Beyond Limits

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United States
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Beyond Limits builds advanced artificial intelligence for the world's most demanding industries. Our solutions go beyond conventional AI to transform business and provide people with better information for faster, smarter decisions that reduce risk and identify opportunities. Does your AI know where to drill next? Visit our booth to learn more. 


  • Cognitive Reservoir Management Advisor
    Cognitive Reservoir Management Advisor is a solution that dramatically accelerates data integration and analysis to pinpoint drilling opportunities, weigh opportunity vs. risk, and speed up time to decisions....

  • The Beyond Limits Cognitive Reservoir Management Advisor is a cognitive decision support system designed to assess data-driven, physics-based evidence, plus human expertise and policy elements. The system aggregates layers of historical performance data, real time sensor data, seismic data and geological models, plus human analytical and decision-making expertise. Beyond Limits cognitive AI leverages numerical and symbolical knowledge, incorporating and analyzing static and dynamic observations into an integrated model of the probable, true state of the subsurface reservoir. The system predicts drilling opportunities by assigning risk and uncertainties to guide decision-making. It's not only about the shape of the field, it's about where is the best place to put your straws. Beyond Limits Cognitive Reservoir Management Advisor can model risk and opportunity for reservoirs in a matter of hours, not months.
  • Well MD™ Cognitive Well Health Advisor
    Well MD is the well doctor that diagnoses problems and prescribes remedies. The system utilizes historical data, real-time sensor data, human knowledge, and our cognitive reasoning technology to maintain a well’s health and production over time....

  • Our cognitive well health system is trained with historical performance data and sensor data from the well, including IoT sensors and downhole data. We incorporate a critical knowledge base including decades of experience from drilling experts. These sources of information are ingested by our perceiver and delivered to our cognitive reasoning engine. The cognitive engine evaluates historical data, numeric data from the perceiver, and the expert knowledge base. Through Beyond Limits’ cognitive reasoning process, it compares the current state of the well to prototypes of productive wells that it knows based on prior historical data and human knowledge. Using proprietary Beyond Limits technology, Well MD is then able to generate and evaluate hypotheses to identify solutions to new problems.