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Having 90 years of experience in maritime operations, we at Observator know weather plays a critical role in the offshore industry. Besides accuracy of sensors, we realize that the quality of these sensors is very important. Observator is able to offer competitively priced and flexible meteorological and hydrological systems, with in-house designed displays and software systems.


  • Helideck Monitoring System 2.0
    HMS 2.0 is a helideck monitoring system which is designed to measure and visualize all relevant weather conditions in order to ensure maximum safety during helicopter landing and take-off operations....

  • Compared with its precursor, HMS 2.0 has a compact design and is based on the Observator OIC (MeteoLink)- principle, which means a lower cost of ownership and reduced cabling during installation. Installation of the HMS 2.0 system has been simplified as all relevant sensors can be connected directly to the central PC unit. HMS 2.0 is applicable on all kinds of helicopter landing platforms, such as on enroute (naval) vessels, platforms, buildings, heliports and windfarms). 


    • Compact hardware design
    • Real time helideck weather and motion information
    • Compliant with CAP-437, HCA, Norwegian (Norsok) BSL D 1-5, Canadian OPEG and Brasil Normam-27 helideck standards
    • Options for remote access via web interface
    • Alarm and weather forecast options
    • Selection for Aircraft, Day / Night and Helideck category
    • Stoplight function
    • ‘Plug&play’ system
    • Easily expendable with ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information System)-module
  • OMC-140 multifunctional TFT display
    OMC-140 can be used to visualize measurement information. From presenting wind information (wind speed and –direction, gust and variation) to other meteorological parameters (temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, visibility and cloud base)....

  • Because of the multifunctional character of the OMC-140, the unit may also be supplied for other purposes, such as GPS and Gyro, Speed log indicator, Echo sounder display etc. On a 8.5” (long-life; low powered) LED backlight, industrial grade, LCD screen your data will be indicated with a true viewing angel of 170⁰. 

    • 8,5” Super Wide Viewing Angle 170° LCD with long life and low power LED backlight
    • Touch screen display
    • Power supply between 90 and 250 Vac
    • DC version (24 Vdc) to be ordered as OMC-140-24
    • 2 RS422 NMEA inputs, status LED available
    • 2 pcs power supply for connected sensors, status LED available
    • 1 pce NMEA output, status LED available
    • Can be set to transmit data to TurboWin+ through serial and LAN connector
    • Alarm handling, high and high-high, audible and visible, acceptance possible (conform BAM)
    • Multiple dimming possibilities through manual slide bar, auto by means of light sensitive element or central through DDC
    • Three option slots available for additional I/O and functionality
    • Memory card facility, logger functionality (MESCAQ requirement)
    • RJ45 LAN connection, NMEA over Ethernet conform IEC 61162-450
    • Suitable for 144x144 instrument replacement (portrait or landscape)
    • DNV-GL Type approval certificate: TAA00001B5
    • CCS Type approval certificate: LT18T00001

  • OMC-150 intrinsically safe wind sensor
    The OMC-150 is an Intrinsically Safe combined wind speed and direction sensor, based on the cup and vane principle....

  • A complete wind set consists besides this sensor of an Eex junction box which is placed nearby the sensor OMC-156, and a Zener barrier interface box OMC-158-2. Using a sin/cos potentiometer wind direction is measured without a dead-band, while speed is measured using a proximately switch and a code cap. The unit is made from stainless steel and comes with a mounting arm which can be clamped to a mast using two U-Bolts.


    • High accuracy sensor according W.M.O.
    • Meets ATEX directive 2014/34/EU; EN 60079-0, EN 60079-0, EN 60079-11 and EN 13463-1
    • Type approved Ex ia IIC T4 Gb
    • Equipment category II 2 G
    • Certificate number DEKRA 13ATEX0119 & IECEx DEK 13.0012
    • Permitted in Zone 1 and 2
    • High reliability in every environment
    • All exposed parts in stainless steel 316
    • Plugged connection
    • Most cost effective solution for wind measurement in hazardous areas