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Designer and manufacturer specializing in capacitance level & oil/water monitors, ARJAY Engineering Ltd. continues to grow by offering unique process and environmental solutions with service and integrity. ARJAY’s reputation is built on product expertise, high quality and reliability, & short lead time for the products. Custom design and assembly.


  • Hydrosense 4410-OCM
    The HydroSense 4410-OCM continuously monitors a clean water sample for petroleum or/and non-petroleum hydrocarbon concentrations.Through a simple calibration, this unit correlates well with laboratory ISO and EPA methods...

  • Industrial control instrument specialist Arjay Engineering is pleased to showcase its latest innovative oil-in-water monitoring solution, the Hydrosense 4410-OCM.

    This cutting-edge system is a flow-through real-time monitor for on-line ppm (mg/l) indication of petroleum and/or non-petroleum oil in water.The unique sensor design can optionally provide both fluorescence and light scatter simultaneously in one unit. Fluorescence responds to dissolved and free (bouyant) hydrocarbons in water.

    This technology targets the aromatic hydrocarbons in the water and through a site calibration, correlates this to total oil.

  • Hydrosense 2410
    On-line monitoring for ppm concentrations of petroleum oils in effluent and produced water....

  • The HydroSense 2410 oil-in-water monitor utilizes UV fluorescence technique to target the aromatic component of the oil contamination. Through a site calibration this aromatic tag provides an indication relative to total oil.

    The soluble and emulsified oils in the water will excite from the energy of the light source  and fluoresce light energy back out of the water at a signature wavelength. The intensity of light energy at this wavelength is measured to provide an indication of the ppm concentration.

  • Fluorocheck II
    PPM Portable Oil-in-Water Monitor...

  • The FluoroCheck II offers a fast and easy approach to the measurement of hydrocarbon oils in water.

    Filtered light energy targets the aromatic component of the water sample and measures the hydrocarbon fluorescence. Through an Arjay or site specific calibration, this aromatic tag is correlated to a total oil reading of your sample. The Fluorocheck II can be used with solvent extraction or with direct water testing.