Leistritz Advanced Technologies

165 Chestnut St.
Allendale,  NJ  07401

United States
  • Booth: 3915

Leistritz is a manufacturer of various engineered products for the process and energy markets, offering pump, production, extrusion and turbine technology. Leistritz’s multiphase production systems are designed to lower gathering and wellhead pressure to supplement down hole pumps and are installed in onshore, offshore and subsea applications. 


  • Leistritz Multiphase Gathering System
    The Leistritz Multiphase Gathering Pumps (MPS) are designed to handle production from multiple wells. Individual pumps can handle total flow rates up to 550,000 bode and differential pressures up to 1400 psi....

  • Leistritz Multiphase Pumps are installed in the gathering system upstream of any process equipment, reducing back pressure on the wells. By eliminating the need for separators, heater treaters, and separate gas/oil pipelines, facilities are sharply reduced. The utilization of Multiphase Pumps allows operators to centralize process facilities, reduce flaring and venting, and decrease the local environmental impact and footprint at the well site. Most importantly this process provides a more safe and reliable operation.