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  • Standard Downhole Motor
    Small moto, brushless, explosion proof, drives a gearbox...


    Reduce your new downhole tool development time, shorten time to market and increase productivity

    Pre-engineered DH Series Motors allow each customer to develop their highly reliable tooling to stand up to high pressures (2,410 bar/35,000 PSI) and high temperatures (220° C/ 425° F). Shock and vibration resistant. Available with optional HPHT stator encapsulation which provides increased motor operating life in downhole applications which are known to have significant contamination. 

    Six pre-engineered motor sizes save you time and engineering costs while providing the flexibility to optimize for your application The Moog modular downhole motor design reduces engineering time and eliminates the associated costs while still providing a configurable product optimized for your application. Each of the six motor sizes is available in multiple stack lengths with windings configured for your input power and output requirements. 

    Use our Pre-engineered Downhole Motors

    • Pre-engineered brushless motors capable of operating in severe duty HPHT downhole service tool environments including temperature, shock, vibration, pressure, fluid filled environments, and more

    • Proven downhole brushless motor technologies with Moog downhole application knowledge, experience and support

    • Faster return on investment (ROI) on your projects with proven and tested designs

  • Brushless Downhole Servo Motors
    For Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

    Small moto, brushless, explosion proof, threaded ends for integration to downhole tool string. Designed to your specifications for demanding downhole drilling applications....


    • Rotary Steering Systems (RSS)
    • MWD and LWD tools
    • Tractor tools
    • Wireline tools
    • Intelligent wells


    • Pre-engineered and customized products are available depending on your technical and lead time requirements
    • Designed to meet proper speed/force performance under ambient conditions
    • High performance, reliability and long service life
    • Optimum design for available physical limit
    • 20 years experience with proven construction and manufacturing techniques
    • SmCo magnets for high temperature endurance

    from 24 – 1,000 volts DC

    Torque Up to 169.5 Nm (1,500 lb/in.)
    Speed range Up to 10,000 RPM
    Power range 7.5 kW
    HTHP  over 200°C (392°F), 2068 bar (30,000 psi)
  • Digital Servo Valve
    Servo and proportional valves with special features. D636K through D639K showing hazardous area certifications....

  • Meeting Exacting Needs for Safety and Flexibility

    For customers with machines used in demanding environments, Moog offers Servo Valves and Proportional Valves with advanced safety features such as fail-safe options, certifications for use in hazardous environments and special performance modifications.

    Moog has a long history of providing valves with advanced features needed for applications that are in demanding or even hazardous environments. For example fail-safe versions of some of our most popular valve models are critical to machines in a variety of applications where workers need maximum protection. Our explosion-proof , flameproof and intrinsically-safe line of products offer special constructions and modifications needed for certification as explosion-proof. 

    In addition, Moog frequently tailors products by modifying valve components for improved performance. Moog’s long history of close collaboration with customers means that we have vast experience with designing and building special valves. Examples of this are microvalves manufactured in titanium for minimal weight that are used in motorsports. Another special modification that Moog routinely performs is customized spool null cutting to solve specific system or machine problems.

    Special Versions:

    • Fail-Safe Versions
    • Explosion-proof offering includes intrinsically-safe, flameproof and "increased safety" designs with ATEX and other related approvals
    • Spool Null Cuts
    • Light-weight construction and special cabling
    • Spool-in-Body/Bushing and Spool Assembly Construction
    • Valve Function (Q, p, p/Q)
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