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OILCHEMLEADER quartered at Beijing, specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of nearly all series of oilfield chemicals products and additives. Products are widely applied in worldwide oil-fields.


  • G31S Fluid Loss Control Additives for Cementing
    The agent as the main monomer is AMPS water-soluble polymers. By molecular beam chain aggregation reduces the slurry cake permeability. The polymer dispersion is strong, resistant to high temperatures and salt. Very short thickening transition time....

  • 1) G31S polymerization modifier made of AMPS, low molecular weight amides, polyhydroxy carboxylic acid.
    2) G31S is flowing powder or small particles, 20 mesh sieve residue of less than 7%, not completely soluble in water.
    3) Temperature Resistance Rating: 30~160℃.
    4) Salt range: fresh to saturated water
    5) Filtration property:< 100ml API FL.
    6) Solubility:soluble
    7) Dosage:0.5~1.2% (BWOC)
    8) Compatibility: good
    9) Well cement stability, free fluid is close to zero
    10) Slurry thickening transition time is short, close to a right angle thickening
    11) Density range: any density of cement slurry
    12) Has a certain retarding property on the cement slurry
  • USZ Friction Reducer for Cementing
    USZ Friction Reducer (dispersing agent) can adjust the electric charge on the surfaces of cement particles to get proper cement rheology. As a result, it can reduce pump pressure, enhance drilling efficiency and used in construction easily....

  • 1)USZ is modified polymer which made up of methanal and acetone.

    2) The normal dosage is: 0.3%-0.8% USZ (BWOC), and it is not confined to this range in some particular case.  

    3) Increasing additive dosage, it can adjust the rheology of the cement slurry effectively, and reduce the consistency.                                                            

    4) With good high temperature resistance, it can be used within 30℃-180℃ (BHCT).    

    5) Consolidate cement stones, enhance its compression strength and control fluid loss.                                                                                                                                                                                           

  • GH-8 High Temperature Retarder for Cementing
    GH-8 can stick on the surfaces of cement hydrate to inhibit contacting between cement and water, also stick on the surfaces of crystal nucleons to prevent their enlarging. So it can retard hydrating of cement slurry....

  • 1) GH-8 consists of various kinds of compounds, such as gluconate and low molecular weight organic acids.                                                                      

    2) Non-poisonous, non-odor, and non-corrosivity.                                            

    3) Normal dosage: 0.5% ~2.0% (BWOS). The amount can be appropriately increasea with the increase of temperature.                                                  

    4) It can reduce the consistency of cement slurry and improve the rheology.  

    5) Retard the thickening time efficiently.                                                              

    6) Generally used in oil wells whose circulate temperature under bore is between 110℃and 160℃.