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Potassium Formate Solid and Liquid manufacturer 

Jiangsu Kolod is a professional manufacturer of potassium formate, we supply for CNPC, Schlumberger and international oil and gas services company.


  • Potassium formate
    As a well-performing drilling fluid, completion fluid, and workover fluid, it is widely used in the oil-drilling industry. Potassium formate is used in high-density drilling and completion fluid systems and achieves good results....

  • Potassium formate is mainly used to prepare filling liquid for water-containing oil well. The liquid will be with high density, low viscosity. It improves drilling speed and prolong the service life of drill bit. It is a high-quality material in the field of petroleum exploitation technology.

    It's approved that potassium formate inhibits the hydration, dispersing and swelling of clay, and the drill cuttings are small granules, with the inside dry. The drilling fluid does not paste on the vibrating screen, does not void of paste, and has strong inhibiting ability, filtration properties , high lubricity, fast mechanical drilling speed, low cost and remarkable economic benefits. It improves the stability of polymers, stabilise the shale, reduce damage to rock formation by using the potassium formate slurry, and ensures an optimal working condition in drilling, completion and maintenance phase.

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