Turbulent Flux

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Physical Analytics software to democratize the use of multiphase flow information in a digitized industry.


  • Virtual Flow Metering (VFM)
    A virtual window into your production systems. Using live sensor data and automatic calibration, our validated VFM technology ensures a life-of-field valid simulator....

  • Virtual flow metering is a non-intrusive option to augment existing sensor data and gain additional insights into the behavior of production systems. Using pressure and temperature gauges, our physical analytics approach, which combines our transient multiphase flow simulator with advanced data analytics, determines phase flow rates at any position in the production system. The technology has been validated for both gas and oil fields with a wide range of production rates and water cuts.

    The VFM technology is cloud-based and the outcome is accessible through web interfaces. Additionally, using open APIs, the insights can readily be incorporated into the operator’s on-site surveillance systems.

  • Transient Multiphase Flow Simulator
    Our fast and robust transient multiphase flow simulator is purpose-built for real-time environments and the foundation for all our solutions. Open APIs and simulation as a service enable simple integration with in-house and third-party applications....

  • At the core of the Turbulent Flux technology is a new, fast and robust transient multiphase flow simulator, purpose built for real-time environments. The simulator is flexible, and its physical closures can easily be tuned to production data in order to deliver reliable predictions throughout the life of an asset.

    Solutions utilizing the simulator are built using open APIs. These APIs are essential both to our Virtual Flow Metering technology and our Production Monitoring Tools. Furthermore, the APIs facilitate simple integration with third-party systems such as an operator’s on-site surveillance systems.

  • Production Monitoring Tools
    Our Production Monitoring Tools offer additional insights on top of our VFM. One example is the Stable Production Adviser which preemptively shows if operational changes will cause flow instabilities and risk of disrupted production....

  • To address common operational challenges, our transient multiphase flow simulator incorporates flexible APIs to facilitate extending its capabilities.

    For example, the Stable Production Adviser offers guidance on how changes in operational parameters such as valve openings and gas lift rates impact production. Intuitive graphical dashboards offer insights at a glance and visualizes the impact of operational changes. Furthermore, the capabilities can be extended to address gas lift optimization and flow assurance challenges such as wax deposition monitoring with guidance on pigging frequency.

    The Production Monitoring Tools increase the operator’s awareness of operational margins and how to operate the production system in an optimal way.