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22136 Westheimer PKY #329
Katy,  TX  77450

United States
  • Booth: 1261

BARplast LLC is based in Texas and is part of the BIEGLO-Group which is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. BARplast is specialized in granules, powders and semi-finished high performance polymers. Moreover, we'd like to consult you on suitable HPP-solutions for your application. We focus on POLYIMIDE: Aurum ® (thermoplastic PI) , various thermosetting PI-s, such as PLAVIS.  PEEK: PEEK compounds and R-PEEK and we work together with Mitsui Chemicals, Daelim, LEHVOSS, and other leading producer from around the world. Feel free to contact us!

 Press Releases

  • BARplast LLC, a well-known and trusted distributer for High Performance Polymers, is looking forward to welcome its customers at OTC 2022.

    BARplast is a distributor for Mitsui Chemicals, Inc in Europe & USA. AURUM™, a Thermoplastic polyimide by Mitsui Chemicals, Inc Japan and marketed and distributed by BARplast takes up the place at the top of Polymer Pyramid. The exceptional property of the highest class of ‘glass transition temperature’ Tg of 245 °C (473 °F) makes it stand out amongst all other Thermoplastic Polymers. AURUM can be fiber reinforced to improve initial strength (modulus of elasticity 3 > 22 GPa). AURUM ™ has multiple applications across industries thanks to its resistance to radiation and chemicals, great sliding properties and low outgassing. Recently BARplast also supported students of Montreal Polytechnique University to carry out a project aiming at 3D printing for objects found on the surface of the moon. The material used for insitu 3D printing was a mixture of regolith and AURUM ™.

    AURUM™ is a preferred choice coating material in electric insulation. Other common applications include bearings, thrust washers, electric wire coating and many more.

    Thus AURUM™ can be used in the most challenging and advanced applications in mechanical, electrical/electronics, chemicals, automobiles, space and aviation.

    Other polymers that take up places at the top of the pyramid are thermosets with even higher working temperatures are: the ‘Polyimide’ PI PLAVIS S and ‘Polyamideimide’ DEXNYL® PAI. BARplast LLC offers PLAVIS S series by Daelim Co., Ltd that surpasses the properties of the traditional thermopsetting PI grades in heat-resistance and mechanical properties. PLAVIS S portfolio of aromatic polyimides comes with improved resistance to heat, wear, mechanical abrasion, radiation, and chemicals. PAI, a result of converting a thermoplastic into a crosslinked thermoset has a continuous service temperature of 500 °F and can easily withstand up to-328 °F. DEXNYL® PAI is is characterized by high impact and wear resistance and exceptional mechanical properties. BARplast is a trusted supplier for PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) and several other high performance polymers including PAI, PEI, TPI and thermosets. Customers can choose from a wide range of Polymer powders, granules,semi-finished products such as sheets, foils, etc. and finished parts.

    Furthermore BARplast offers natural, recycled, colored and food grade PEEK along with PEEK and Polyimide Composite semi-finished and finished materials.

    Experts at BARplast advice the customers on the best suitable product after understanding their application. Being experienced in the industry of resins and polymers, customer service and satisfaction is at focus for BARplast.

    To know more about AURUM and get advice, meet BARplast’s experts at OTC 2022, Booth#260.

    To have a look at BARplast’s product portfolio you can visit or also check out the web-shops at , , and To know more about BARplast and BIEGLO you can visit .

  • The sales of PEEK and Polyimides can be done with little smile on your face – BARplast is all about truly high performing polymer products paired with excellent sales support. As part of the BIEGLO Group from Hamburg, Germany we work with leading suppliers from around the world to bring the polymer-products to the ever-growing American Polymer market. 

    Why BARplast?

    The thought of a good BAR puts a smile on everybody’s face; a BAR is a place where people meet, where drinks are mixed and coffees are brewed. If - in your favourite BAR - you find your drinks prepared with passion and served with respect and love, then you know what to expect from BARplast! Just as a good bartender knows what to present after listening to what a customer wants; we too come with great customer service and consultation. We find great pleasure in offering a suitable High Performance Polymer for your need.

    Our well-versed polymer experts get you the product you need, discretion is guaranteed. We offer the big brands in Polyimides as AURUM®, thermoplastic PI form Mitsui Chemicals, PLAVIS, thermosetting PI from DAELIM Co., Ltd. and some exotic PEEK-products such as our PEEK-Masterbatch-black, PEEK compounds, LUVOCOM® grades for the oil- & gas industry, virgin CoPEEK and R-PEEK 450G. 

    We would be glad to serve you at BARplast with a mixture that best suits your industrial requirement, may it be food grade, automotive or aerospace. We are looking forward to extend our service and expertise: Now High Performance Polymers are equally engaging as your favourite BAR. Get in touch today for a long term business relation. 

    For detailed information about all our High Performance Polymers visit our website here, you can also check out and


  • AURUM ™ thermoplastic Polyimide
    We offer Mitsui Chemicals' thermoplastic Polyimide AURUM ™. this thermoplastic Polyimide (TPI) is the only Polyimide that has a glass transition temperature of 473 °F....

  • BARplast is the official distributor of AURUM®, thermoplastic Polyimide (TPI) in the United States. AURUM® is a brand of Mitsui Chemicals in Japan. Accessibility to this Ultra High Performance Polymer through BARplast will open new opportunities for this product that is positioned at the top of the polymer pyramid.

    The advantages of AURUM® are the extremely high glass transition temperature (Tg) of 473°F and its outstanding mechanical and chemical properties across a wide range of temperatures. Compounders and other converter that are able to melt-process polymers at elevated temperatures can use AURUM® to produce parts with superior thermal and mechanical properties. The granules are also available in reinforced and wear-friction grades.

    Typical applications are high-performance washers, ball-bearing cages, dry bearings, seals and gears - where excellent mechanical & tribological properties and temperature resistance are paramount. In addition, AURUM® is usable for advanced coatings, and clean-room applications due to low trace amounts of outgassing and metallic impurities. Used in aviation, automotive and other industries, AURUM® can be compounded and converted like any other thermoplastic.

  • DaelimPlavis Polyimide S
    Thermosetting polyimides are the highest temperature resistant polymers commercially available. The DaelimPlavis Polyimide S-series has an operating temperature of 662°F....

  • BARplast offers ultra-high temperature resistant thermosetting polyimide (PI-s) products having heat deflection temperature (HDT) values more than 932°F. The DaelimPlavis Polyimide S-series consists of varying HDT from 680°F to 932°F. The mechanical properties for these polyimides are outstandingly superior as compared to other high performance polymers.

    The DaelimPlavis Polyimide S-series is available as standard grade, low water absorption grades, high HDT over 752°F, ultra-high HDT over 932°F, reinforced grades. Due to high temperature properties, the PI-s material can be used continuously over a wide range of temperature. The products have high mechanical strength, high chemical resistance and very good electrical properties.

    The high resistant parts are typically used in making machine components, high temperature frictional parts, electronics industry, nuclear parts, aircraft parts with wide applications in the aerospace industry.

    Various recycled natural and compounded PEEKs are on offer in different stages of the value-chain, most prominent is DEXNYL© R-PEEK 450G with properties such as resistance to chemicals and high temperatures....

  • PEEK as a high performance thermoplast loses only a few of its great properties during reprocessing; this holds true for granules as well as semi-finished parts. BARplast ensures to recycle PEEK in a quality assured way which fosters environmental as well as economical sustainability, thus helping it not to end up in an incineration plant.

    While reprocessing PEEK the residues are sorted and the PEEK-melt is filtered before granulation. Melt-filtration guarantees continuous high quality of BIEGLO’s R-PEEK 450G granules. Thus with R PEEK 450G BARplast brings a top HPP-thermoplast to the market at an economical prices which are about 50% less than that of virgin granules. 

  • DEXNYL© PEEK Semi Finished
    Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is a thermoplastic polymer that is often used as an alternative to metal or other types of plastic. PEEK has a temperature resistance of up to 464 ° F and a special resistance to chemicals....

  • BARplast can offer

    PEEK-Rods from Diameter 5mm up to 250mm (0.19" - 9.84").

    PEEK-Sheets with thickness from 2mm up to 150mm and above (0.08" - 5.9"). The standard width is ~600mm (23.6"). The standard lengths are 1000mm, 1250mm, 2000mm or longer (39", 49", 79").

    PEEK-Tubes with an Outside Diameter up to 380mm in 1000mm / 2000mm lengths (15", 39" / 79").

    PEEK-Films from Thickness as low as 6µm up to 1.2mm (0.23 mil, 0.05"). Widths starting from 270mm (10.6") up to custom made widths >1000mm (39").

    PEEK Mono & Multi Filaments in various sizes.

    PEEK-Shrink tubes with Inner Diameter from 0.965mm up to 9.957mm (0.004", 392").

  • LUVOCOM® EOG PEEK Compounds
    We offer LEHVOSS s' PEEK Compounds LUVOCOM® EOG. LUVOCOM® represent a new generation of PEEK materials. Basis of new developments and together with experience we cann offer not only the products described but also additional tailor-made solutions....

  • LUVOCOM ® EOG PEEK Compounds is special for use in Oil & Gas industry applications.

    BARplast as official distributor of  LUVOCOM ® EOG PEEK Compounds can offer:

    LUVOCOM ® EOG-100 (unfilled modified PEEK)

    • Enhanced for compression molding and extrusion
    • Shorter annealing cycles required

    LUVOCOM ® EOG-200 (lubricated PEEK)

    • 25% reduction of friction in comparison to unfilled PEEK
    • 60% reduction in wear compared to PEEK with PTFE 

    LUVOCOM ® EOG-300 (glass fiber reinforced PEEK)

    • Nearly isotropic properties
    • Reduced internal stress and warpage

    LUVOCOM ® EOG-400 (carbon fiber reinforced PEEK)

    • High creep resistance while retaining ductility
    • Increased strain properties

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