Dingjin General Machinery Co., Ltd., Dalian

No.6 Youquan Road, Zhanqian Street, Jinzhou District
Dalian,  Liaoning  116100

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Dalian Dingjin is a professional manufacturer for all kinds of dish heads , spherical shell plates and Class III pressure vessels. 

 Press Releases

  • Company Introduction

    Dingjin General Machinery Co., Ltd., Dalian is one of the professional manufacturers for dish end, spherical shell plate and the third class pressure vessel. It was established in the year of 2000 covering 74,000 square meters which located in beautiful costal city Dalian.

    Dingjin has been improved quality assurance system and strengthen quality management constantly in past ten years; meanwhile, acquired ISO9001 quality management system certification. Dingjin adheres to the quality policy “Abide by laws and regulations strictly, improve continuously, quality first, and customer satisfaction”. Until now Dingjin has supplied more than 100,000 pieces dish ends and spherical shell plates to clients. Thirteen of them are fabricated for key state projects, and 23 of them are fabricated for world top 500 enterprises. Dingjin products get good feedback from clients at home and abroad in quality, service and work-period.   

        Dingjin insists on the principle of “Technological innovation, scientific development” with recruiting talents and developing technology. Dingjin was identified as national high tech enterprise since 2008. Now Dingin is a innovative enterprise involved research and development, production, sales, service as well as technology consulting. Dingjin is the executive director unit of China Forging Association, and it is also the member of national standard technology committee for fix type pressure vessel. Dingjin conducted overall shareholding reform successfully and its stock was listed on Tianjin precious metal exchange in the year of 2009. The registered capital of Dingjin is 21,460,000RMB, and its total assets are 200,000,000RMB. 

    Product Introduction

    The characteristics of Dingjin Products

    1. Four main varieties:

    1)The dish end is of diversified shape, specification and material.

    2)Spherical shell plate applied to various spherical storage tank with different volume.

    3)Pressure vessel belongs to A2 grade of the third classification.

    4)Spinning unit involved flanging machine and dishing machine as well as hydraulic press for large specification dish ends.

    2. The dish ends fabricated by Dingjin in past ten years are of many features

    1. Large specification

    Dish end with 10000mm diameter and 50mm thickness which is the largest dish end fabricated by Dingjin with integral spinning technology in past ten years.

    Dish end with 6000mm diameter and 300mm thickness which is the largest dish end fabricated by Dingjin with integral stamping technology in past ten years.

        There is no limitation for diameter when fabricated the dish end with many petals, meanwhile, the maximum thickness could be up to 300mm.

    1. Special Material  

           Dingjin can fabricate dish end not only with carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel, but also have mature process technology and experience with aluminum, copper, nickel, titaniumtim, zirconium, chrome-molybdenum steel, dual-phase steel, nickel-based alloy steel as well as cladding plate.

       1)Dish end with complete shapes

            Elliptical dished end, torispherical end, hemispherical end, spherical crown end, flat bottom end, toriconical end, horn end, segmental end, arc bottom end, boiler furnace end, furnace platform with outer flange and all kinds of axisymmetric body end.

       1)Wide application

        Dish ends fabricated by Dingjin were applied widely involving petroleum, chemical engineering, smelting, shipbuilding, unclear power, offshore drilling platform, aerospace, water treatment, pharmacy, beer industries and so on.

    1. Dish end with high technology content

    Dingjin has researched and developed the new technology for integral forming dish end successfully which make this technology in a new stage. For example, Dingjin supplied the integral forming stainless steel dish end with 10000mm diameter and 33mm thickness to Australia client; Dingjin supplied EM7 storage tank prefabrication to Hongyanhe nuclear power plant; Dingjin supplied shielding cover for aerospace ground equipment to China Academy of Engineering Physics. Experts at home and abroad spoke highly of Dingjin products.    

    1. Dingjin manufactured the flanging machine for fabricating large specification dish end acquired patent for invention. 


    Equipment Introduction

    Complete and advanced spinning units

    Dingjin possesses large, medium, small three spinning units with complete configuration equipment which are separately self-made DF10050 model, MD21/5030 model made in Germany, and DF2220 model. Dingjin could fabricate all shape dish end with integral cold spinning process technology and the production capacity is from 325mm diameter multiplied 8mm thickness to 10000mm diameter multiplied 50mm thickness.  

    1. Large dual action stamping equipment

    Dingjin possesses 7 stands of dual action hydraulic press. They are one stand of 630 tonnage hydraulic press, two stands of 1000 tonnage hydraulic press, 2 stands of 2000 tonnage hydraulic press, one stand of 8000 tonnage hydraulic press and one stand of 16000 tonnage hydraulic press. The configuration equipment for dual action hydraulic press are 4 sets of heating furnace, 3 sets of heat treatment furnace, 28 sets of crane and the maximum lifting capacity is 75 tons. Dingjin could fabricated all shape dish ends with integral hot stamping process technology from 80mm diameter multiplied 20mm thickness to 6000mm diameter multiplied 300mm thickness. Dingjin could fabricate all shape dish end from 59mm diameter multiplied 14mm thickness to 4000mm diameter multiplied 30mm thickness with integral cold spinning process technology. Dingjin has ability to fabricate spherical storage tank and spherical shell plate with nominal volume between 50 cubic meters and 10000 cubic meters..   

    1. Considerable machining equipment

    Dingjin expanded machining workshop with installed more than 20 sets of machining equipment. The machine tools are complete, such as lathe machine, milling machine, boring machine, planning machine, grinding machine and drilling machine and so on. Among of them, the advanced large equipment, such as 6.3 meters computer numerical control vertical lathe machine with two posts, 9 meters planning, boring and milling machine made in Japan, 6 meters planer milling machine made in Japan, 10 meters horizontal lathe machine, 4 meters cylindrical grinder can meet the demand of machining work. Meanwhile, Dingjin can undertake the machining tasks entrusted by the client.

    Human Resource

    There is 140 staff in Dingjin. The radio for staff with above 

    college degree occupied the existing staff is 32 percent. The research and develop team of Dingjin is of high education, high quality and rich experience. There are more than 20 personnel engaged in research and development, among of them, 5 personnel are Senior Engineer, 5 personnel are Engineer, and 2 personnel are Technician. Among workers, there are more than 60 ones are highly skilled workers who are the masters of spinning, stamping, rivet welding, flaw detection, product surface treatment, machining and other process. Two welders of Dingjin got the first prize and the second prize in welding match with the name of “Golden Ship Cup” which was hosted by Dalian government. 

    Achievement Introduction

    1. Great achievements in technology innovation

    Since the year of 2006, Dingjin has great achievements in technology research and development, such as one invention patent, 15 utility patents, 8 software copyrights, one item for participating and drawing up Chinese national standard for dish ends, and second prize for advance of science authorized by Dalian government. Meanwhile, “DJSB” was regards as famous trademark of Dalian. 

    1. Information management gets initial success

    Dingjin brought in ERP management system of Kingdee company in the year of 2012 which bring more than 800,000 RMB profit each year. The success was authorized as the second prize for achievement for Enterprise Management Progress.

    1. Dingjin expanded operation scale unceasingly

    Dingjin could be in an impregnable position in the intense market base on its technology results and advanced management. Now Dingjin has more than 610 clients, and its products were sold to Japan, South Korea, Australia, Russia, Norway, Brazil and other countries.   

    Dingjin is operating with systematization and enlargement according to market investigation and demand. The 16000 tonnage hydraulic press in Puwan new branch has already gone into production and new branch will become the production base for large and super huge specification dish ends in future.   

    Future plan

    1. General goal

    Dingjin is going to establish four bases and increase sales revenue from 40 million RMB to 10 billion RMB in 3 or 5 years.

     2.Four bases

    1. Production base for large dish end and large spherical shell plates

       Spinning unit with 16000mm diameter for seamless dish end forming is manufacturing.

     (2)Research base for new product, new technology and new process

       Dingjin plans to get 4 items of research results on average each year.

     (3)Transformation base for science and technology achievements

       Dingjin will enhance to cooperate with Tsinghua University, Tianjin university, Dalian university of Technology as well as Lanpec Technologies Limited in order to turn science technology achievements with common efforts into new product through transformation base.

     (4) Training base for talents in technology and science

       Dingjin will cultivate talents for product development and high technicians for key process with taking advantage of research base, production base and transformation base in order to develop sustainably. 

    My respected client, Dingjin General Machinery Co., Ltd., Dalian will adhere to tenet of “forging ahead, honesty and trustworthiness, mutual benefit” and supply qualified products with competitive price, short time-limited, and considerate service to you. We assure that you will be happy in Dingjin and return back with satisfaction.


  • Dish Head
    Each dish head will be performed inspection strictly as per quality control management system ISO9001....

  • Large Specification

    Integral spinning size ≤ Φ10000*Thk50mm

    Integral stamping size ≤Φ6000* Thk400mm

    There is no limitation for diameter when fabricated the dish heads with many petals, meanwhile, the maximum thickness could be up to 200mm.

    Speical Raw Material

    Dalian Dingjin can fabricate dish end not only with carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel, but also have mature process technology and experience with aluminium, copper, nickel, tataniumtim, zirconium, chrome-molybdenum steel, duplex steel, nickel-based alloy steel as well as cladding plate.

    Dish Heads with Complete Shapes.

    Elliptical Head, Torispherical Head, Hemispherical Head, Spherical Crown Head,Flat Bottom Head, Toriconical Head, Horn Head, Segmental Head, Arc Bottom Head, Boiler Furnace Head, Furnace Platform with Outer Flange and all konds of axisymmetric body Head, Spherical Shell Plates for different capacity spherical tank.