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Gill Instruments

Offering a wide range of ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensors. Designed to replace propeller or cup systems, our wind sensors are traceable to national standards and are designed to work in the worst of weather conditions. 

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Gill Sensors

Sensors for the most demanding environments. 

For further information on our Oil Condition sensor range:

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  • Windsonic
    A compact, low-cost 2-axis ultrasonic anemometer, providing high wind speed (0-75m/s) and direction data in a robust housing. WindSonic has no moving parts, offering maintenance-free operation and no re-calibration for a wide range of applications....

  • The Gill WindSonic is a genuine low-cost alternative to conventional cup and vane or propeller wind sensors, with all of the advantages of solid-state ultrasonic technology. With no moving parts to jam, break or wear out, this ultrasonic wind sensor is ideal for use in harsh weather conditions.

    WindSonic is a 2-axis ultrasonic wind sensor, providing wind speed and direction data via one serial or two analogue outputs. To confirm correct operation, wind sensor outputs are transmitted together with an instrumentation status code.

    WindSonic has been designed as a lightweight (0.5kg) and robust ultrasonic wind sensor, with corrosion-free polycarbonate construction. With a true solid-state construction, WindSonic 75 can be operated in harsh environmental conditions without fear of damage often associated with fragile cup or propeller wind sensors.

    WindSonic is suitable for a wide range of wind monitoring applications, particularly suited to marine & offshore (ships, data buoys) and land-based installations. With a corrosion free exterior and no moving parts, this ultrasonic wind sensor eliminates the need for expensive on-site maintenance, particularly in remote locations where access is difficult.

  • Maximet
    MaxiMet is an advanced compact weather station designed and manufactured by Gill. MaxiMet incorporates all the measurement parameters that meet the requirements of users in demanding applications where cost, quality and performance are essential....

  • Key Benefits

    • Consistent high-quality measurements
    • Measure multiple parameters with a single instrument
    • Cost-effective
    • Gill proven quality and reliability
    • Plug and play
    • Easy to use software
    • Easy installation
    • Robust construction
    • No moving parts
    • Minimal maintenance
    • Access to Gill customer support

    List of available parameters:

    Wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative / absolute humidity, pressure, precipitation, solar radiation, GPS 3D coordinate / MSL (Mean Sea-Level) pressure / true wind / clock / longitude and latitude / sunrise / sunset / twilight, ground speed, compass, 2D coordinate/apparent, wind, location, height above sea level, averaging (World Meteorological Organization), gust (World Meteorological Organization), air density, barometric pressure, wet bulb, dew point, wind chill, wind data quality %, heat index and more...

  • Oil Condition Sensor
    Measure and capturing fine wear and coarse failure particles, the 4212 Oil condition sensors provides real-time insight into the health of your critical assets....

  • Fine and coarse particle contamination is a major cause of breakdowns in hydraulic and lubrication oil systems; therefore continuous real-time oil debris monitoring plays a crucial role in developing a predictive maintenance strategy.

    The 4212 Oil Condition Sensor offers 4 types of measurement outputs and with no specialist knowledge required to analyse the outputs, the sensor offers a low cost of ownership. It allows the end user to identify and thereby eliminate an unplanned breakdown; the oil condition sensor gives a quick and positive return-on-investment.

    17 New thread adapters now available:

    • M22 x 1.5
    •  M26 x 1.5
    •  M42 x 2.0
    • M24 x 2.0
    •  M27 x 2.0
    •  1 1/2” BSPP
    • 3/4” x 16 UNF
    •  M30 x 1.5
    •  1” BSPP
    • 1/2” BSPP
    •  3/4” BSPP
    •  1 1/8” 12 UNF
    • M20 x 1.5
    •  1” 14 UNF
    •  1 5/16” 12 UNF
    • M25 x 1.5
    •  1” 18 UNF

    The Oil Condition Sensor has been developed to assist the plant or automotive engineer to improve the reliability of their equipment. By continuously monitoring the most common causes of gearbox and transmission failure, the sensor provides early indications of a potential problem allowing for planned investigation and remedial action to be implemented before catastrophic failure occurs.

    Powerful magnets attract and retain ferrous particles in the fluid. Identification is either fine wear particles signalling fluid cleanliness or increased wear rates, or coarse failure pieces giving early indication of possible component failure.

    Additionally, the sensor will provide an alarm condition of water contamination in oil, which can lead to subsequent part failure and an oil presence alarm, signalling either low oil levels or leakage.

    Available with either 0-10V, 4-20mA or CAN outputs, along with a local visual alarm option, the sensors are designed to suit most data collection devices such as Dataloggers, PLC's, ECU’s. The sensor features a simple metric thread with an O-ring seal for direct fitting into a gearbox or transmission housing.