Scottish Qualifications Authority

The Optima Building
58 Robertson Street
Glasgow,  Glasgow  G2 8DQ

United Kingdom
  • Booth: 1161

The Scottish Qualifications Authority is an international leader in education and qualifications development.

We offer internationally recognised skills-based solutions and consultancy services for the oil and gas industry worldwide aimed at supporting competency frameworks, workforce nationalisation and supply chain development.


  • Skills Development
    Our approach offers workforce development across business functions and those areas involved in the technical, support and delivery of onshore and offshore production as well as the serving of the industry itself....

  • The products and services we offer exist to address needs such as upskilling, reskilling, compliance and efficiency creating meaningful solutions to the vocational education and training issues being faced by the sector.

    Technical Skills

    Our solutions offer industry-recognised standards for the competency development and progression of workforces worldwide. They will enable global oil and gas personnel to work towards and achieve industry recognised technical qualifications.

    Business Skills

    In addition, they can support Oil & Gas focused service functions such as supply chain logistics, administration, management, technology, human resources and finance to help employees better understand the work they do, to solve problems better, and to make more informed decisions on the job. They help foster a strong service culture within the organisation and ensure employees have the right skills in place to continuously develop.

  • Competency and Standards
    SQA has developed standards and qualifications frameworks which help employers develop skills and competence in their technical operations and associated business functions....

  • Building a competent workforce through frameworks will help to meet compliance requirements, support workforce nationalisation and achieve operational excellence. 

    Managing, monitoring, and ensuring compliance with the increasingly complex manpower regulations that exist worldwide is essential for oil and gas companies. SQA can provide a fully integrated skills based solution that can integrate with existing learning and human resource requirements helping to respond to new and changing regulations.

    Internationally, we are working with Governments, NGOs and oil companies across the world to develop and implement national and international competency frameworks which will allow citizens to access job opportunities in the oil and gas sectors within their country and more widely.

    We also identify the need for workforce development to meet industry demand and design programmes to support the ongoing development of the oil and gas industry through framework development, capacity building and Technical Vocational Education Training reform.