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Woods Hole Group provides clients with integrated metocean solutions to support a project's life-cycle through the collection, analysis & interpretation of environmental data. Headquartered in Massachusetts with offices in Delaware, Maryland, and Texas, we have local, national, & international experience & are part of the global CLS Group.


  • EddyWatch®
    Ocean Current Monitoring & Forecasting Service...

  • The EddyWatch® program is a unique monitoring and forecasting service for offshore operators in the Gulf of Mexico, and in the offshore waters from Trinidad to Brazil. Each regional service concentrates on the location and migration of strong ocean currents that are characteristic of major oceanographic features such as the Loop Current, North Brazil Current, and their associated eddies or rings, particularly in deepwater lease blocks.

    The regional services provide the most accurate and extensive real-time information available regarding velocities and extent of currents impacting offshore operations. Such information is vital to daily planning, safety, facility design, and efficiency to reduce costly nonproductive time.

  • FAST Eddy℠
    Real-time current profiles from a vessel anywhere in the world....

  • The FAST (Fast Autonomous Survey Technology) Eddy System is an automated, self-contained ocean current monitoring package which can be installed and heading offshore within 36 hours of approval (depending on vessel availability). Once on site, FAST Eddy operates continuously—collecting, processing, and transmitting ocean current data via satellite modem to our Data Assembly Center 24/7.

    Current profiles and transect cross sections are graphed and made available in near real-time via a password-protected website. This allows for continuous fine-scale current monitoring during critical operations.

    FAST Eddy goes to the current, providing the data you need to more safely and efficiently plan your operations and minimize costly downtime.

  • WatchDog℠
    The WatchDog℠ is a rugged, open-ocean survivable metocean monitoring system.

  • Designed for use in deep-water oceanographic applications, the WatchDog-1000 is designed to acquire and report environmental data from the sea surface to the sea floor in real-time to aid million-dollar ‘go/no-go’ decisions.

    The surface buoy instrumentation suite is customizable for each application, but typically consists, of a 300 kHz Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) looking downward to a depth of 100 m, a directional wave sensor, meteorological sensor package, a data acquisition and logging system, and dual redundant telemetry systems. A subsurface float contain dual 75kHz ADCPs looking up and down in the water column, a data acquisition system, and acoustic telemetry equipment to communicate with the surface buoy.

    This combination of ADCPs and telemetry provides high-quality ocean current profile data from near-surface to 1000m depths, in real time (20 minute averages).

    WatchDog systems are configurable for:

    • Port & Harbor Monitoring
    • Global & Integrated Ocean Observing Systems (GOOS/IOOS)
    • Marine Renewable Energy Project Planning & Design
    • Defense & Maritime Security
    • Ocean Research