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Miretti is leader in the Explosion Proof Protections of oilfield equipment and mobile vehicles. For over 45 years have been approved suppliers to the leading Global OEMs. Miretti annually protects + 1,000 units worldwide. Our products are certified according to ATEX, IECEx, CNEx, NEC. We operate globally: USA, Asia, Europe, Middle East and we can provide Ex Engine Powerpacks and Ex Engine Kits in hazardous areas

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  • Miretti Group: Global Explosion Proof Solutions. Reliability, Safety and Ex Innovation in Explosion Proof Protections.

    These days, a reliable and expert partner in Explosion Proof Protections needs to guarantee its Customers high safety standards together with a continuous orientation towards quality. In this field the results are the “best business card” for a Company.  For the past 45 years MIRETTI GROUP have been providing explosion proof systems to protect workers in potentially explosive atmospheres operating onshore, offshore, above ground and underground.

    The priority is to ensure safety for the environment and for human beings. Therefore, guaranteeing safety becomes a requirement which cannot be compromised. Working in environments that are potentially at risk of explosion, where flammable or potentially flammable materials are handled, implies the necessity to operate with machinery that can boast the highest safety standards. And this concern is even more crucial when the goal is based on a significant economic investment.

    We protect people, the businesses they work within and our environment.” It is not just a slogan but the Miretti Group mission when supplying and supporting explosion protection systems for forklift trucks, mobile vehicles and diesel engine equipment for the Oil and Gas, Mining and Tunneling industries. Miretti systems are of the highest quality and are designed in collaboration with leading OEM’s to meet the most demanding safety and environmental standards required under national and international safety regulations.

    Environments and industries likely to include potentially explosive atmospheres include oil and gas, mining, tunnelling, paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and drinks, cosmetics and perfumes, printing inks, aerosols, aviation production and services and munitions. Unprotected or inadequately protected equipment such as mobile vehicles and oil services, mining and tunneling equipment could be a source of ignition in such atmospheres and lead to a fire or explosion with often catastrophic consequences to workers and the site. Therefore Miretti’s Ex conversions have been designed and implemented with the most advanced technologies and with the emphasis on safety, simple equipment operation and continued safe maintenance.

    Founded in Milan, Italy in 1973 Miretti Group operates globally and annually provides explosion proof protection for over a thousand diesel and electric vehicles, three hundred diesel engines and upwards of two hundred vehicles for mines and tunnels for global operation. Working closely with the OEM’s R&D and product teams Miretti is considered an innovative and reliable partner for Explosion protection conversions of most types of mobile vehicles. Miretti Group can convert not only forklift trucks but also a wide range of vehicles including wheel loaders, excavators, mixers, tow tractors, mobile cranes, scrubbers, access platforms, dump trucks, cranes, tankers, drilling vehicles, personal carriers, monorails, ambulances and TBM’s. The Group has a global footprint with manufactuirng facilities in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific and with some commercial branches located in Australia, Singapore, Middle East, UK, Germany, France, Benelux Area, Hungary.

    We work closely with all leading global manufacturers OEM's. For over 45 years our Group have been approved suppliers to the leading Global OEMs. All explosion proof conversions are developed to maintain the original safety levels and ergonomics in conformity with local standards. Miretti covers several industrial sectors (Oil&Gas, Industrial, Mobile Vehicles, Mines&Tunnelling Industries) and provides the type of explosion proof protection which best suits the different classified areas.

    The engines or mobile vehicles, converted by Miretti, can be used safely within environments characterized by the presence of potentially explosive gases/dusts, by eliminating static electricity, sparks (both mechanical and electric) and high surface and exhaust temperatures. Our conversions do not alter the operation of the OEM unit nor do we compromise the footprint of the unit. The only difference, in the end, is a new explosion proof designation. Engines or Mobile Vehicles Ex by Miretti are safe and all Miretti conversions are tested and certified according to ATEX, IECEx, CNEx, NEC. Not a single unit can be sent into the field without a certified EX label on it.

    Miretti Global annually protects over 1,000 diesel and electric vehicles, 300 engines and enclosures, and upwards of 200 vehicles for mines and tunnels worldwide.

    Come and visit Miretti’s world ….. our corporate video https://youtu.be/b9WEXO5pcAE

    The company is specializes in the oil and gas industries offering top quality, IP protected, innovative and fully certifed systems for diesel engines and all types of oilfield equipment. Zone 2 ATEX kits for local OEM installation is available for Cummins, MTU, Caterpillar, Deutz, Volvo, JCB and other leading engine brands. Complete project builds including Ex testing and third party certification is available through Miretti factories in USA, Europe and China. Specialized also in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petroleum and Gas industry, Miretti suggests solutions for the explosion proof protection of forklift trucks, earth moving machinery, tractors, industrial cleaning machines, pumps for liquids etc.

    Moreover, Miretti explosion protects various types of industrial machines, drilling systems, people transporters and earth moving machines. The production range also includes explosion proof sophisticated lighting systems, electricity sub-stations, data transmission and gas detection/control systems. All products satisfy the requirements for use in environments with presence of gas, inflammable powders and coal dusts.

    In Miretti, the focus on Research and Development is a key requirement. The flexibility and the ability to work simultaneously on different and numerous projects, all customized, are strategic elements. "We have never stopped investing in new technologies and R&D” – states Mr. Angelo Miretti, Managing Director of the company together with his sister Simona. - The cooperation doesn’t end with the integration of the explosion proof system into the forklift truck, vehicle or equipment. The Miretti after-sales service team provide full technical support including providing service engineer and operator training courses (in Miretti Company classrooms and remotely) with the objective of supporting the client step by step and throughout the equipment lifetime. The Miretti after-sales service, present in most countries, ensures fast response times, dedicated assistance, telephone and on-site support and the availability of specific spare parts for more than ten years to help maintain constant productivity for customers. Maintenance interventions are carried out by skilled personnel, authorized and trained for the purpose in our head offices. Annual and/or three yearly Safety Audits for the Ex protection system are also available on request and help ensure the continued compliance of the protected equipment. When required Miretti can also provide explosion proof forklifts category 2 GD T4 for short term rental.

     “The reliability of our Company’s explosion-proof conversions – states Mr. Angelo Miretti – comes from the experience acquired over the last near fifty years. Our Headquarters are in Milan, Italy but over the years we have opened locations all over the world including France, USA, China, Germany, UK, Hungary, Benelux, Australia, Singapore and the Middle East. This enables us to guarantee the widest possible cover of intervention, combined with an international vision that has always characterised Miretti Group.”

    Miretti Group factories are certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Miretti can provide also a wide range of Emission Control Systems reducing exhaust pollutions. These Systems are applicable to engines burning diesel, natural gas, biogas, syngas, vegetal oil, animal fat.

    The highest degree of quality, engineering and innovation: all of these elements make our company a reliable, innovative and secure partner in Ex Protections.

    For more informations, please visit our web site www.miretti.com or contatc us c.sisti@miretti.com /m.stefanini@miretti.com / sales.department@miretti.com 


  • Miretti Ex Engine Power Systems
    Miretti can offer many Ex Solutions:
    - Ex Engine Powerpacks/Conversions
    - Diesel Engine Explosion Protection Kits
    Miretti Engine Explosion Protection Systems compliant kits, reliable and safe, optimized for installation and ‘uptime’, maintenance friendly....

  • Miretti Ex Systems are safe, affordable and internationally compliant for local OEM installation.

    The explosion proof conversions of area classified provide the electrical and mechanical protection of the diesel engine, removing the risk of explosive ignition.

    Diesel engines, working in potentially flammable atmospheres, can be an explosive mix that places workers and businesses at serious risk and could result in untold damage to the environment. History has taught us the lesson that such risks are very real and the impact is often catastrophic. 

    All Ex Solutions Diesel Engine Hazardous Packages are certified, with some having tri-certification to ATEX, IECEx and NEC 500.  Miretti Diesel Engine Explosion Protection Systems are designed, tested and certified to support the equipments of our clients, thanks to hight quality know-how of our specialist engineers.

    Miretti has developed a range of Engine Explosion Protection Kits: for marine “wet turbo and exhaust manifold” and for industrial “dry turbo and dry manifold”

    Miretti kits available for the following diesel engine. See the models for  Caterpillar, Cummins, Perkins, MTU, Mercedez, JCB, Deutz, Lohn Deere, FPT, Kubota, Volvo, Sisu Power, Detroit, Fiat Power, Lombardini and many other…. 

    Please you can see the video regarding the Ex conversions of an engine at this link >>> https://youtu.be/0Fxy6YQtoYQ

  • Miretti FilterEx
    A catalytic self-cleaning exhaust flame traps which enables Zone 2 diesel engine equipment to operate for up to 1,000 hours before the exhaust flame trap(s) are checked. You can have a dramatic impact on the cost of operating equipment...

  • Miretti FilterEX is a catalytic self-cleaning exhaust flame traps

    The patented Miretti FilterEX system, when combined with Miretti Zone 1 and 2 exhaust gas coolers, enables Zone 2 diesel engine equipment to operate for up to 1,000 hours.  Extending operating time from 20 hours to up to 1,000 hours - by not having to service the exhaust flame traps - can have a dramatic impact on the cost of operating equipment - such as air compressors, gen-sets, pumps, cranes and wireline units - due to the increased interval between flame trap service requirements.

    • Designed to limit the exhaust gas temperatures to below the ATEX temperature class required
    • Available for all types of engines and can be installed vertically and horizontally
    • Designed in compliance with standards and functionality of the original diesel engine.
    • Tested and certified by an ATEX notified body to also act as an exhaust spark arrestor. So this component can now be eliminated when using the Miretti Zone 2 FilterEx

    Conventional exhaust flame traps require changing/cleaning every 20 hours. This process can lead to unnecessary operational costs, an inconvenience through equipment downtime that creates health and safety risks during the process of removing, cleaning and replacing them. Handling the exhaust flame traps can also be an hazardous event.

    An alternative approach is to specify for new Zone 1 and 2 engines Miretti exhaust gas cooling systems with Miretti FilterEX ‘catalytic’ self-cleaning exhaust flame arrestors.  Miretti invite operators to do their own calculations to see total cost reduction by Miretti exhaust gas coolers with FilterEX. Miretti is also able to offer exhaust cooling systems with FilterEX to upgrade for most engine types. 

  • Miretti CoatEx
    Innotative Solutions by Miretti Gorup: Thermal Surface Treatment on explosion proof conversions. A thermal barrier between hot engine surfaces (e.g. turbochargers and exhaust manifolds) and the external atmosphere...

  • Miretti CoatEx provides a thermal barrier between hot engine surfaces  (e.g. turbochargers and exhaust manifolds) and the external atmosphere. Enables the OEM “dry” turbocharger and manifold to be retained reducing Zone 2 conversion costs and minimising risk of failure  by fitting non OEM turbo and water cooled manifold.

    Using Miretti CoatEx, all the original EPA listed components are used, keeping unchanged the functioning of the components. All the original functioning of the components will be kept unchanged. The maintenance time is the same of what the OEM recommend. Very quick and simple operations are necessary during the service

    • Removing the CoatEx just from interested the bolts and clamps.
    • Remove the part from the engine and replace with a new one already coated.
    • Cover just the bolts and clamps by new the Service & Repair CoatEx Kit.

    Using Miretti CoatEx, all the original EPA listed components are used, keeping unchanged the functioning of the components.

    All the original functioning of the components will be kept unchanged. The maintenance time is the same of what the OEM recommend. Very quick and simple operations are necessary during the service

    • Removing the CoatEx just from interested the bolts and clamps.
    • Remove the part from the engine and replace with a new one already coated.
    • Cover just the bolts and clamps by new the Service & Repair CoatEx Kit.