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Simple solutions, complex problems

We are experts in vibration, dynamics and sound. We provide vibration dampers for piping and applications onshore, offshore and subsea.

Momentum Technologies’ core competency is in the understanding of the underlying physics to vibration. We break down the problem, make it understandable and provide targeted and cost-efficient solutions. 


  • Momentum HHS
    Momentum HHS – Hydro Hook Support, an innovative subsea vibration damper utilizing a novel damping technique. It is a universal vibration mitigation device, suitable for vibration mitigation in jumpers, flex loops and other subsea flexibles....

  • The Momentum HHS - Hydro Hook Support - is an entirely new and proprietary damping concept.

    The concept to the Momentum HHS is a unique solution for many types of vibration problems subsea. Typical applications but not limited to are damping of flow induced vibration (FIV), vortex induced vibration (VIV) or mechanical induced vibration in flex loops, jumpers and risers – the functionality is independent to the mechanisms causing vibration.

    Unique features:

    • Requires no foundation, and can be installed on long spans of pipe that usually requires additional supports (i.e. risers, transport pipelines)
    • Works for both large and small structures – one standard solution for every type of vibration problem subsea
    • Robust and a minimum number of parts – long life span
    • Possibility for a retro-fit version
    • Possibility to combine with functionality for buoyancy, mitigating vortex induced vibration (VIV) and/or vibration monitoring in the same device

    Key advantages and importance:

    • Far more easy engineering and design process than with other damping solutions available and a significant reduction in engineering costs
    • Opens for new possibilities to reduce costs and deliver smarter solutions
    • A cost-efficient “insurance” to ensure safe and competitive operations of existing installations and enable life-time extension
  • Momentum TMD
    Momentum Technologies provides a high frequency tuned mass damper; the Momentum TMD. It is a state-of-the-art product for mitigating resonance vibration in the frequency range 20-300 Hz, suitable for solving vibration problems in small bore gas piping....

  • A unique high frequency tuned mass damper, suitable for solving vibration problems in small bore gas piping, often caused by flow induced pulsation (FIP/FLIP).

    • Frequency range ca. 20-300 Hz
    • Reduces at least 90% of resonant vibration levels – outstanding performance superior to other tuned mass dampers 
    • Free hanging, requires no support
    • Maintenance free, up to 25 years life time
    • Operational temperature up to 80 °C 
    • Simple installation, can be done during operation
    • No additional stress from thermal deformation
    • No hot work permits required for installation
    • Solutions for both topside and subsea

    Through its construction and characteristics, a tuned mass damper is tuned to change the dynamics of the damped structure. By moving the modes away from the troubling excitation frequency and adding damping, resonance vibrations are reduced. 

    The Momentum TMD is clamped to the pipe or structure to be damped, with the integrated clamp included in the delivery. The robust design and long life-time to the Momentum TMD makes it an attractive solution for both new and retro-fit subsea applications.

    Read more about the Momentum TMD at our web site.