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Duxaoil Texas LLC  

19315 Dickson Park Drive
Spring,  TX  77373

United States
  • Booth: 306

Duxaoil Texas  is a subsidiary company of  the  Duralitte Group  located in Argentina and Brazil regions, has serviced the oil and gas industry for almost 20 years. It supplies to the North America,South America, the Caribbean and the Persian Gulf (Dubai) regions. Some of its catalogs consist of but are not limited to sucker rod couplings, pup joints, XO crossovers, blast joints, and rotary shoulder subs . Duralitte Group is proud to anounce the grand opening of its manufacturing plant located in Houston ,Texas. Duxaoil manufacture custom pieces and products that are accredited by ISO900:2015 and API 5CT, API 11B, API 7-1 and 11AX standards. Along with the accreditations, we have laboratories for dimensional control and thread certification  in all their plants.We are partnered with leading companies like Windlass,  PMC Lonestar,and Gagemaker to provide the most accurate testing protocols in the industry. Duxaoil/Duralitte team are also exclusive distributors for the South American companies mentioned previously. 


Duralitte Group - Duxaoil


  • Tubing & Casing Couplings
    Tubing & Casing Couplings...

  • Duxaoil manufactures couplings with seamless steel pipes under API 5CT quality standards.

    Couplings are manufactured under requirements of tubing, casing, line pipe with diameters of 1/2" and 9 5/8", under API 5CT regulations.

    For their production, Duxaoil uses raw material under API standards, using CNC technology and latest generation toolkit. Every part is controlled with measures by dimension attribute.

    API 5CT / ISO 11960 Couplings:
    Diameter from 2 3/8" to 13 3/8"
    Thread Types: NUE/EUE/STC/LTC/BTC

    NPT Couplings
    Series: 3000 & 6000
    Diameter from 1/4" to 4"

  • Sucker Rod Couplings
    Sucker Rod Couplings

  • Duxaoil manufactures sucker rod couplings with quality materials under the requirements of API 11B.

    The couplings are manufactured in a range of diameters from 3/4" to 1" and in grades SM and DES according to API 11B. Duxaoil uses standard materials, according to API standards, CNC technology and the latest generation toolkit.

    Each piece is controlled with certified gauges by dimensional attributes.

    Recommended Practice for the Running and Make Up of API Steel Sucker Rods and Pony Rods


    Stainless Steel
    Sucker Rod Couplings

    DUR 330 | DUR 331
    When resistance to stress corrosion cracking is higher than efficiency of carbon steel couples, Duxaoil developed Durinox couples.

    Couples are manufactured with austenitic stainless steel with high levels of nickel and titanium based on AISI 321 in order to increase resistance to corrosion by chemical agents on parts under tension efforts.


    DES Class Couplings

    When the need of resistance exceeds the class T couplings, Duralitte has developed the DES class couplings.

    These coupling are made of special steel, to increase the fluency up to values 980 Mpa and to increase fatigue resistance. These coupling are recommended for deep wells extraction.


    SM Class Couplings

    The SM coupling is specially developed for highly corrosive environments. The coupling is made with steel of class T, so that it has the same mechanical properties as regards tensile strength and fatigue.

    SM class has an outer coating of nickel-chromium basis with a minimum thickness of 200 microns outer diameter thermally fused to the braked, confers to it a hardness ranging from 58 to 62 HRC, which increases wear resistance and increases corrosion resistance. The outer surface is rectified under API roughness values.


    T Class Couplings

    Duxaoil T class couplings are used for services from medium to low requirements. These couplings are made with tensile strength and fatigue resistance under API requirements.

    The couplings are produced in mills CNC lathes with special emphasis on the surface finishing of the threads in order to increase the fatigue life by not cutting the fibers of the base material.


    Polished Rod Couplings

    Within its product list Duxaoil provides the oil market to stem the couplings PR.

  • Pup Joints
    Pup Joints...

  • Duxaoil manufactures Pup Joint with seamless steel pipes under J55 and N80 quality standards.

    EUE Pup Joints are manufactured in nominal diameters of 2" and 4 1/2" with a length in use from 1 to 12 feet and under API 5CT application regulations.

    For their production, Duxaoil uses raw material under API standards, using CNC technology and the latest generation toolkit. Every part is rigorously examined and tested under the most extreme working conditions.
  • Crossovers

  • Duxaoil manufactures adapters and forged crossovers in high quality steel. They are built with integral threaded and welded ends.

    Crossovers for casing in all possible size combinations used on oilfields are also produced.
  • Dimensional Control & Recertification Lab
    Dimensional Control & Recertification Lab...

  • Duxaoil has his own laboratory for dimensional control, thread certification and attribute control equipment.

    Through Mitutoyo and Gagemaker equipment, Duxaoil guarantees an integral service for thread control and highly specialized measurements for:

    • Oil
    • Metalurgical
    • Nuclear
    • Auto Parts

    Duxaoil also offers, a integral service of thread gages rectification and is Authorized Distributor for the Southern Cone of the leading companies Gagemaker and PMC Lonestar.

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