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United Kingdom
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Balmoral is the acknowledged innovator and market leader for buoyancy, insulation and elastomer products including drilling and distributed riser buoyancy, thermal insulation, elastomer cable protection, bend restrictors, stiffeners and riser protection guards. Our products have been deployed on practically every deepwater project worldwide.


  • Distributed buoyancy modules
    Flexible pipe and umbilicals require the use of buoyancy modules to reduce topside or tension loads to achieve particular configurations which include lazy, steep, pliant and W-wave....

  • BOE distributed buoyancy modules generally consist of an internal clamping system and syntactic foam buoyancy elements. The buoyancy elements are supplied in two halves incorporating a moulded internal recess that is configured to transfer the forces from the buoyancy to the clamp and subsequently the riser. This recess also accommodates bending of the riser during service. The internal clamping system is fixed to the pipe and the two half modules are fastened around the clamp.

    Accredited by Bureau Veritas (BV) to API 17L standards.

  • Balmoral DuraFloat* & DuraGuard LDV*
    Balmoral DuraFloat LDV* and Balmoral DuraGuard LDV*, integrated and retrofit VIV suppression solutions respectively, prevent potentially catastrophic subsurface vortex induced vibration (VIV) motion and drag....

  • Balmoral’s ground-breaking LDV profile was inspired by the carapace structure of a sea turtle’s upper shell which has been sculpted over millennia to provide a highly efficient and low drag hydrodynamic structure.

    The revolutionary hex design integrates VIV suppression and drag reduction technology into drill riser buoyancy modules eliminating the need for ancillary suppression equipment. This results in significantly improved timings when running and removing drill stacks.


    • Marine drilling risers
    • Production risers
    • Umbilicals
    • Flowlines
    • VIV strakes
    • Jumpers
    • Long pipeline spans
    • Power cables


    • Improved operation envelope
    • Significantly reduces drag and loads during riser deployment, recovery, disconnection and hang-off
    • Substantial reduction in VIV fatigue damage
    • Negligible loss of buoyancy over conventional modules
    • Eliminates assembly/recovery times
    • Stacks vertically and horizontally
    • Fully compatible with existing riser handling and storage equipment

    *Patents pending

  • Balmoral boltless bend restrictor*
    Bolted performance: Boltless simplicity...

  • Balmoral has extended its bend restrictor range to include a genuinely boltless restrictor.

    This innovation allows fitting times to be slashed, offering huge savings in offshore installation costs. Existing products claim to be boltless but, in reality, none of them actually are. These restrictors retain industry leading performance while offering significantly reduced installation times and costs.

    • Rapid installation means huge offshore savings
    • Revolutionary boltless interlocking system
    • Excellent temperature resistance
    • Materials and design API 17L 1&2 compliant
    • Mercury and MOCA free materials, REACH compliant

    *Patent pending