    • Frame is designed, manufactured and certified to the latest DNV2.7-1/EN 12079/ ISO10855-2
    • All wetted parts SS316
    • ASAHI valves
    • Slurry skid with 2 x 22BL mix tanks with air operated agitators.
    • Dual vessel cartridge filters, vessel diameter 28inch for 75 pcs Ø5x40inch absolute pleated filter cartridges
    • Semi Automatic Plate shifter
    • Quick opening Closure on vessels
    • Semi-automatic powder dosing system for Diatomaceous Earth dosing

    Read More info about this project

  • MaxFlow, High Flow Pleated Cartridge
    The High Flow Absolute Pleated Filter Cartridge is especially designed for micro filtration at high flowrates. MaxFlow is an excellent replacement for Pall ultipleat....

  • MaxFlow, High Flow Pleated Filter Cartridge

    The specially selected polypropylene and borosilicate glassfiber material provides the unique combination of high flow rate (114m3/h), high dirt holding capacity, low pressure drop, increased surface area at absolute rating of beta 5000 (99.98%removal) and a wide rang of micron ratings (0.5-90 micron).

    The unique layered construction combined with a rigid case construction provides a high strength and security to withstand the harsh requirements of the Oilfield Industry. All components are thermally bonded, allowing operations at higher temperature, pressure and make the cartridge compatible with most fluids and additives in the industry. MaxFlow is an excellent replacement for Pall ultipleat.

    Replacement of your (High Flow) Filter Cartridges

    We have a broad range of High Flow Filter cartridges, replacements for Pall, Parker, Cuno, Twin Filter

    • MegaFlow: High Capacity Pleated Cartridge
    • UltraFlow: High Flow and Capacity Filter Cartridge
    • GigaFlow: High Flow Absolute Pleated

    If you want more information about replacement of your filter cartrdige you can see our cross reference list here

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