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Gagemaker develops and manufactures innovative precision mechanical inspection equipment. Our MRP gage revolutionized the tapered thread industry 30 years ago. Now Gagemaker products are used in countless facilities around the world for thread diameter measurement, API and premium thread inspection, large diameter measurement and gage calibration.


  • MIC 360™ In-process Diameter Measurement Gage
    Measure ANY Diameter with ONE Gage,a MIC 360™ In-Process Diameter Measurement Gage...

  • The ALL NEW MIC 360™ Diameter Measurement Gage is an in-process gaging system that measures any large diameter from 5” to virtually any diameter you can manufacture!  It doesn’t require a standard… one person can easily operate…measurements are captured electronically…it repeats with extremely high accuracy…and this is all done with just ONE tool!

    The MIC 360 Gage measures any diameter from as little as a few inches to virtually any diameter you can machine!

    The versatility of the MIC 360 allows mounting on a vertical or horizontal lathe, ID and OD grinders, or any other machine or tooling fixture that rotates a part.  

    It’s all done IN-PROCESS at a push of a button, you never have to stop the spindle to measure and all measurements are recorded electronically!

    • Promote Safe Working Environment – No Operator Risk
    • Measure Without Stopping the Spindle
    • Cut Down Measurement Cycle Times
    • Inspect Parts Multiple Times Quickly in the Machine
    • Requires Only One Operator and One Gage
    • Eliminate Need for Gage Assembly or Setting Masters
    • Reduce Gage Management Time and Effort
    • Auto-capture and Store Readings Electronically
    • Update Tool Settings Quickly
    • Minimize Idle Time

    • Measure Large Diameters 5”& Up, ID & OD
    • Repeats within ±.0001” (±2.540000µ)
    • Measure Multiple Diameters on One Part
    • Inspect Grooves
    • Wireless Data Collection

  • MIC TRAC 3000 Gage Setting/Part Measurement System
    The MIC TRAC™ 3000 (MT-3000) is a versatile bench mounted length measuring system that allows you to measure parts, calibrate hand held gages, and preset indicator style gages...

  • The Gagemaker Shop Floor MIC TRAC™ Gage Setting and Part Measurement System (MT-3000 Series) sets or zeros most gages with the standard resolution of .00005″, accuracies ranging from ±.0001″ to ±.0004″ (traceable to the NIST) and the digital read out is CE approved. The cost effective Force-Lok™ feature improves repeatability from operator to operator and is well suited for a variety of environments including the shop floor.

    The MIC TRAC™ System is an electronic, adjustable calibration and measurement center that will inspect parts, preset indicator style gages, and calibrate a variety of hand held inspection gages. The MIC TRAC 3000 System (MT-3000) is suited for use nearly anywhere, on a shop floor to a calibration lab.

    The MIC TRAC™ System contains receiver pads, which are precision ground in matched sets, and used as parallel surfaces for measuring or holding fixtures. The MT-3000’s digital readout (DRO) displays measurement readings in inch or metric.

    The MT-3000 measurement system includes the base unit, which houses the optical scale and provides the system’s precision measuring capability. The base unit may include an optional Force-Lok™ feature that provides a constant measurement force, which improves repeatability from operator to operator. A computer may be substituted for the system’s digital readout unit (DRO). This computer comes pre-installed with our CERTIFI™ Gage Calibration software and our TDWin™ Thread Engineering software.

    For gage calibration, the optional CAL-PAK fixture package can be included with any MIC TRAC™ system. The CAL-PAK is an assortment of fixtures that attach to the base unit for holding gages securely during the calibration process. Proper positioning of the gage improves the accuracy of the calibration and provides more consistent results.

    • Delivers high accuracy in a variety of environments including the shop floor
    • Serves as a setting master for gages produced by various manufacturers
    • Provides fast, accurate dimensional part measurements
    • Ensures measurement repeatability from operator to operator using force lok accessory
    • Calibrates hand-held gages in-house for faster turnaround
    • Accuracies to .0001″ (2.54µ) traceable to the NIST
    • Resolution of .00005″
    • State of the Art Assembly of Internal Glass Scale, Precision Linear Bearing and a Set of Precisely Lapped Measuring Blocks
    • Electronic Adjustable Measurement Master with Ranges from 0″ to 12″ (Units Up to 60″ Ranges)
    • Digital Readout Provides Measurement Reading in Inch or Metric
    • Durable Construction Allows Use in Practically Any Environment
    • Unique Force Lok feature available if you plan to measure parts or calibrate certain standards. It improves repeatability from operator to operator
  • MRP® Crest Diameter & Ovality Gage
    Our new MRP® AIR Crest Diameter Carbon Fiber Gage provides you with a gage to meet the new API 5B mandatory crest diameter and ovality inspections....

  • Thirty years ago, Gagemaker introduced the MRP® crest diameter and ovality gage which forever changed the industry. Now, we are redefining the industry again. Our new MRP® AIR Crest Diameter Carbon Fiber Gage is stronger, lighter, and MORE ACCURATE than ever. Also, no more damaging rails locking them into place.

    Immediately detect the slightest variations in crest diameter or ovality with our precision MRP gages, granting you total control over the quality in your work. Whether you call it Crest Diameter, Pitch Diameter, or Ball PD, this thread element governs the strength of the actual thread assembly and ENSURES API dimensional measurement specs are met. Eliminating the need for a room full of ring and plug gages, the MRP AIR Crest Diameter Gage is the ULTIMATE TOOL to inspect a range of diameters and a wide variety of pipe types.

    Features & Benefits

    • Measure Both External and Internal Parts with One Gage
    • Size range of 2⅜” – 20”
    • Avoid Damaging Rails with New Block and Clamping Assembly
    • Increased Durability with a Stronger and Sturdier Carbon Fiber Frame
    • Reduced Weight Significantly
    • Minimized Deflection for Increased Accuracy
    • Save Time with Easier Gage Setup