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United States
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From Subsea to Outer Space

Norman Filter Company has established itself as a premier stainless-steel filter supplier to the oil and gas industry. Our products, which can be found worldwide, are supplied to major exploration and production, equipment fabricators, and petrochemical plants. Norman Filters is the trusted name in quality high-pressure filtration assemblies. Norman Filter Company is a certified AS9100 Aerospace filter manufacturer who brings quality and tested products to the oil and gas industry.


  • 4500 T-Type Series with Coalescing elements
    The 4500 T-Type Series filter is NFC's most versatile filter. Configured with our coalescing elements, the 4500 is the last chance filter option in the industry to protect your most critical applications....

  • Norman 4500 Series operates up to 20,000 PSI with port connections ¼” – 1 ½”. The 4500 series are available with visual and electrical differential pressure indicators. Differential pressure port taps can be added to monitor filter performance. An explosion-proof enclosure can be added to meet various ATEX/IECEX/UL specifications.

    Multiple options for materials of construction allow for operation in harsh or challenging working environments such as caustic fluids, flammables, oxidizers, and toxic chemicals.

    Designed from fiberglass epoxied media, anodized aluminum, and stainless-steel core tubes with a micron rating of 0.3 - 1.0 µm, Norman Coalescing Elements are the optimal choice for oil and water removal from gaseous systems. Ideal for natural gas applications where entrained liquid oils and water are collected as droplets on hydrophobic or hydrophilic filtration media which then can be removed through the filter bowl drain.

  • Witches Hat / Cone Filters
    NFC manufactures custom Cone (Witches Hat) style filter elements for direct installation into piping systems in a variety of sizes. The NFC design provides for a more robust yet efficient filter than to standard single layer cone, non-pleated "strainers.”...

  • Norman Filter Company designs and manufactures cone filters to the specific characteristics of any piping system- custom ID and length. NFC's cone filters utilize custom internal supports and feature all TIG(GTAW) welded construction for superior durability. NFC designs cone filter solutions for a precision fit in existing pipeline spool pieces with extremely tight tolerances. These cone filters are manufactured with all-welded, pleated micronic mesh which is designed to optimize ∆P (pressure differential) and allow for higher dirt holding capacity keeping your system running longer. NFC cone filters can be designed to fit in most pipe applications being welded to Grayloc sealing rings/orifices or ANSI/ASME 16.5 flange gaskets.

    Additional features and benefits include but not limited to:

    • Liquid or gas service compatible
    • Bi-directional flow design available
    • Extremely low-pressure drop
    • Proprietary core support unique to Norman Filters
    • Drop in design alleviates the need for pressure vessel or custom housings
    • Micron ratings from 10 to 2000 absolute
  • Custom Filtration
    Our goal is to expand the science of high-pressure filtration by exploring customized engineering solutions and working with R&D teams to develop data-driven results....

  • Norman Filter Company offers innovative solutions to complicated problems through our dedicated engineering staff. Our team utilizes in house design tools that are geared specifically towards filtration which allows NFC to engineer custom filtration products for almost any applications.

    NFC can apply custom design to any of our standard product offering to fit your application needs. Whether you’re working with odd geometries and unique connections or if you have diverse material selections, our team will work rigorously to incorporate any request into a custom design to fit your application.

    Our team has created a plethora of custom engineered filter solutions for oil & gas companies worldwide which provide solutions for major exploration and production, equipment fabricators, and petrochemical plants applications that required development qualification and testing in extreme conditions. Custom engineered solutions include but is not limited to:

    • Pressure vessel design
    • Pressure drop & flow calculations
    • Flow Testing
    • Tensile strength
    • Weld development and NDE

    From product conception to completion, our Engineering teams will work closely to ensure the fit and functionality of your filter is up to your strict standards while providing a fast turnaround for time-sensitive projects.