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Bayards is one of the world’s leading companies in engineering, designing, manufacturing and installing complex aluminum structures for the Offshore industry. Fully outfitted helidecks, stair towers, living quarters, access systems, wind and heat shields, safety gates, flex-barriers, swing load protection barriers, antenna towers, telescopic gangways, and helicopter hangars make our portfolio. 


  • Helidecks
    Bayards' aluminum helidecks are lightweight and marine environment resistant, due to natural corrosion resistance....

  • Bayards is one of the world’s leading companies when it comes to engineering, designing, manufacturing and installing complex aluminum structures for the Offshore and luxury yacht building industry. Our solutions in aluminum are always customized to the needs of our clients. In addition, our structures are engineered and built to the highest quality standards and the latest international safety regulations. This, combined with the natural advantages of the material, is what makes Bayards the perfect partner for advanced and sustainable solutions in aluminum.

    Reduction of maintenance and weight without any loss of strength is the reason aluminum is a valuable construction material in the Offshore Industry. Bayards has not only successfully distinguished itself from its competitors through a pioneering approach to design and by using this lightweight and climate-resilient material, but also through a client-centered approach and state-of-the-art production facilities.  

    Our focus on the Offshore Industry can be characterized as a full-service contractor on a turnkey contract basis. We design, engineer, manufacture and install helicopter landings and parking areas complete with firefighting equipment, support structures, lighting, cage ladders, heat tracing, and safety netting. Additionally, we continuously expand and develop our product range and so far, our product portfolio includes stair towers, living quarters, hand railing, wind and heat shields, safety gates, flex-barriers, swing load protection barriers, antenna towers, telescopic gangways, and helicopter hangars.

    Thanks to over 50 years of experience in providing high-quality aluminum structures, Bayards has an extensive list of references from a variety of clients all over the world. Whether it’s Defense, Offshore or luxury yacht building, quality and safety are of paramount importance in the industries we work in. Thus, we comply with all international standards such as ISO and OHSAS and product regulations such as CAP437, NORSOK, NORMAM, AVV, ICAO, and USCG to ensure premium quality.

    Relying on Bayards’ vast experience in the helideck business, with over 600 helidecks installed worldwide, Bayards UP is the perfect partner to advise you on the maintenance of your helicopter landing platform. Whether it’s a new, existing or yet to be built helideck, Bayards UP makes sure it’s ready for use 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Bayards UP helideck inspections and maintenance
    Bayards UP offers a wide range of services, from helideck inspections and maintenance to complex platform upgrades. Our mission is to reduce your downtime, improve safety and ensure the reliability of your helideck operations year-round....

  • Helideck Inspections

    Helideck standards, rules, and regulations are often complex and ever-changing. Bayards UP ensures your helideck is and remains compliant with these norms, regardless if your helicopter landing platform is located onshore or offshore. We offer advice on adjustments, upgrades, and spare parts through (recurrent) inspections. These inspections can consist of visually inspecting and/or testing the:

    • Surface friction

    •Water tightness (main deck and gutters)

    •Safety netting

    •Marking and structure

    •Firefighting system

    •Lighting system

    •Access systems

    •Heli fueling systems


    Regular maintenance is important to ensure that your helideck is and – moreover – remains safe and operable at all times. The costs of regular maintenance are significantly lower than the costs of downtime.

    Through scheduled inspections and maintenance, minor problems can be detected early on and solved before they become a major problem.

    Plan ahead

    Inspection, maintenance or upgrades are often overlooked until certain parts either break down or are no longer up-to-date. Regularly scheduled inspections, maintenance, and upgrades are of paramount importance throughout a helideck’s lifecycle. In fact, this way minor problems are detected at an early stage and they can easily be fixed.

    Planned maintenance ultimately prevents downtime.

    Bayards UP offers an extensive maintenance service, consisting of maintenance and replacements on firefighting systems and lighting systems.

    Bayards UP

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