Djuvik Maskinering AS

Treaskjæret 7
Treaskjæret 7,
Sauda,  Norway  4200

  • Booth: 4239

Djuvik is an international supplier of high-quality engineered polymer-based products, targeted towards the offshore energy industry. From clamps and bend restrictors to debris caps and protectors – our comprehensive and innovative product portfolio is tailored to meet the needs and demands of our customers.


  • Clamping Technology
  • Protective Technology
  • Guides and Bushings
  • Subsea Technology


  • Djuvik Clamping Technology
    Our first polymer clamps for use in drilling were developed in 2004. Since then the product line has grown substantially.
    Over the years we have supplied our costumers with thousands of clamps produced in hundreds of different configurations....

  • Polymer clamps have for a long time been recognized as the industry standard. The polymer solutions provide a viable option to traditional materials like steel due to its weight reduction, robustness, and resistance to corrosion. Most Djuvik clamps are produced without use of any steel parts. 

    HSE and operational advantages: 

    • No loose parts
    • Lightweight
    • Tailor-made
    • Easy installation
    • Short lead time
    • Options for multi umbilical operations available
    • Complete delivery, including tooling and cases for handling

  • Djuvik Protective Technology
    Djuvik supplies a wide range of protective products made from high quality engineered polymer....

  • Protective product range: 

    • Djuvik Cased Wear Joint
    • Djuvik Riser Sealing Mandrell
    • Djuvik Riser and Umbilical Protectors
    • Djuvik Protectors for drillpipe landing string
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