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LEIGHTRONIX television systems have proven invaluable to the marine industry with low-cost solutions, which entertain and inform via video-on-demand, live television, and emergency alerts that can force any number of LG Smart IPTV displays to an attention-grabbing emergency message — all from one of the most trusted names in the video industry for over 38 years.


  • Interactive Television Solutions With Alert System
    Crew entertainment, information, and safety television systems — LEIGHTRONIX interactive television solutions provide full-featured HD video workflows including live television, video-on-demand, digital signage, and television control....

  • LEIGHTRONIX IPTV solutions are extremely versatile, affordable, and highly scalable platforms designed for vessels of any size. Deliver and control beautiful, high-definition video, informational signage, and more for all of your crew to enjoy.

    • 25 to thousands of endpoints (set-top boxes and/or Smart IPTV displays)
    • Application server, multichannel video-on-demand server, and a multichannel multicast server within a compact, one rack unit platform
    • TOTAL ALERT SYSTEM for integrated emergency alert functionality — force all displays, or groups of displays, to perform a wide variety of emergency notification functions
    • Integration with external video sources
    • News, weather, sports, and financial feeds
    • Galley menus and crew schedules
    • Vessel system status displays for improved monitoring 
  • Smart IPTV Displays From LG
    LEIGHTRONIX interactive television features a full line of Smart IPTV displays from LG, which can be wall mounted or free-standing. Fully compatible with DIRECTV, the displays come in a variety of sizes and offer a rich interactive television experience....

  • Perfect for crew quarters, galleys, command centers, and other common areas, our Smart IPTV displays can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted or free standing for easy access and flexible viewing. Our displays come in a variety of sizes and offer a rich LEIGHTRONIX IPTV experience. Features include:

    • Space-saving, integrated displays
    • Simplified installation — just connect power and network
    • Addressable remote control for shared crew quarters
    • Special audio options for private listening
    • A wide variety of resolutions, including full HD and Ultra HD/4K
    • Works seamlessly with DIRECTV high-density receivers
  • Integrated Video-on-Demand
    Whether for training or entertainment, the included video-on-demand (VOD) feature that comes standard with LEIGHTRONIX IPTV solutions lets viewers watch your videos any time. VOD capacity can be easily expanded with optional, dedicated servers....

  • One of the most powerful features of a LEIGHTRONIX interactive television system, the integrated VOD server is capable of outputting five VOD streams at once, supporting multiple interactive controls.

    • Additional, dedicated VOD servers can be scaled to support all of your VOD needs
    • Our new, high-capacity VOD server option allows for 1,000 simultaneous VOD streams 
    • Upload your content, such as: safety, training, and procedural videos and presentations
    • Enjoy first run movies and television shows