Jiangsu Shuguang Huayang Drilling Tool Co., Ltd

No.18 Zhanghang Road, Baimi Town, Jiangyan District
Taizhou,  Jiangsu  225532

  • Booth: 6421

Supply API and higher standards drilling tubular tools;

Over 25 years of experience in drilling tools manufacturing;

API monogram license: Spec 5DP, Spec 7-1, Spec Q1;

NS-1 Facility Level 5 certificate for drill collar, integral HWDP and drill pipe, NS-1 Facility Level 4 certificate for welded HWDP

 Press Releases

  • Jiangsu Shuguang Group Joint Stock Co., Ltd.(the parent company of Jiangsu Shuguang Huayang Drilling Tool Co., Ltd.) mainly invested in four industries which cover oil drill string, offshore petroleum engineering, bellows and pressure vessel, new building materials. Jiangsu Shuguang Huayang Drilling Tool Co., Ltd.(JSH) mainly manufacture 2 3/8”-10”drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe, non-magnetic drill pipe, 3 1/8”-14” drill collar, non- magnetic drill collar, 3 1/2”-6” kelly and 2 3/8”-10” pup joint, and accessories etc.

    The main equipments are four friction welding lines, one automatic upsetting line, one pipe heat treatment line (annual production 200,000 joints), two advanced heat treatment lines for bars designed by American HIS company, one automatic ultrasonic inspection line from USA and two lines from domestic, one Two-dimensional high-speed inspection system, CNC laths, machining center, spiral machining laths, hardbanding welder, high torque machine for make up and break out, MPT machines and etc., over 200 advanced inspection equipments in total. The annual production is 17,000 joints of drilling tools and 69,000 tons of drill pipes. It is one of the professional manufacturing base of oil tools in China.

    JSH has complete quality control system, now already has gained API 5DP, API Spec7-1 monogram license, API Spec Q1, ISO9001: 2015, ISO/TS 29001, GB/T 24001 environment management system, GB/T 28001 occupational health & safety management system and Russia GOST approval, and passed strict NS-1 facility audit and is the first NS-1 Level 5 certificate owner for drill collar, integral HWDP and drill pipe, NS-1 Level 4 certificate owner for welded HWDP.

    The total investment is 80 million USD, register capital is 35 million USD, covering an area of 230,000 m2 in total, including 90,000 m2 building area. There are around 350 employees, including 100 technicians. The stable and reliable products quality of JSH makes JSH the A-Class DP and DC supplier of Sinopec and CNPC. The products are not only sold to major domestic oil fields but also exported to Europe and the United States and the Middle East and other major international oil producing areas. Since the company produced drill pipes in 1994, the “SHUGUANG” brand drill strings have established a good corporate image in oil industry domestically and abroad with the advanced technology and manufacturing processes which are introduced from America. It is the birth place of “First Drill Pipe of China”, and it has gained a high praise from CNPC, Sinopec and foreign major oil companies and other users.

    Jiangsu Shuguang Oil Tools Co., Ltd.(JST), the brother company of JSH mainly manufacture drill pipe tool joint, crossovers, API 6A products, NOV authorized offshore drilling conductor connectors, FMC wellhead equipments and accessories, and Weatherford drilling machines and accessories.

    Jiangsu Dawn Building Materials Co., Ltd., another brother company, offers environmentally friendly building materials like fireproof decorative panels and light wallboard. It has an annual capacity for 2 million square meters of building fireproof decorative panels, an annual capacity of 1.2 million square meters production lines of composite wall panels and integrated assembled housings of various types of supporting products production line, and the capability of design, production and installation of assembly-type integrated housing with an annual output of 10.000 sets.

    For more information, please visit our websites: www.shuguang.com/en/ and www.jssgxxjc.com/en/.


  • Drill Pipe, Drill Stem Elements, API 6A Products
    Drill Pipe 2 3/8”-10”, HWDP/HDD Pipe, Drill Collar 2 7/8”-14”, Tool Joints, NOV authorized offshore drilling conductor connectors, FMC wellhead equipments, Weatherford drilling machines and accessories, Fireproof Decorative Panels and Light Wallboard...

  • The priority choice of tubes is TPCO, and process with 1,500T upsetter, overall length inspected and welded with MTI 320/400, per the NS-1 and API 5DP PSL-3 standard.

    We imported American HIS heat treatment line (same with NOV VAM), heat treatment first and then boring, ensuring the mechanical performance and ID quality.

    Besides these, the main products include API standard tool joints(e.g. PAC, AOH), NOV authorized HT, XT and DS connectors, Marine Drilling VIPER connectors, High strength, High Torque and Hydrogen Sulphide tool joint, various standard Bit Adapters, couplings, casing head and tubing spools, hangers and other wellhead completions. Annual capacity is 300,000 couples.

    The fireproof decorative panels and light wallboard are environmentally friendly building materials, which are light weight, high strength, high impact resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, waterproofing and small self-weight.