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Lloyd’s Register Energy provides asset integrity, compliance, consulting, drilling and inspection services. We help companies make sure their assets, processes and people perform as intended consistently and safely over time.

 Press Releases

  • Today’s energy industry is characterised by new operating economic challenges, constant change, and the fusing of technologies. So, what is the way forward and is it manageable?

    According to Lloyd’s Register (LR) at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) Houston 2019, the answer lies in a sharper focus on digital and technical expertise, and increasing interconnected knowledge networks.

    “We are evolving our energy business in parallel with changing client needs and market demands,” says David Clark, Energy Director at LR.  “The emerging recovery of the oil and gas industry and the more evident renewables sector provides new opportunities. We are helping our clients transition to new ways of thinking and to gain confidence in innovations that use the power of data and technology to drive excellence in efficiency and value,” says Clark. “It is widely accepted that excellence through digital and technical innovation can improve efficiency gains, increase operational performance and provide a better understanding of how to manage risk; a key theme for LR at OTC.”

    LR’s strategy moves its portfolio away from markets that have become commoditised and the company is adopting an approach that leverages the depth of its technical expertise.  “We are embracing digital and commercial innovation to provide business-focused solutions,” highlights Clark.  “For our clients, this means we will be better placed to help them maximise efficiency gains, manage operational performance, control their cost base and improve how risk is managed.”

    LR’s digital developments have an intrinsic role in the next chapter of America’s offshore and onshore industries, with presentations being provided to raise awareness on where industry’s innovation should focus:

    Tuesday, May 7th

    From 10 am: solutions for optimising your asset performance

    1.         Map out your optimum maintenance strategy by Shervin Sadeghi:

                How we helped a client map out their maintenance strategy to achieve $22m savings in OPEX

    2.         LR AllAssets Maintenance Optimisation by Aden Hopkins:

                Transform maintenance costs in to investments with safety and commercial returns

    3.         IOWs by Vishal Lagad (LR and Youyu Lu (Shell):

                Managing risk proactively with Integrity Operating Windows.

    4.         SmartSleeve by LR’s Alan Turner with Ryan Lavergne (Western Specialties LLC):    

                Detect and predict pipeline issues with fibre optic technology and data monitoring analytics

    From 2 pm: using data to drive decisions

    1.         Remote inspection by Frank van Bockel:

                Apply digital technology for faster visual and remote inspection activities, saving time and money

    2.         LR SecondSight by Clinton Abbate:

               Turn visual data from multiple sources in to accessible, actionable decision-making information

    3.         Maintenance “Data Mining” analytics by David Ryder:

                Harness the power of asset maintenance data to extract previously hidden business insights

    4.         FPSO Digital Twin by Vaibhav Parsoya:

                Improve the structural health management and operation performance of offshore structures.

    Wednesday, May 8th

    From 10 am: secure and resilient operations

    1.         Additive Manufacturing by Frank van Bockel:

                Work towards a clear path to market for certified AM/3D printed parts

    2.         SafetyScanner by David Ryder and Elena Prekopova:

                Transform your HSE management with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to uncover hidden insights

    3.         Cyber Security and Nettitude by Karen Bolton:

                Helping companies realise their threats and secure their technology, people and processes.

    LR believes the US industry can do more to increase its commercial innovation by improving collaboration across the energy industry. It is accelerating the development of new technologies through partnerships between industry and academia, which LR believes is important to help nurture collaboration and innovation.

    The launch of Safety Accelerator is one example of LR’s approach; a challenge-based programme which solves some of safety and risk’s toughest challenges by creating, facilitating and guiding collaboration between innovative digital start-ups and industry.

    “Successful startups receive trial funding from the Safety Accelerator to pilot their solution with the industry challenge partner and receive access to domain expertise, mentoring and entrepreneurial support to help bring their solutions to market,” highlights Serena Connor from LR.

    LR will lead discussions on these insights at OTC Houston from 6 to 9 May 2019.  Meet the experts at Booth # 3761 or go online at https://www.lr.org/en/events/otc-houston-2019/ for more information.

  • As major oil, gas, and chemicals companies make increasingly sizable investments in digital and emerging technologies, they do so in the knowledge that these investments must address the industry-wide issue of ageing assets operating beyond their original design life. The drive for greater efficiencies has fuelled demand for improved performance, operational uptime and safety through the better use of data.


    Companies are incessantly gathering data across every element of their supply chains from oil fields and pipelines to refineries, power stations and manufacturing. It has been estimated that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone.


    Oz Rodriguez, Product Manager, LR’s AllAssets, highlights: “Data is fast becoming a big deal when it comes to asset management, and so is the speed with which it is expanding. We recognise the importance of data and, we have engineered AllAssets on the basis that companies need to consume and analyse large volumes of data.


    From data to decision

    According to the EMC ‘Digital Universe of Opportunities’ with Research & Analysis by IDC, the digital universe is doubling in size every two years, and by 2020 will reach 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes.


    “To put data and its size into context, a jet engine can generate 10TB of data in 30 minutes - with 25,000 flights per day, the volume of one data source runs into Petabytes. Smart meters and heavy industrial equipment in refineries and oil rigs generate similar volumes,” highlights Rodriguez.


    For LR’s clients, this brings both opportunity and threat – the chance to see previously undiscovered truths about asset performance, and the threat that this can be lost in the noise created by all this volume.


    “When data is used effectively it can provide insight and visibility of emerging trends, moving from measuring ‘what is’ to predicting ‘what if’. Used wisely, it can help organisations to achieve vast operating cost savings by as much as 40%, higher production rates and enhanced safety,” says Rodriguez.


    Leading the charge to the digital oil field

    At a recent LR event on Data it was suggested that the collection of data needs to be run like any other project with the initial objectives defined, so it is known what, why and how data is being collected for, and how it will be used to influence operational and commercial asset management decisions.


    Many organisations are already successfully managing their data and the concept of the ‘Digital Oil Field’.


    “BP introduced their ‘Field of the Future®’ technologies to collect, manage and analyse data to deliver operating benefits, whilst Chevron have attributed hundreds of millions in cost savings and improved output to their ‘i-field™’ digital oil field vision,” says Rodriguez. “At LR we are helping companies to lead on this transition from a safety, reliability and performance perspective.”

    LR AllAssets launched

    LR’s latest technologies and software can transform raw data, which is examined through algorithm and analytical tools, supported by human capability and expertise, to help identify valuable insights and add context to the data.


    LR AllAssets, is a software platform that provides companies with a full understanding of risk in relation to plant performance and reliability, and a critical component of any company’s Asset Performance Management (APM) strategy.


    The product is a cloud-first approach with Open Integration Standards to enable users to easily and securely connect to plant data sources with seamless integration.


    “This allows for more accurate risk mitigation and improved resource utilisation,” says Rodriguez. “It houses preconfigured templates and a unique model builder tool enables users to build bespoke models without the need to engage third-party providers, bringing a completely new approach to APM.”


    Users of the LR AllAssets software are easily able to configure risk models for their own environments in days or even hours and without any software coding, saving time and money. 


    In a climate of ever increasing scrutiny on performance and risk, software developments such as LR AllAssets provide industry with confidence that operational risk can be managed successfully, and assurance for operators that their plants can be optimised at a technical and engineering level for better performance against regulatory requirements,” says Rodriguez.

    LR is showcasing its AllAssets software at OTC Houston from 6 to 9 May 2019 at Booth # 3761 or go online at https://www.lr.org/en/events/otc-houston-2019/ for more information.

  • The Lloyd’s Register Safety Accelerator is proud to announce the launch of six new digital innovation trials between global startups and leading corporate industry partners, selected and awarded through the programme. The safety technology trials will last approximately three-months each as the startups work with corporate partners to pilot unique digital solutions, addressing real, critical safety and risk challenges across the Energy, Marine and Offshore and Infrastructure industries.


    The global Safety Accelerator programme, a joint initiative of Lloyd’s Register and Lloyd’s Register Foundation and run in partnership with Plug and Play Tech Center, selected its first startup cohort in September 2018 after a Dragon’s Den-style pitch event in Hamburg, Germany. Since then, the Safety Accelerator programme has selected five more successful startups through two further Challenge Rounds to collaborate with corporate partners including Shell, Pacific International Lines and Infratek.


    Two of the Safety Accelerator startups presented learnings from the early stages of their pilot projects at a Safety Accelerator Safetytech Showcase on Tuesday, 7 May, during the Offshore Technology Conference, Houston. Austin-based Senseye won a challenge set in conjunction with Singapore’s Pacific International Lines (PIL), the ninth largest containership operator in the world. Through the challenge, PIL sought innovative digital solutions to assess crew's psychological and emotional health before starting an important task or scheduled watch, to ensure their safety and fitness for duty, and to prevent injury, death or damage to property or the environment.


    David Zakariaie, CEO, Senseye, said: “Before the Safety Accelerator, we had never considered the possible application of our technology for the Marine and Offshore sector. We are looking forward to working with PIL to adapt our technology to help improve safety onboard vessels and well as explore a new market for our company.”


    A second startup showcasing their pilot project at the Safetytech Showcase was Boston-based MultiSensor Scientific, who are working with Norwegian gas transportation company, Gassco, to develop a new solution to detect minor gas leaks in industrial environments.


    Stefan Bokaemper, CEO, MultiSensor Scientific, said: “The programme offers great feedback and guidance along the way, helping us to identify a new market and use case for our installed gas imaging technology. We’re excited to see our solution applied to a safety and risk challenge and are looking forward to our live industry trial with Gassco in the coming months.”


    Learn more about the six newly-launched global safetytech pilot projects:


    1. Sensye/PIL: Determining master's and crew's psychological and emotional health

    Austin-based Senseye won the challenge set with Singapore’s Pacific International Lines (PIL), the ninth largest containership operator in the world, to trial a digital solution to assist in assessing the psychological and emotional wellbeing of a crew member before he or she is assigned to an important task or go on duty, in real-time whilst they are onboard, to ensure the safety of crew and prevent injury, death or damage to property or the environment.


    2. MultiSensor Scientific/Gassco: Detecting minor leaks in complex industrial environments

    Boston-based MultiSensor Scientific won the challenge set in conjunction with Gassco, the Norwegian state-owned gas transportation company seeking innovative new digital tools to rapidly identify, quantify and respond to minor leaks, such as from tubing and valves, in complex industrial environments as part of the daily operation of the facility.


    3. Wokerbase/LR: Ensuring marine and offshore crew competency

    Munich-based Workerbase won the challenge, set in conjunction with Lloyd’s Register, to a trial new industrial smartwatch, enabling crew to perform jobs competently, reducing risks and injuries by providing them with use dynamic job-related information and feedback.


    4. NeuroControls/KOTUG International: Navigating gas vapour clouds

    Munich-based NeuroControls won the challenge set in conjunction with Dutch company KOTUG, a leading provider of safe harbour and terminal towage services. The pilot trial will test a new oceanic-use Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) imaging camera to detect and visualise gas clouds, enabling vessels to visualise a gas cloud, for example near floating LNG facilities, and safely navigate around it.


    5. NumberBoost/Omexom (Infratek): AI-driven real-time error detection

    Cape Town-based NumberBoost successfully pitched for and won a challenge defined by Scandinavian company Omexom (Infratek), a leader in building, operating and securing of critical infrastructure. In the pilot, NumberBoost will use their computer vision inspection technology powered by deep learning to build a real-time error detection and feedback solution to automatically detect anomalies in photos of work done on critical infrastructure, to ensure the job is done right the first time and improve safety for the worker and third parties.


    6. LexaTexer/LR: Enhancing dynamic risk assessment

    Berlin-based LexaTexer won a challenge set in conjunction with LR seeking innovative solutions to keep personnel better informed about operational risks affecting them in their work environment. In the pilot, LexaTexer will read and process unstructured past incident report data, to identify root causes of incidents, and predict incidents in the future.


    These global innovation pilots are now underway, with startups and corporates collaborating globally in live environments trialling these new innovative digital solutions, funded and facilitated by the Lloyd’s Register Safety Accelerator.


    Maurizio Pilu, VP of Digital Innovation, Lloyd’s Register, said: “As we approach the programme’s one-year anniversary, the engagement of our clients, the quality and number of startups involved, and the resultant pilots are a testament to the strength and importance of the Safety Accelerator to these industrial sectors.  I am particularly proud of the expert guidance provided by LR throughout, from helping our clients in the definition of their challenges, to targeting technology areas, to startup selection and subsequent pilot project definition and execution.”


    Richard Clegg, Chief Executive, Lloyd’s Register Foundation, said: “Accelerating the uptake and application of technology for the benefit of society is one of the pillars in the Foundation’s strategy. The Lloyd’s Register Safety Accelerator offers a great way to achieve this by bringing together people with challenges with those that have solutions. It’s a win-win, and in the process makes the world a safer place. I’m excited to see what innovative investable ideas come out of it.”


    The Safety Accelerator was set up to address innovation barriers in dangerous safety-critical industries and help to de-risk innovation projects to accelerate the adopting of digital technology for the improvement of safety and risk outcomes. By providing the opportunity for industry partners to be early adopters of innovation without the associated financial risk, and also offering technology companies both funding and a route to market, the Lloyd's Register Safety Accelerator has been hugely successful in addressing unmet, industry-wide safety and risk issues.


    Every three months, the Safety Accelerator works with new corporate partners to set safety and risk innovation challenges which are important to them, and their industry. With partner Plug and Play, the largest global innovation platform and most active venture capital fund in Silicon Valley, the program then expertly sources innovative startups from around the world with promising cutting-edge technology to solve the challenges. Through a competitive application and pitch process, the program selects startups to solve each challenge. Successful startups receive received trial funding from the program to trial their solution with the corporate challenge partner, as well as access to domain expertise and entrepreneurial support to help bring their solution to market, though support from Lloyd’s Register and Plug and Play respectively, all the while retaining 100 percent of their IP.


    Soon, the Safety Accelerator will announce its fourth cohort of startups addressing challenges set by Scorpio, Bernhard Schulte Ship management and Discovering Safety, a programme of the UK’s Health and Safety Executive. The program is actively seeking corporate challenge partners interested in setting a challenge and working with startups in future rounds.


    For more information about the Lloyd’s Register Safety Accelerator, including how to become an industry challenge partner, or apply to solve a challenge, please visit: https://www.lr.org/en/safety-accelerator/, or meet our experts at OTC Houston from 6 to 9 May 2019, on Booth # 3761.


  • LR AllAssets
    LR AllAssets is a unique Asset Performance Management (APM) software platform with proven methodologies and advanced analytics to help customers mitigate business risk and optimise asset and plant performance....

  • Preconfigured templates and a unique model builder tool enable customers to build bespoke models without the need for software coding, bringing a completely new approach to APM. LR’s software enables customers to easily configure risk models for their own operating environments in days or even hours - giving much shorter timescales to get the insight needed to make decisions and helping to dramatically cut costs. Freeing your workforce from spreadsheets, AllAssets also allows a systematic approach to capturing human knowledge and best practices, all in one place and accessible across the organisation. A cloud-first approach with Open Integration Standards enables users to easily and securely connect to plant data sources with seamless integration allowing for more accurate risk mitigation and improved resource utilisation.

    Transform risk into opportunity and make achieving a 50% reduction in inspection and maintenance costs a reality with LR AllAssets.