GRI Simulations

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GRi Simulations Inc. is a Canadian company focused on real-time simulation, modeling and visualization of critical marine activities to support increased process efficiency and operational safety.


  • VROV
    VROV is a 3D interactive real-time simulation system which supports the complete range of AUVs, Inspection and Work Class ROVs with fully interactive tether dynamics, multi-vehicle support, manipulator functionality and sonar simulation....

  • VROV provides a multi-faceted approach to engineering solutions and operator training. The software uses a three-tiered approach in providing solutions to complex subsea engineering problems:

    1. Analysis Mode: This is the predictive mode of VROV, showing potential clashes and gaps between equipment and proposed procedures. VROV also provides for the modification of environmental conditions, continuous display of engineering data, and operational limits analysis.
    2. Training Mode: This involves training to ensure the proper testing and validation of the capabilities of the analysis mode. The feasibility of operations and proposed procedures may be evaluated in the Front-End Engineering and Design stage of the development process.
    3. Real-Time Visualization Mode: Acoustic positioning data and ship positional data display select engineering data in real time. VROV also supports RAO data to accurately simulate the positioning and action of ships and vessels. In addition, ocean simulation is based on wave spectrum and features reflections and transparency. This approach to surface and subsea dynamics allows operators to transfer their knowledge from the simulation to the real-world dynamic with confidence.
    The IDEA-FDK is an advanced 3D design and visualization tool which promotes enhanced project awareness, operational safety and productivity in offshore oil and gas projects....

  • The IDEA-FDK (Interactive Design, Engineering and Analysis – Field Development Kit) is an advanced 3D design and visualization tool for offshore oil and gas projects. It equips users with a powerful set of tools tailored to provide solutions for the design and visualization needs of offshore oil and gas developments and their associated operations, thus increasing overall project awareness and enhancing operational safety and productivity.

    • Import bathymetric data generated from real-world surveys to create a 3D terrain and geo-reference the scene accordingly.
    • Plan and visualize equipment layouts, including pipe and cable routing, by adding and positioning 3D equipment models and creating 3D jumpers, flying leads, flow lines, and umbilicals to interconnect the equipment.
    • Import GIS (Geographic Information System) shapefiles to enhance the scene with real world mapping data for pipelines, equipment positions, geo-hazards, exclusion zones, etc.
    • Export GIS shapefiles containing mapping and equipment positioning information, based on the bathymetry, 3D equipment positions and orientations, and line layouts designed in FDK. These shapefiles can then be used in other GIS applications.
    • Capture screenshots, videos and simulation log files which can be used for review, collaboration and marketing purposes.
    • Add a dynamic ROV model to the scene and switch to simulation mode, allowing the user to “fly” the ROV through the 3D environment and interact with equipment models for the purposes of access testing and mission planning.