Bentec GmbH Drilling & Oilfield Systems

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Bad Bentheim,  Niedersachsen  48455

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Bentec GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of land rigs and oilfield equipment worldwide. The specialist company designs and manufactures high-quality, cost-effective drilling rigs and equipment like Top Drives, Iron Roughnecks, Mud Pumps, Drawworks, Power Control Rooms - all able to operate in different environments from desert to arctic.


  • Top Drive
    Bentec Top Drives are especially designed for rough conditions and to reduce rig downtimes. Suitable for onshore or offshore rigs....

  • Bentec combined all of its experience it has gained in 20 years of commissioning, maintaining and repairing other Top Drives to develop a more reliable, robust and service-friendly product for safe drilling operations. The Bentec Top Drives are exactly tuned to the needs of our customers: up to 30 % more torque drive than other Top Drives. Robustly and reliably built, even withstanding arctic temperatures Bentec Top Drives reduce downtime and maintenance costs significantly.

    The Bentec Top Drives are AC-powered and developed for use as a portable or permanently installed unit on onshore and offshore applications. It also comes with a number of innovative features to significantly improve drilling results.

    The Bentec Top Drive system is driven by a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) control system for a wide range of torque and speed performance. The main components include an integrated swivel, a special high-safety link tilt system, remote and manual IBOP valves, a back-up clamp for making and breaking connections, a guide beam for drill torque reaction, and an electrical service loop. A compact, integrated hydraulic power unit mounted on the Top Drive eliminates the need for hydraulic service loops. The compact dimensions of Bentec Top Drives ensure easy installation into existing or new rigs.

    All Bentec Top Drives can be delivered with a VFD container and be equipped with a Bentec Soft Torque Rotary System.

    The Bentec Top Drive system complies with the strictest standards for the drilling industry. Its design conforms to the newest European CE design standards and international API standards to help our customers maintain a very high safety level.

  • Iron Roughneck
    The Bentec Iron Roughneck is built to maximise the efficiency of pipe handling operations.
    It provides a safe and versatile alternative to conventional pipe connection techniques for make-up/break-out operations.

    Available models
    • IR-100
    • IR-100-Remote...

  • Details

    Over the past 40 years, Bentec has developed an impressive portfolio of automated tubular running operations in order to build more robust and reliable Iron Roughneck that reduce both downtime and maintenance. The Iron Roughneck is available in two versions. The basic design is simple and robust for safe drilling operations. This design includes all essential functions for making up and breaking out tool joint connections. The premium design is operated electrically or hydraulically. It includes automation features like the Positioning System, and Torque Readout System for partly or fully automated make/break operations. The compact dimensions of the Bentec Iron Roughneck make it easy to install in existing and new rigs. The design allows for easy interchangeability with competitors’ Iron Roughnecks. Both Bentec iron roughneck versions are developed for use as a portable unit on land rigs or permanent installation on offshore rigs. The system is powered by the existing rig hydraulic power unit. A separate hydraulic power unit is also available. Bentec’s Iron Roughnecks comply with the latest European CE design standards, ATEX standards, and international API standards to maintain the highest level of industry safety.

    Iron Roughneck Performance Options

    • remote control console from drillers cabin
    • wireless control console
    • E-Torque List (export of make-up torque values)
    • central lubrication system
    • spin out sensor
    • hydraulic power unit
    • low-temperature kit
    • transport skid
    • spare part packages

  • Desert Rigs
    Bentec Desert Rigs are a new generation of rigs. The rig provides superior drilling performance under extreme weather conditions and a safe, high quality working environment....

  • The Bentec Speed Rig is a highly efficient, light and fast moving desert land rig, delivering maximum safety and performance in a compact and highly mobile drilling package. With many innovative features and advantages, the Speed Rigs achieve extraordinary gains in drilling efficiency. 

    The small size and self-deploying design of the Speed Rigs allow for ease of transport and fast onsite rig-up. Every aspect of rig operation from mobility and deployment to machine and structural design has benefited from a wide array of improvements that maximize safety while minimizing the time for rig-up/down and transport. 

    An integrated hydraulic system is connected to raise the mast and the substructure. Every part of a Speed Rig is portable on trailers. A complete Speed Rig is moveable on only 28 trailers. 

    Optional: The substructure can be delivered with a wheel set to be transported as one unit on flat terrain. The mast including the traveling equipment can be transported as one unit with optional mast dolly. The compact components and AC-powered drive systems further reduce the environmental impact at the well site.