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Our primary product is Super-Sweep fiber - an easy and cost-effective hole-cleaning additive to drilling fluids. PhenoSeal is a premium Lost Circulation Material.


  • FORTA Super-Sweep
    Super-Sweep synthetic fiber for hole cleaning....

  • Super-Sweep Fiber represents a very unique alternative to conventional gels and polymers to clean the cuttings or millings from a well bore while drilling or milling windows.  A very small concentration of fiber added to any drilling fluid will suspend, lift, and collect wellbore debris, creating a very inexpensive and efficient way to extract the cuttings  -  all without changing the viscosity of the fluid!  Our quick booth demonstration shows the supsension power of Super-Sweep Fiber - visit us in booth # 4714 NRG Center, Hall A.  

  • FORTA Pheno Seal
    Pheno Seal Lost Circulation Material...

  • Pheno Seal is a unique Lost Circulation Material that outperforms the many high-volume materials on the market.  Made from waste-stream high-density laminate material, Pheno Seal flakes provide an efficient shape with a hard, durable back-bone to perform as an excellent bridging agent to control fracture losses.  Not only can Pheno Seal be used in water, oil, and synthetic-based fluids, it has proven to be a top LCM performer in cement as well.  Visit our booth # 4714 in NRG Center, Hall A, for samples and demonstrations.
  • FORTA Super-Sweep Fine
    Super-Sweep fine synthetic fiber for fluids and cement....

  • Super-Sweep FINE is a specially-treated synthetic fiber that is multi-functional in the drilling arena.  Like the orginal Super-Sweep Fiber, Super-Sweep FINE enhances the carrying capacity of drilling fluids when mixed and distributed, without increasing the fluid's viscosity.  This shorter and finer fiber version may also relieve concerns when using down-hole tools or for horizontal drilling applications.  In addition, Super-Sweep FINE has proven to be dry-blendable with cement, and acts as an excellent LCM for cementing applications.  When used in cement, additional hardened properties are also contributed by the fiber to enhance tensile and compressive strengths, toughness, and ductility.  For samples and a product demonstration, visit booth # 4714 in NRG Center, Hall A.