Orion Instruments

S No. 36/1/1, Pune Sinhagad Road
Maharashtra,  Pune  411041

  • Booth: 7223

Manufacturers of IoT pressure transmitters / gauges, Ex-proof Pressure switches, Pressure Difference switches, Vacuum switches & Temperature switches since 1977.  X-proof products are CE marked as well as ATEX and IECEx approved. Ranges available from 0.8 inches wc to 8700 psi. We also supply pressure switches with diaphragm seals in exotic materials like Monel, Hastelloy, Titanium and all SS construction.


  • Ogauge
    An IoT gauge/ transmitter/ switch....

  • Ogauge is an IoT gauge to measure, control, regulate signals of process parameters like pressure, differential pressure. It can be used for liquid level regulation in tanks, and also for applications related to pressure and differentiela pressure. It can be configured using a mobile app. It can also be remotely controlled a web portal (dashboard). The resultant collected telemetry data can be used for analysis, and setting up alarms. 
  • FC series pressure switch
    Ex-proof pressure, differential pressure, vacuum and compound switches....

  • FC series ex-proof pressure switches are ATEX and IECEx approved from BASEEFA. 

    We can offer adjustable deadband ex-proof pressure switches, differential pressure switches and vacuum switches.

    Our pressure switches cover a wide pressure range of 0.08 "WC to 14500 PSIg (2 mmWC to 1000 barg).

    We can supply all SS316 ex-proof pressure switches with inconel/ monel/ hastelloy C/ titanium wetter parts for offshore application and applications where the surrounding environment and media are very corrosive. 

    We can also prove pressure switches with hermetically sealed microswitches for offshore applications.

  • FC series Temperature switch
    Ex-proof temperature switches...

  • FC series temperature switches are ATEX and IECEx approved from BASEEFA. 

    We can supply all SS316 ex-proof temperature switches for offshore applications. 

    Our temperature switches cover a range from 77 to 572 deg. F (25 to 300 deg. C).

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