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Coretrax delivers market leading wellbore clean up and wellbore abandonment solutions globally, supporting client operations from drilling to completion and production to abandonment. 

Coretrax has a strong track history in delivering world-class wellbore clean up and abandonment solutions with award-winning tools. We are relentlessly focused on creating products that make operations more efficient. 


  • CX-SV
    The CX-SV (Hydraulic Set Sliding Valve Cement Retainer) is a cast iron cement retainer which is set hydraulically, eliminating the requirement for a large OD bow spring mechanical setting tool.

  • The Coretrax® CX®-SV is a cement retainer which is set hydraulically, eliminating the requirement for a large OD bow spring mechanical setting tool. The tool incorporates a stinger seal which latches into the retainer with set down weight and is released with right-hand rotation and up strain.

    The cement retainer is set by dropping a ball from surface and pressuring up to set the upper slips, over pull will set the lower slips and pack off the elements.

    Once set, the stinger seal is released by rotating to the right. The sliding valve will close when unstung with the stringer seal and opened when stung back in to allow cementing or pressure testing below the plug.


    • No mechanical setting tool required, slick ID cement stinger left after deployment
    • Available in a wide range of sizes
    • Constructed of drillable material
    • One piece slips
    • Quickly deployed
    • Ideal for squeeze cementing applications
    Coretrax Liner Top Test Tool - Heavy Duty...

  • The Coretrax® LTTT is designed to perform isolated negative or positive inflow tests on liner tops and casing shoes after heavy drilling of cement and float equipment. The CX-LTTT-HD is run in the same trip as the wellbore clean up tools in a designated clean up run, thus eliminating the need for a dedicated drill out run.  A Polished Bore Receptacle (PBR) polishing mill and liner dress-off mill can be run below the CXLTTT as a locator.

    This one-trip hybrid tool string is field proven and now saves the operator around 30 hours rig-time per job and has been utilized in challenging conditions, including being successfully set at 17,500ft with a well inclination of around 74 degrees.

    Key Features

    •          Allows cement drill out in the same run as WBCU and inflow testing - saving rig-time by eliminating additional drill out runs
    •          Large concentric bypass allows fast run in hole, tripping out of hole, and high circulation rates
    •          Simple to operate, compression set
    •          Torque-through design allows for rotation of wellbore clean-up system below packer
    •          Available in 7" and 9 5/8" 
  • CX-IST
    The CX-IST (Inflation Support Tool) provides operators with a critical solution to the issues with traditional cement placement. It gives a positive indication that the cement will be set in the correct place and in turn, significantly reduces rig time....

  • The Coretrax® CX-IST® (Inflation Support Tool) has been developed to enhance the placement of a cement plug or well barrier fluid.

    The IST is deployed from surface down the work string and latches onto a pre-installed landing sub or the CX-2 running sub. Once the tool latches onto the profile, pump pressure will inflate the elastomer and seal the wellbore. The IST is then released by simply picking up the work string.

    The IST® provides a 100% wall-to-wall barrier and acts as a base for well fluid or cement. As the same landing sub can be used multiple times, the operator can deploy as many ISTs as required in the same or multiple zones. Combining the CX-2 and IST technologies mean that multiple cement bases can be set, tagged and tested in one run. With innovative technology it breaks new ground within the oil and gas industry.


    • Quick deployment
    • 100% sealing capability
    • Suitable for running in cased or open hole
    • Shut-off valve ensures tool does not inflate while being pumped to depth
    • Rupture disc prevents the tool from over-inflation
    • Constructed from drillable materials
    • Unlimited number of ISTs can be deployed in one run