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Marine Aluminium is a world leading supplier of innovative and sustainable safe access solutions, light weighted aluminium outfitting, and friction stir welded panels for the Oil and Gas, Marine and Offshore Wind industries.

Uptime International is the world leader in developing safe motion compensated walk to work solutions, our mission is to increase uptime through safe access.


  • Aluminium Helideck
    Aluminium Helideck Marine, Offshore, Rooftop...

  • Marine Aluminium Helidecks
    • Weight Reductions compared to steel (approx. 50-65%)
    • Strength (same as mild steel)
    • Cost Savings due to minimal maintenance (no rust or painting)
    • Fire Safety (Safe Deck®)
    • Tailored Solutions

    Weight Reductions
    If your project or vessel is weight sensitive a weight reduction compared to steel of approximately 50-65% will be extremely beneficial. The weight saved using aluminium can be used elsewhere, such as storage or accommodation facilities.

    Care is taken to calculate our helidecks’ strength to meet Class strength and other requirements. This gives our customers confidence in being delivered a strong quality helideck. Customers who traditionally use steel can be assured that strength requirements are met using aluminium.

    Cost Savings
    Lifecycle cost analysis has shown that savings can be significant if using aluminium.

    Considerations for lifecycle cost of steel:

    • Offshore manhours
    • Accommmodation
    • Access
    • Craneage
    • Painting, treatment and welding materials
    • Scrap metal value

    Fire Safety
    Marine Aluminium has developed a fluid drainage system for Helidecks according to NORSOK-C004 requirements. Our Safe Deck® System has been tested and approved in accordance with DNV and ABS regulations.

    Safe Deck® is a recessed drainage system for safe collection and discharge of water and any dispersed fuel on the helideck.

    The inlet openings provide effective drainage of firewater and dispersed fuel in a safe and controlled manner. The Safe Deck®’s profile shape limits the combustible surface and deprives fire of oxygen.

    Tests performed proved that the strength of the aluminium bearing profiles are not affected by a fire. The tests were witnessed and approved by representatives from ABS, DNV, Lloyds and several international oil companies.

  • Aluminium Outfitting
    Aluminium Outfitting...

  • HHR Handrail

    The HHR handrail system is an aluminium handrail system designed to build handrails based
    upon the meccano© principle to any project in oil and gas, marine or construction worldwide.
    With more than 100 000 meters installed at on- and offshore facilities in the last 30 years, the
    HHR handrail is a reliable and trusted system with cost saving benefits from installation and
    during its life time. Using aluminium handrail is also environmental friendly as aluminium is
    an easy recyclable material. 
    The HHR component assortment covers all necessary parts to make an integrated, clean
    and strong handrail, whether it shall be used on an aluminium, a steel or a concrete
    The system can easily be built directly on site as all components are premade, no welding is
    required during the assembly and no surface treatment are required. 
    With its low weight per meter, strong corrosive resistance, low prefabrication cost, easy
    logistic, site assembly simplicity without any hot work, surface treatment free design, low
    maintenance requirement and simplicity in modifications the HHR handrail system is a
    natural choice for any project.
    With the integrated LED light in the HHR assortment, where the top rail also acts as an
    integrated cable tray and light support, the system can be used as a complete railing system
    with a smooth design with even greater cost saving solutions whether it is during fabrication
    or operating stage.

    Access Platform, stairs and ladders

    • Weight reduction compared to steel in range of 30%
    • Delivered as building kit,
    • Cost efficient fabrication, assembly and installation (both onshore and offshore) with no hot work
    • Heat traceable


    • Energy absorbent protective barrier for lay-down areas
    • Keeps the equipment protected to avoid collosion from loading equipment
    • Acting as guide for container handling
    • One-way acted or dual acted (flexible both ways)
    • Integrated ’wind walls’ for wind protection in lay-down areas
    • Preventive measure to maintain efficient operation


    • Weight reduction compared to steel in range of 40%
    • Delivered as building kit
    • Cost efficient fabrication, assembly and installation (both onshore and offshore) with no hot work
    • Stair cases, intermediate landings and platforms
    • Cladding for weather protection
    • Outfitted with gangway lights, safety and HVAC equipment according to customer specification

    Offshore Wind

    • Landing Platforms
    • Handrails with integrated LED lights
    • Ladders and stairs
    • Light weighted structures
    • Low maintenance
  • Gangways
    Aluminium Telescopic Gangways...

  • 40 years of safe walk to work solutions

    UPTIME International, part of Marine Aluminium Group, is the global leader in developing safe motion compensated access solutions for sale and rental to the Oil & gas and to the Offshore Wind Industry.

    Our company mission is to increase uptime through safe access for our customers.

    Uptime now markets gangways previously branded as Marine Aluminium. These are large gangways for floatels and installations. After delivering over 100 gangways and 600 helidecks worldwide, the corporate competence in aluminium for marine structures is renowned.

    Since our first offshore gangway delivery in 1979 has Uptime/Marine Aluminium delivered and have on order more than 130 motion compensated gangways from 6m to 57m. We are aiming to keep our position as the most innovative gangway provider, and in this perspective we are proud to announce that we in 2019 at our 40 year anniversary will deliver worlds first autonomous gangway.

    UPTIME provides solutions with cargo handling, personnel handling, elevators, dual purpose pedestals and foundations and much more.