Oceanalpha Co., Ltd.

D2-214, No.1 Software Road, Zhuhai Hi-tech Zone, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China
  • Booth: 8830

Founded in 2010, Oceanalpha is the leading and largest Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) company in the world. More than 400 units has been sold to  18 countries .The USV can be equipped with multiple instruments to conduct environmental measurement, hydrographic survey, oceanology investigation, patrol & rescue and cargo shipping in a smarter way.


  • M80 Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Platform
    Multiple function autonomous platform designed for hydrographic survey in marine and offshore application. It can be deployed with different survey instruments such as multi beam and side scan sonar, sub bottom profiler, ADCP, Lidar and ROV etc....

  • Dimension: 5.65*2.4m
    Material: Aluminum
    Load Displacement: 1.4t
    Max. Payload: 150kg
    Max. Speed: 12 knots
    Communication Range: 20km
    Cruising Ability: 50 hours
  • M40 Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Platform
    Autonomous platform designed for hydrographic survey in marine and coastal application. Catamaran hull and hydrodynamic optimization brings great stability and quality survey data, widely used in harbor and channel survey....

  • Material: Aluminum
    Length: 3.5m
    Beam:1.9 m
    Draft: 0.4m 
    Propulsion:  2 x Powerful Electric motors
    Speed: Max. 8knots
    Endurance: >6hours@6knots within 65Kg payload
    Communication: 5Km
    Collision avoidance: Max.50m(optional)
    Automatic winch: (optional)
    Within 1m wave (Multibeam survey)                                                                                      Within 1.5m wave (CTD, ADCP, Meteorological station)
  • M75 Security Patrol USV
    M75 is designed to support marine security patrol and life rescue. With its high speed and great maneuverability, M75 can be used in harbor and island security control, by deployment of life saving system it is able to support in marine life rescue....

  • Dimension:5.27*1.7*2.4m
    Weight: 100Kg
    Propeller: Water jet
    Max Speed: 30 Knot
    Endurance: >120NM
    Communication (LTE): 10 km