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DEME Offshore is a global solutions provider in the offshore oil, gas & renewables industry. Our track record in transport and installation of foundations, turbines, inter-array cables, export cables and substations for offshore wind farms is unrivalled. In the oil & gas industry we are experts in landfalls & civil works, rock placement, heavy lift, umbilicals and installation & decommissioning services.


  • Power Cables and Umbilical Installation
    The most advanced cable installation vessel in the world, the MPV DP3 ‘Living Stone’ , proves to be a game-changer with its 10,000- tonne cable capacity and cutting-edge dual-lane cable system. ...

  • We have the specialist knowledge, experience and techniques that are required for the installation of high voltage marine power cables, inter-array, export cables and umbilicals. Whether an infield network at a wind farm or an interconnector between two countries, we can manage the complete installation process, including the route preparation, pre-lay dredging, seabed clearance, trenching, cable laying and protection of crossings and construction of landfalls.

    DEME has an unmatched track record in the power cable installation field. We laid the 576 km high voltage NorNed cable between Norway and the Netherlands, a world record length. And in an equally challenging project, we installed the 467 km export cable at the Hornsea One offshore wind farm in the UK, the longest AC offshore wind cable ever installed.

    The innovative dual-lane cable installation system of our DP3 cable installation and multipurpose vessel ‘Living Stone’, can install one cable while fully preparing the second one on deck. This minimises the risk of damaging the cable, which increases the vessel's workability, improving production rates and reducing costs for the offshore wind industry.

  • Rock Placement
    The Flintstone is one of our high-tech DP2 fallpipe vessels, which make it possible to achieve pinpoint precision rock placement and this is coupled with excellent levelling abilities, even in depths in excess of 2,000 m....

  • We are a world leading expert in subsea rock placement, being one of the early pioneers in this sector. Our high-tech DP2 fallpipe vessels make it possible to achieve pinpoint precision and this is coupled with excellent levelling abilities, even in depths in excess of 2,000 m. Our rock placement capabilities are very accurate even in high sea states and extreme water depths thanks to our specialist vessels. In these challenging conditions an active heave-compensated Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) is fixed below the fallpipe facilitating precision steering. 

    These vessels are highly suited to cover offshore cables and pipelines. They are also used to prepare the seabed for offshore structures and to put in scour protection for offshore wind turbines and platforms.

    Pipeline related services include scour protection, pipeline protection/stabilisation against anchor damage or trawler boards, upheaval buckling prevention, crossing protection and the insulation of pipelines.

  • Foundations
    The Offshore Heavy Lift DP2 Jack-Up vessel ’Apollo’ has an unrivalled combination of exceptionally high transport, load and crane capacity. Skills needed to transport and install enormous structures and handling them....

  • Our extensive project portfolio includes foundations for offshore wind farms, the construction of jetties, mooring facilities, quay walls and bridges, and also drilling and hammering of large diameter piles and installation of gravity based foundations.

    We have the experience and skills needed to transport and install these enormous structures and the specialist vessels capable of handling them. We have a state-of-the-art fleet, consisting of a wide range of self-propelled, DP2 installation and heavy lift jack-up vessels with an unrivalled combination of exceptionally high transport, load and crane capacity.

    Drilling and hammering large diameter piles in challenging offshore conditions requires the right equipment to achieve precision accuracy. As well as a modern fleet of vessels, we have the cranes, frames, casing, hammering and drilling equipment which can be tailored to the size and weight of the pile.

    Gravity Based Foundations are placed on top of a specifically prepared and levelled bed. Soft soil improvement techniques strengthen the ground bearing capacity of a particular area and make it fit for the installation of heavy cranes, terminals and other infrastructure. Techniques depend on the soil conditions and vary from vibro compaction, over vibro stone columns and soil mixing, to grouting and mixing with stabilising additives.

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