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BWXT has over 50 years of experience in multiphase flow and separator testing, offering high pressure and temperature test facilities for 3rd party validation and FAT testing of flow equipment and instrumentation.  Computational Fluid Dynamics services and low pressure flow visualization setups are also available for design and prototyping assistance.


  • High Pressure/Temperature Flow Testing
    BWXT offers high-temperature, high-pressure test facilities for third-party validation of single-phase and multiphase flow equipment and instrumentation....

  • Applications

    • Multiphase flow meters
    • Wet gas flow meters
    • Gas volume fraction meters
    • Water cut meters
    • Multiphase pumps
    • Separators – two-phase and three-phase
    • Separation equipment
    • Sampling systems
    • Water level detection
    • Water level control
    • Heat exchangers, boilers and condensers

    Operating variables and test measurements are sampled by the facility’s data acquisition system, and can be configured to provide raw and reduced data live during testing for optimization of the test matrix. We have the capability to fabricate and instrument complex arrangements onsite. Flow loops are also configurable to accommodate large equipment and long piping runs in an adjacent outdoor testing area.

    Our facility can accommodate a variety of testing configurations:

    • Water flow up to 8,000 gpm
    • Steam flow up to 500,000 lb/hr
    • Pressure up to 1,000 psi
    • Temperatures up to 540 °F
    • Vertical, horizontal or inclined test-section orientation
    • Air, nitrogen, steam
    • Water and refined oil
    • 2 to 16-inch diameter connections

    Note that customized flow loops and test sections can be configured to accommodate wider operating ranges.

  • Flow Visualization Testing
    BWXT offers dynamic high and low pressure flow visualization for experimental testing....

  • Capabilities

    BWXT offers dynamic flow visualization for experimental testing through use of air/water acrylic flow loops and high pressure sight glasses.  Our permanent air/water acrylic loop allows direct visual access to the test section and facilitates the use of tracers to observe flow characteristics. A 48-inch diameter by 90-inch high test vessel is available for use with the loop.

  • Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Modeling Service
    We also offer computational fluid dynamics services (CFD), which can be used to supplement flow testing or for standalone design and prototyping. Our extensive experience includes single-phase and multiphase flow analysis....

  • BWXT has been helping customers for more than 60 years by supporting the development of mission-critical components for a wide range of customer applications. Our experienced staff offers rapid turnaround of proposals for testing and qualifying equipment. 
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