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Huisman is a worldwide operating company delivering step changing technical solutions to world's leading companies in the oil & gas, renewables, leisure and civil industries. We are constantly working on new solutions and systems, which we believe add value to the market’s existing technologies. As we have extensive operational experience with a wide variety of heavy construction equipment, we are able to use the best solutions for new products and projects. Our product range can be divided into six main categories: Cranes, Pipelay Equipment, Drilling Equipment, Winches, Vessel Designs and Specials. A dedicated service team of skilled professionals is on stand-by to provide advice, training and service support.

 Press Releases

  • We are pleased to announce that Huisman has signed a contract with Sirius Well Manufacturing Services (SWMS) for the delivery of a HM100 land drilling rig. The delivery consists of a fully operational rig including mud system and power generation. This mobile trailerised rig will be used to drill for coal bed methane that is subsequently converted to Liquified Natural Gas for exports in Australia, starting Q2 2020.

    The Huisman HM 100 series is developed to significantly reduce the time per well by offering superior performance. With rig moves of less than 4-6 hours, and fully automated pipe tripping and casing running capabilities, the unit truly makes a difference.

    This purchase fits perfectly within SWMS’s mission to make a drastic step-change in lifecycle cost and performance in the oil and gas industry. SWMS is a joint venture between Royal Dutch Shell plc and the China National Petroleum Company (CNPC/PetroChina).

    The HM100 land rig will be deployed for SWMS’s client Arrow Energy in Queensland, Australia, at coal seam gas development projects. SWMS’s focus lies with onshore gas well delivery.

    Smart automation

    True integration of smart equipment and automation resulting in efficient operations. That is what we deliver: smart synergy and therefor we call it Huisman Smarts. The Huisman integrated software provides automated control and consistency for key operations as tripping pipe, making connections and running casing.

    The HM100 rig brings automation to the next level. Apart from setting parameters on the HMI screens or  control equipment from the cabin by joystick, it truly provides automated sequences. Tripping pipe has become as simple as ‘pushing a button’, so has adding a pipe and making connections during drilling operations. The driller oversees the operation and can intervene at any moment.

    The control system monitors the operations and provides the rig data to the user to allow incremental improvements. Additionally,  SMWS’ proprietary SWMSLive digital ecosystem (from sensors through to analytics, remote operation possibility and HMI software) is integrated to analyse the data and provide drilling input from the office or mobile phone back to the rig.

    Smart equipment

    The 100t  hoist capacity  is provided by the Huisman signature double drum drawworks. The two AC electric powered drums include an automated wire slip function. This removes  the need for traditional time consuming slip and cut operations. On top of this an one push button operated splittable block complements the system, which provides the option to switch to double the hoist speed at reduced loads. Resulting in tripping speeds even higher than 1800 ft/hr.

    Fast rig moves are easily achieved as the rig is fully trailerised and the equipment f.i. drillfloor and cabin are installed in such a way that once unfolded it is basically operational. It requires less manual handling which minimizes rig up time and crew size.

    In short: The high degree of automation in combination with the ability to fast rig moves (smart trailerisation) results in significant less time spent per well. Huisman supports contractors and oil & gas operators to steer their business successfully into the next era.

    Quote from Daniel Hooft, COO of SWMS: “We set out to deliver Simple Meets Smart – robust, reliable, tried and tested solutions, married to the elegant optimisations the digital era can deliver – and this rig will showcase the results from that approach to perfection”

    Link to press release on  Huisman website:

  • Offshore driller Noble Corporation and Huisman, successfully concluded the final tests of a newly designed automatic tripping system (autotripping) onboard ‘Noble Globetrotter II’ drillship. The new Huisman automatic tripping system further improves the efficiency and safety of the drilling process onboard. During the tests, the system’s performance was proven by tripping 30,000ft of drill pipe. Even in sea conditions with wave heights up to 6 meters, the system proved reliable.

    Double digit operational efficiency increase

    The new autotripping system allows for fully automated tripping in and out cycles including all related equipment. Systems, such as both pipe rackers, setback drums and the drawworks, are controlled in parallel. This results in an increase in operational efficiency of 24%. During tripping, the driller can fully focus on the drilling process and can choose what operational steps are confirmed before tripping continues. The Noble Globetrotter II drillship is now ideally suited to be the most efficient drilling vessel particulary in ultra-deepwater drilling conditions.

    Safe and simple operations

    The system can be stopped quickly and safely with just a single touch of the joystick. Added detections, such as pipe detection sensors, further improve the speed, reliability and safety of the operation. In addition, automatic dope tools are added to the drill system. No personnel is required on the rig floor during this fully automated tripping operation, resulting in an increase in safety for the working conditions on the rig floor and less personnel expenditure.

    Userfriendly and 100% accurate

    The Huisman developed automatic pipe tally system defines the order of drill pipe that is run in or out of the hole. The system tracks the position of all pipes in the drill system and shows data of the tripping process. This results in a 100% accurate drill string tally in real time at multiple locations on the rig.

    User friendliness of the Human Machine Interface (HMI) has been a major focus point during the design process. Workshops with both Noble driller crews and Huisman engineers, using the Huisman Drilling Tower Simulator, have resulted in a system that is optimised for the operational procedures.

    The innovative Noble Globetrotter drillships, based on a Huisman design, represent a true step-change in the construction of ultra-deepwater drillships. The vessels offer improved operational efficiency due to the different equipment layout and are equipped with Huisman’s state-of-the-art drilling package.  

    Link to website where a high resolution picture of the Noble Globetrotter II can be downloaded:


  • Huisman is proud to have delivered the first class-certified 3D-printed crane hooks. After load testing at more than double the Safe Working Load, the 3D-printed hooks were certified for offshore use according ABS standards.

    OOS Serooskerke will be the first vessel ever in history on which a 3D-printed crane hook is installed. Also her sister vessel, OOS Walcheren will be equipped with a 36mt SWL 3D printed crane hook. Both hooks have been produced at Huisman’s Czech Republic facility.

    Currently, crane hooks are manufactured by casting or forging techniques. Delivering these class-certified 3D printed hooks to an end client is an important step in developing industry acceptance for 3D-printed products for the maritime and offshore industry. Already back in January 2018, Huisman successfully load tested the world’s first 3D printed offshore crane hook to 80mt. An important benefit for larger crane hooks is the significant reduction in delivery time at a cost that competes with forgings and castings, and a consistent level of quality.

    From Master thesis to working product within two years. It reads like a novel, Hugo Romer wrote his TU Delft Master thesis at Huisman on “Wire & Arc additive manufacturing for offshore appliances”. Won the KIVI Offshore Engineering award for the best student who graduated in an offshore engineering related topic. Started as Engineer at the R&D Department at Huisman the Netherlands but was soon transfering as Supervisor Test Centre to Huisman China to transform the 3D-idea from the drawing table into a working, realiable crane hook.

    The Huisman R&D team researched material qualities, among which strength and fatigue, and the possible anisotropy of the material. That work has been carried out at Huisman, partly in Schiedam and partly in the Czech Republic. Finally leading to the first ever installed 3D printed crane hook in the world.  

    Link to video: Huisman produces the first ever 3D-printed crane hooks

    Link to Huisman website to download high res pictures: