Parkburn Precision Handling Systems Ltd

26 Whistleberry Industrial Estate
Hamilton,  ML3 0ED

United Kingdom
  • Booth: 1263

Parkburn Precision Handling Systems is a UK engineering company which supplies advanced marine handling systems.

Main products include: Fibre Rope/ Conventional Winch Systems, Cable & Pipelay Equipment, Fully-Synchronised Carousel/Turntable Packages, Tensioners & Cable Engines and Diving Bell/SDC Launch & Recovery Systems.  All supplied with comprehensive Drive, Control and Systems Integration.


  • Deep Water Capstan (DWC)
    DWC is a unique fibre rope handling machine developed specifically to tension and de-tension fibre ropes, cables and umbilicals without imparting significant forces into the cables. Available from 20t to 1,000t machines in single fall configurations....

  • The Deep Water Capstan comprises of two separate drums merged and offset to each other around the rotational centre line to create a natural helix and a slight elliptical cable path through the machine. Each drum has 16 “fingers” providing the cable bearing surface and result in a unique binary de-tensioning or tensioning profile that spreads the work evenly throughout a long section of rope as it passes through the machine allowing the cable to be stored at low tensions when not in use. Parkburn has recently delivered a 150t unit to MacGregor in Norway for installation on their new FibreTrac 1500 crane.

  • Cable Lay & Cable Handling
    Parkburn supplies a wide range of cable lay equipment for onshore and offshore use, these include:
    • Turntables and carousels
    • Loading towers and loading arms
    • Tracked tensioners
    • Linear cable engines
    • Cable drum engines
    • Cable haulers and transporters...

  • Typical Parkburn Cable Equipment Features & Benefits

    ·         Full AC vector-controlled wheel / track / firing line synchronisation

    ·         Product safe, smooth & accurate digital speed and tension control

    ·         Auto lay capability

    ·         Integral support hydraulics and load cell dynamometry

    ·         Bio-degradable hydraulic oil options

    ·         Local, remote and/or radio control options

    ·         Remote diagnostics

    ·         Power regeneration to system supply

    ·         Self-contained plug and play systems

    ·         Containerised system options

    ·         Static / Dynamic FAT options prior to delivery

    ·         Fast and efficient installation and commissioning

    ·         Worldwide service support

  • Diving Bell LARS
    Parkburn designs, manufactures and supports a wide range of offshore launch and recovery systems for a variety of applications. These systems integrate rugged, proven mechanical designs with advanced PLC control systems and variable speed electric drives....

  • Parkburn can undertake bespoke design and build projects based on customer requirements.

    Customers benefit from:

    ·         Complete range of Classification Society design, manufacturing and test options available

    ·         All system design (control, drive and mechanical) provided in-house by Parkburn engineers

    ·         Electric and hydraulic drive options available

    ·         Local and/or remote control as required by operator

    ·         Easy to mobilise, operate and maintain