Rocklin Manufacturing Co

PO BOX 1259
Sioux City,  IA  51102

United States
  • Booth: 7358

Rocklin Manufacturing has been in business since 1934. We produce the Rocklinizer carbide application equipment and the MoldMender Micro welder. We are the North American distributor for Markator marking equipment and LaserEvo laser marking equipment.

Rocklin will have live demonstrations of the Rocklinizer, MoldMender and the FlyMarker dot peen marking equipment during the show.


  • Rocklinizer
    Carbide Application Equipment for wear protection and gripping applications....

  • Through our proven spark deposition process, the ROCKLINIZER® electronically applies Titanium Carbide
    (80 Rockwell C), Tungsten Carbide (70 Rockwell C), and Rockhard (60 Rockwell C) electrode material to metals,
    tools and dies. Material is impregnated both underneath and on top of the workpiece surface.
    Because no appreciable heat is generated, the temper of the workpiece is retained. Applications include punchin and stamping, die casting and many gripping type applications. Maintenance applications also include restoring tolerances on bearings and shafts.
  • MoldMender
    MoldMender micro welder for injection mold and die repair....

  • The MoldMender micro welder repairs plastic injection molds, rubber processing molds, and die casting molds and dies made of steel. Typical application are parting lines, corners/edges, pin holes/scratches, machining errors, etc. Repairs are accomplised by producing interlinking spot welds to totally bond the repair material to the desired area of the work piece. The repair material used is normally the same material as the work piece, producing a fully hardened repair ready for finishing. Since the amount and location of the rpair material can be precisely controlled, the minimal finishing that is required can easily be performed with any of the standard methods such as EDM'ing, grinding, machining, plating, ect.
  • FlyMarker
    The FlyMarker is a battery operated dot peen marking system for marking metal and plastic parts or equipment....

  • The FlyMarker® mini is already the fourth generation of the proven, battery operated dot peen marker. The long-term experience in manufacturing mobile hand-held marking systems and the comprehensive knowledge about the customer and market requirements have been consistently integrated in the development of this product.
    The compact marking device has a low weight, a self-explanatory software and a stable two-hand operation also with its attractive price.
    The housing consists of glass fibre reinforced plastic and is with this more break resistant than for example housings from die-cast aluminum.
    The control unit, a high-resolution LC display as well as the keyboard are integrated in the housing. The marking area has a size of 65 x 30 mm.
    Nearly all materials can be marked durable and unforgeable – from plastics, aluminum and stainless steel
    up to hardened steel. Depending on the material and the customer requirements, the marking force
    and with this the marking depth can be adjusted individually. Subsequent processing such as
    sand blasting, coating, and so on mean not a problem in most cases. The marking remains