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Starting as a comprehensive insulation manufacturer in 1977, it has been developing various fields such as interlayer noise reduction, collision damage absorbent, construction, automobile and marine business, etc. The cooling and cooling system of LNG ships was jointly developed with Samsung Heavy Industries.


    Specialized products for LNG Mark 3 Cargo Containment System...

  • Specialized products for LNG Mark 3 Cargo Containment System   
    1. Product Material : Low Density EPS
    2. Production Function
      - Prevent of Thermal Heat dissipation
    3. Product Specification
      - Physical length at Ambient Temperature 385mm, 365mm, 285mm, 155mm, 130mm, 100mm

    4. Mileage : 105,600 each/One (145K)

  • Thermal Protection
    Used for drying of member brain type tanks for transporting and storing liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargo under GTT heat dissipation system.
    This product is essential to protect against heat damage of combustible components when welding fillet of desiccant...

  • 1. Product Material : Aluminum + Silica Fabrics

    2. Product Features

    - The membrane tank on LNG ships is made of 1.5mm thick stainless steel and Thermal Protection is located between

      the panel and Ply Wood to protect the plate and the area behind which it is welded.

    3. Product Spec

    1) Thickness : 0.81mm

    2) Width : 30 / 60 / 80 / 100mm

    3) Length : 10M / Roll
  • Wedge Belt System
    According to Mark III and CS1 membrane sealing systems, dry LNG ships will be used in the...

  • According to Mark III and CS1 membrane sealing systems, dry LNG ships will be used in the
    It is initiated into membrane structures and liquid gas storage structures. The initiating membrane structure includes a membrane formed by multiple creases on the surface, a wedge inserted inside the crease, and at least one strip attached to the two sides of the wedge from the underside of the crease to support the underside of the wedge, and the movement of the membrane may prevent the wedge from being detached from the crease, thereby preventing damage to the membrane used as a membrane.

    1. Products : EPS Wedge Belt System
    2. Products Size : External Flood Control Scope Minute
    Type A : 260mm × 35mm × 32mm / Type B : 60.8mm × 38mm × 55mm
    Type C : 100mm × 60.8mm × 34.1mm
    3. Material : EPS(Expandable Polystyrene)
    4. Method of Manufacture : Assembly After Forming
    5. Condition of supply : List of EPS Wedge Belt System Products Supply