Zigong Zhongxing Wear-Resistant New Materials Co., Ltd

No.39, Jinchuan road, National high-tech development zone
Zigong,  Sichuan  643000

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Zigong Zhongxing Wear-Resistant New Materials Co.,Ltd, is a leading carbide products finishing company and manufacturer in China.We produce and grind carbide sleeve/bushing,seal ring,nozzle,valve etc to precision for the world famous oilfields service companies more than 10 years.Our output capacity:300000 pcs/month.


  • Tungsten carbide axle sleeve
    Tungsten carbide sleeve for submerged oil pump(ESP)
    Normal cylindrical axle sleeve,cylindrical axle sleeve with slot,axle sleeve with convex stage,axle sleeve with slot and convex stage,none standard axle sleeve etc....

  • The TC sleeve will be used mainly for rotating support,aligning,anti-thrust and seal of the axle of motor,centrifuge,protector and separator of submerged electric pimp in the averse working conditions of high speed rotation,sand lash abrasion and gas corrosion in the oil field,such as slide bearing sleeve,motor axle sleeve,aligning bearing sleeve,anti-thrust bearing sleeve and seal axle sleeve.