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Since 2013 started as a company providing drill stem and drilling equipment with the initial product of Drill Collar to the Oil and Gas industry. TSP has been carrying forward a business to satisfy the customers of Oil&Gas industry with qualified products on the basis of the precision machining technology and stable supply of high-quality material.


  • Drill Collar
    TSP provides a full range of slick and drill collars machined from AISI 4145H modified steel. Mechanical properties guaranteed to 1" below surface at ambient temperature....

  •  A drill Collars is a tubular piece of a drill string which provides weight on the bit for the purpose of drilling. While drill pipes make up the majority length of drill strings, drill collars make only a small amount. They have thick walls machined from the solid bars of steel. These bars are drilled from end-to-end in order to provide a path for pumping drilling fluid via the collars.

     Gravity acts on a large mass of the drill collars to offer the downward force required for bits to break rocks efficiently. To control the force applied to bits accurately, a driller has to carefully monitor the surface weight measured when the bit is just off the bottom of a borehole. The drill collars are available in spiral and slick designs with some additional features which can be used for trouble free and safe operations. The spiral collars are designed to help in perventing drill strings from getting stuck in holes by allowing lubricant and drilling debris to pass freely around the drill collars.

  • Heavy Weight Drill Pipe
    We provide a full range of HWDP (Heavy Weight Drill Pipe) based on non-welded type machined from AISI 4145H modified steel....

  •  Heavy weight drill pipe is used most commonly in directional drilling because it bends more easily and helps to control torque and fatigue in high-angle operations. Heavy weight is also knows as hevi-wate or HWDP in the industry.

     Heavy weight drill pipe has a 'center upset', also known as wear pad, that increases tube life by protecting the tube from wearing on the outer diameter by keeping the tube away from the hole wall. It also reduces hole drag and differential sticking problems.

     The walls of heavy weight drill pipe are thicker and have longer upsets compared to conventional drill pipe, as well as being stronger with high tensile strength. There are variety of specifications of heavy weight drill pipe.

     Heavy weight drill pipe used between standard Drill Pipe and Drill Collars to provide a smooth transition between the different sections of the drill string components. This provents the DP from buckling.