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Brown Corrosion Services, Inc. is concerned with corrosion, cathodic protection supply and service, corrosion control, corrosion monitoring equipment and systems, sand and hydrogen monitoring systems, anti-fouling equipment as well as Integrity Software Packages with Antea s.r.l..


  • Antea srl Integrity Management Software
    Antea’s industry-leading Asset Integrity Management (AIM) platform, Palladio, has been field-proven for over 30 years. In that time, we have continuously evolved and expanded our offering to be the most comprehensive solution available....

  • Antea, established in 1989, is specialized in the development of highly flexible software solutions and in supplying integrated services. The synergy of these elements enables Antea to be highly competitive in various industrial sectors such as Chemical, Petrochemical, Energy and Utility.

    Antea works with top market-leading companies such as Eni, Exxon, Versalis, LyondellBasell, Sasol and many more.

    The key to Antea’s success consists in dealing with its fields of expertise while always focusing primarily on the Operating Expenditure (OpEx): documents and data, for example, are analyzed and managed taking into account the plant managers points of view, with the prospect to be able to locate and use the above data throughout the assets life (Life Cycle Information). This is always carried out in conformance with the various software platforms employed by the customers.

    The Antea’s team responds to the needs of a constantly evolving market, offering innovative technologies and cutting-edge solutions while paying particular attention to the economic sustainability of the proposed solutions.

  • Cathodic Protection Co. Ltd. Cuprion Anti-Fouling
    Pump and Deck Mounted Anti-Fouling Systems for Marine Growth Protection and Reliability...

  • The effectiveness of copper as a deterrent for marine growth has been well known for centuries.  Hulls of wooden sailing ships were clad in copper sheeting to maintain them free from growth. Copper is a naturally occurring element in sea water and one which is necessary for marine life.  However by locally increasing the concentration of copper, an environment is created which discourages marine growth.  This environment is not toxic to marine life, but does prevent settlement of the larvae and colonisation

    The Cuprion® system uses an automatic control system to produce the copper ions from a solid anode.  Passing a low voltage dc current between the copper anode and steel cathode results in the release of copper ions from the anode.  By regulating the current, the level of copper dosing is tailored accurately to each application.

  • Pulsar SandAlert Sand Monitoring System
    Acoustic Sand Monitoring equipment used worldwide in topside sand management applications....

  • SandAlert is a sand and particle monitor for the oil and gas industry. SandAlert is ideal wherever you need to keep wells producing efficiently at the highest rate possible and/or whenever you need a quantitative, real-time and accurate measure of produced solids/sand particles.

    SandAlert is available as either a wall mount or a 19" rack mount - making multi-point installations easy.

    The wall mount option features an IP65 polycarbonate enclosure and is typically used in single point fixed and semi-permanent installations.

    The 19" rack mount is 3U high and 10HP wide with a back-lit LCD display showing a bar graph and instant sand mass readout. Programming is via RS232 or handheld infra-red calibrator.

    A panel mount version is also available, please contact us for more information in this option

    SandAlert measures sand production completely independently of flow régime, giving you cost effective real-time presentation of sand and trending information. All the data gathered by SandAlert can be saved and logged for further analysis and long term records. The SandAlert monitor may be positioned up to 1000m away using a standard instrument cable connection.

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