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We are the Industry’s largest independent manufacturer of Quality Pipe (OCTG) Inspection Equipment and related supplies. Our equipment is operating in in 50+ countries worldwide utilizing Ultrasonic and EMI technologies for inspecting Drill Pipe, Casing, Tubing, Drill Collars, Sucker Rods, etc.  Portable and stationary systems are available including rig floor tubing and sucker rod inspection systems.


  • WellTech 4X - Rig Floor Tubing Inspection System
    The WellTech performs a quick and quality inspection of tubing on the well service rig floor as it is being pulled from the well. The system inspects for service-induced flaws typical to used tubing, i.e., pitting, cracks, rod wear, wall thinning, etc....

  • WellTech 4X™ Product Description

    The WellTech 4X™ is a portable, computerized, rig floor tubing inspection system for inspecting tubing as it is being pulled from the well service rig floor. Tubing can travel through the head bidirectionally, but the inspection process takes place as the pipe is pulled out of the well. Commands (i.e. gain, etc.) are controlled by the computer. Each data channel is displayed on the software for easy interpretation. Inspection for service-induced flaws are performed by sensors located close to the tubing for excellent sensitivity. Our exclusive SPLIT-Check pneumatic split and hole detector is used to detect splits and holes in the tubing that conventional EMI systems may miss. The WellTech 4X™ utilizes the latest Hall effect sensors and DOES NOT USE GAMMA RADIATION.

    All new WellTech 4X systems are Certified Class 1 Division 2 for Hazardous Areas as a standard feature!

  • TRX Ultrasonic (UT) Scopes
    The TRX Ultrasonic (UT) scopes provide a simple solution to the complicated ultrasonic inspection process in oilfield tubulars (OCTG)....

  • TRX platform UT scopes

    New Tech Systems newly developed TRX Ultrasonic (UT) scopes have been designed to provide a simple solution to the complicated ultrasonic inspection process in oilfield tubulars. Designed in-house by our product development team, the TRX UT scope is a culmination of many years of manufacturing and practical field experience in the oilfield tubular (OCTG) inspection industry.

    For years, the OCTG inspection industry has been utilizing complicated ultrasonic scopes that are usually developed for use in other industries. The TRX UT scope removes many of the complications from the ultrasonic operation process. Setup can be performed in minutes as many of the complicated settings and calculations are performed automatically by the software.

    The TRX UT scopes are capable of I.D. and O.D. flaw differentiation, and inspection results are displayed in an easy to read digital chart. In addition, the TRX UT scope can display analog events like traditional scopes or display events only indicating when a flaw is detected.

    Currently, the TRX UT scopes are available on the TechSonic-W – Wedge-type UTEA system and the TechSonic-EZScan – Wheel-tyle UTEA system. The TRX platform UT scopes are also available for integration with other UTEA systems and custom projects.