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CoorsTek products make your tools more productive – extending useful life and reducing downtime. As the leader in custom ceramic components engineered specifically for oil and gas applications, CoorsTek partners with OEMs and oilfield service companies worldwide to deliver durable ceramic parts for exploration, drilling, completion, and production equipment. CoorsTek provides high-performance SurgeTek and FlowGuard pulsation mitigation equipment and reliable pump replacement parts to keep your fluid control systems running smoothly, including standard and custom parts. We also provide precision machining solutions from quick-turn prototyping to high-volume production. These machining solutions include dissolvable magensium alloys and shrink fitting ceramic sleeves in steel components. 

Our ceramic gap sub assembly washers slash maintenance and extend mean time between failures (MTBF) in drillstrings and rotary steerable systems, making the most of your time and profit.


By using our ceramic buttons in frac plug slips, oilfield companies are able to frac smarter and more efficient, holding higher pressure and milling out faster.


Replacing hardened alloys with ceramic ESP bushings, companies experience 100x less wear plus 85% less breakage during the product lifetime.


We have a broad range of SurgeTek pulsation equipment to solve most fluid control needs. Our FlowGuard Pulsation Dampeners are a severely corrosion-resistant solution for the most demanding environments. CoorsTek pump replacement parts are durable high-quality components including plungers, valves, and more!


CoorsTek Overview
High-Performance Ceramic Bearing Balls

 Press Releases

  • CoorsTek, a global leader in engineered ceramics manufacturing, joined local, county and state officials, including Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, to celebrate groundbreaking activities for a new facility expansion in Benton, Arkansas.

    “CoorsTek is pleased to announce expansion of our Benton facility. This expansion will provide new jobs supporting the aerospace and defense industries, and supporting manufacturing in central Arkansas,” said Jonathan Coors, co-chief executive officer at CoorsTek. “As we continue to grow globally, we are committed to the long-term strength of the local communities where we live and work”.

    The expansion will total 50,000 square feet, amounting to $26 million in capital investments, and increase its workforce by more than 15 percent. It currently has a 180,000 square foot facility that employs more than 200 people in Benton. The Benton facility has served U.S. and international customers in the aerospace and defense industries since 1979.

    According to Hutchinson, people in Arkansas understand manufacturing and the state is one of the highest ranked for its percentage of manufacturing employees. “The Coors are a family of entrepreneurs,” said Governor Hutchinson. “They’re a family that believes in community, in values, in hard work and that’s a good fit for Arkansas.

    In addition to a new 50,000-square-foot facility, CoorsTek will purchase several pieces of manufacturing equipment to support the growing demand for aerospace and defense-related industries. “One of the things we do here in Benton that we are particularly proud of is producing body armor components to support the U.S. military and our allies across the globe,” said Coors.

    About CoorsTek

    CoorsTek makes the world measurably better as the partner of choice for technology and manufacturing companies worldwide whose success requires the unique, high-performance properties of products manufactured from engineered ceramics and advanced materials. CoorsTek products and components touch people’s lives through amazing solutions to global challenges in energy, transportation, information technology, healthcare, and defense, among others. For more information about CoorsTek, including product information, its history since 1910, and locations throughout Europe, North America, and Asia.

  • Golden, Colorado, USA May 2, 2019 – CoorsTek, the world’s leading technical ceramic technology innovator, is highlighting advanced ceramic solutions for the oil and gas industry at next weeks’ Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) at NRG Park in Houston, Texas.

    In both offshore and onshore oilfield conditions, severe wear, erosion, and corrosion destroy traditional materials. Replacing metal and hardened alloy components with durable CoorsTek technical ceramics can deliver up to 100 times less wear – meaning longer equipment life and less downtime.

    At OTC, CoorsTek will be highlighting examples of technical ceramic technology improving the effectiveness and longevity of oil and gas equipment used in evaluation, drilling, completion, and production. “Consider the difference ceramics make in a component as simple as a ball bearing used in rotary equipment or for check valve balls,” explains Patrick Stone, Ceramic Application Advisor for Upstream – Oil and Gas at CoorsTek. “Cerbec® ceramic bearing elements are virtually corrosion-free, 120% harder, 68% stiffer, and 75% smoother than steel – so equipment performs better and lasts longer in these severe environments. When parts that see extreme wear are replaced with an advanced ceramic, our customers have extended useful life 1-2 orders of magnitude.”

    CoorsTek will also feature its SurgeTek™ and FlowGuard pulsation mitigation equipment and pump replacement parts at OTC. Using pulsation dampeners on positive displacement pumped systems will result in improved instrument readings, increased pump life, lower maintenance costs, and lower running costs.

    Get a preview of these solutions at, and visit CoorsTek at OTC In booth # 2763 to explore how to improve productivity in your application by solving your erosion and corrosion dilemmas.

    Media Contact: Patrice Hettinger, Global Marketing Communications Manager | T: 1 303 273 7993 | E:


  • Silicon Carbide PDC Bit Displacers
    Engineered for PDC drill bit manufacturing, bit displacers help maintain orifice integrity during the casting of tungsten carbide drill bit bodies....

  • Drill bit displacers are produced from custom technical ceramic formulations to meet specific requirements of manufacturing and usage. Bit displacers must be tough enough to withstand the drill bit manufacturing process, yet they must be easily and cleanly removable from the drill bit orifice.
  • FlowGuard Pulsation Dampeners
    Pulsation Dampeners are hydro-pneumatic devices designed to remove pulsations, vibrations, and noise caused by positive displacement pumps in fluid systems....

  • Using pulsation dampeners on positive displacement pumped systems will result in improved instrument readings, increased pump life, lower maintenance costs, and lower running costs. They eliminate the possibility of pipe fracture caused by vibration and safeguard personnel from the risk of leaks. They also ensure a continuous, steady flow; remove pressure fluctuations and surges; reduce overload on pump motors and gearboxes in long runs of pipe; stop pipe vibration & shaking; reduce noise; mitigate pump over-delivery; and prevent cavitation caused by poor suction conditions, long suction lines, etc. They operate by employing a small volume of gas, usually nitrogen, contained within a flexible membrane fitted inside a non-corrosive shell. Our dampeners are exceptionally durable, we have a broad range to fit your needs and certified high quality that conform to internationally recognized pressure vessel codes and may be supplied with full material certification (ASME Coded) in required.
  • SurgeTek
    CoorsTek stabilizers create steady flow conditions, absorbing the flow surge from the natural occurrence of a positive displacement pump....

  • Pulsation, or pressure surges, within pump systems may decrease pump efficiency and cause excessive downtime. Reducing pulsation in pumping systems lowers maintenance costs and decreases the potential of unsafe working conditions. CoorsTek Engineered Products Suction and Discharge Stabilizers significantly reduce harmful pulsation and pressure surges that may cause early failure of plungers, valves, piping, and critical connections. The heavy-duty cartridges within the stabilizer compensates for each pressure variation as it occurs. By operating the pump with a consistent, even flow of liquid, stabilizers prevent the majority of pulsation problems — even in the most difficult piping conditions. Also, harmonic interference is virtually eliminated with this advanced technology. CoorsTek’s discharge stabilizers absorb and even the flow from the pump with superior-quality, severe-duty cartridges.

  • Technical Ceramic Bearings and Bushings
    Technical ceramic bearings and bushings for Electric Submersible Pump systems....

  • Electric submersible pumps (ESPs) used in oil wells initially had hardened alloy bearings which wore quickly with high break rates, resulting in lost production, expensive repairs, and non-productive time. In today’s shale oil wells, gas slugging and high solids rates create challenging conditions for bearing and bushing systems. CoorsTek provides technical ceramic ESP bearings made to our customer’s design from materials based on the downhole conditions. Using CoorsTek’s technical ceramic bearings and bushings in your ESP will extend equipment life, lower total cost of operations, and reduce non-productive time.

  • Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seals
    Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal Faces are corrosion and wear resistant, designed to reduce leakage, withstand high speed and pressure, increase MTBF and reduce energy consumption in rotating equipment....

  • Silicon carbide faces in mechanical seal assemblies result in improved performance, increased seal life, lower maintenance costs, and lower running costs for rotating equipment such as turbines, compressors, and centrifugal pumps. CoorsTek seal faces help reduce the possibility of leakage and catastrophic failure to safeguard the environment from the risk of fugitive emissions. They also lower consumption of energy during operation with reduced friction on startup and shutdown, as well as reduced wear and erosion during operation. Engineered ceramics have improved toughness, stiffness, flexural strength, hardness and corrosion resistance. They are particularly well suited for dry gas seal assemblies which require low deflection from high speeds and low thermal expansion from high temperatures. Our seal faces are exceptionally durable and help increase the mean time between failures resulting in greater productivity and lower total cost of ownership for processing equipment.
  • Zirconia Gap Sub Washers
    Zirconia Gap Sub Washers are insulating rings, of exceptional strength, used to electrically isolate the Gap Sub from the drill string....

  • Electromagnetic Telemetry (EMT) in measurement while drilling (MWD) systems communicate by transmitting electromagnetic waves through the formation rather than via pressure pulses through the fluid column in the drill string. A gap-sub is placed behind the drill bit to form an electrical break in the drill string causing the electromagnetic waves to travel through the formation.

  • Technical Ceramic Poppet Valves
    Technical ceramic Poppet valves for measurement while drilling (MWD) pulsar units....

  • Measurement While Drilling (MWD) tools use mud pulse telemetry to transmit measurement information from the bottomhole drilling assembly to the surface. A downhole valve restricts drilling mud flow in a pattern according to the digital information to be transmitted.  However, abrasive drilling fluids can erode and damage the downhole valve. CoorsTek engineered ceramic materials resist abrasive fluid wear and are made to our customer’s design and application. Using CoorsTek’s ceramic poppet valves in your MWD pulsar units will extend equipment life, lower total cost of operations, and reduce non-productive time.
  • Technical Ceramic Components
    Technical ceramic components for Mud Motors, MWD, LWD, and RSS Drilling tools....

  • Drilling tools endure extreme loading and wear conditions. Using CoorsTek’s engineered ceramic components in your drilling tools will extend equipment life, lower total cost of operations, and reduce non-productive time. CoorsTek’s material experts understand challenging downhole applications and create optimal, best value custom solutions:

    • A Logging While Drilling (LWD) tool would use CoorsTek’s Yttria partially-stabilized Zirconia for electrical properties and structural strength.
    • A Measurement While Drilling (MWD) tool would use CoorsTek’s Dura-Z Zirconia for superior wear and durability.
    • A Rotary Steerable System (RSS) would use CoorsTek’s UltraSiC Silicon Carbide mechanical seal for hardness and corrosion resistance.
    • A mud motor would use CoorsTek’s UltraSiC Silicon Carbide for a durable, high performing bearing.
  • Technical Ceramic-Metal Ball Seats
    Ball Seats for Landing Collars made from Aluminum with technical ceramic inserts....

  • Abrasive downhole fluids can cut metal landing collar ball seats during cementing operations. However, the ball seat will remain intact if a CoorsTek engineered ceramic insert is used, so when the setting ball is dropped and seated, pressure can be applied to activate hydraulic tools. CoorsTek ceramic-metal sub-assemblies are made to our customer’s design, and a heat shrink technology forms a seal between the metal and technical ceramic insert. The assemblies are typically constructed of aluminum to ensure easy and complete drill-out. Using CoorsTek’s ceramic-metal ball seats for landing collars will lower total cost of operations and reduce non-productive time.

  • Tungsten Carbide Erosion Resistant Sleeves
    Ported Tungsten Carbide Sleeves for Sand Control Tools...

  • Managing sand production is essential to protect your wellbore and production equipment. An effective gravel pack is the most popular method of completing sand-prone formations. CoorsTek’s tungsten carbide sleeves are made to our customer’s design and with smooth flow paths so customers are not concerned about fluid cutting/erosion and can optimize gravel concentration and carrier fluid viscosity. Using CoorsTek’s erosion resistant tungsten carbide erosion resistant sleeves in gravel packing tools will extend equipment life, lower total cost of operations, and reduce non-productive time.

  • Technical Ceramic Rupture Disks
    Technical ceramic technology for the no-intervention tubing plug....

  • Engineered ceramic technology from CoorsTek provides well control in temporary wellbore isolation applications such as: snubbing in live wells, floating casing & tubing in horizontal sections and creating underbalance for improved production. Engineered ceramic rupture disks from CoorsTek are made to our customer’s design with ceramic materials that are strong in compression - ideal for rupture disk application. Using CoorsTek’s ceramic rupture disks in a completion will lower total cost of operations and reduce non-productive time.

  • Technical Ceramic Inserts
    Technical Ceramic Inserts for Frac Plug Slips....

  • Spears and Associates estimated that more than 700,000 frac plugs were deployed in 2018. Each plug must hold high pressures during fracking and then be easily removed. Early generation plugs used inserts made from tool steel, tungsten carbide, or hardened cast iron. Engineered ceramic is now used because of its low density which helps with clean out, as it is much easier to mill out. CoorsTek inserts are successfully used every day on frac plug slips. Using CoorsTek engineered ceramic inserts for frac plug slips will lower total cost of operations and reduce non-productive time.

  • FlashPlug Dissolvable Disk
    Next-generation dissolvable technology for the no-intervention tubing plug....

  • Dissolvable technology from CoorsTek provides well control in temporary wellbore isolation applications such as: snubbing in live wells, floating casing and tubing in horizontal sections, and creating underbalance for improved production. These patent-pending disks hold strong and disappear quickly – improving performance by increasing production rates, reducing non-productive time, and minimizing risk of pipe erosion and pipe / tool damage in horizontal wells.

  • Tungsten Carbide-Metal Stators
    Tungsten carbide insert for metal stators used for rotary steerable tools....

  • The Rotary steerable drilling spend is roughly 70% of total drilling spend. Rotary steerable tools are increasingly used in horizontal drilling because they produce a smoother kick-off and a straighter hole, which improves cleanout and production. These tools were once only used offshore but are now used in many onshore shale formations. CoorsTek tungsten carbide-metal stator sub-assemblies are made to our customer’s design using a heat shrink technology to join the metal and tungsten carbide insert. Then we employ precision grinding to bring the size and features into exact specification. Using CoorsTek stators in your rotary steerable tools will extend equipment life, lower total cost of operations, and reduce non-productive time.

  • Dissolvable Components
    Dissolvable magnesium components for Unconventional Resources equipment....

  • Magnesium alloy dissolvable balls were introduced in fracking in 2013, and CoorsTek was among the first to produce these balls. Next came dissolvable frac plugs for which CoorsTek supplied components. Adoption was slow at this time because plug cost was high and the understanding of material dissolution rate factors like temperature and salinity was incomplete. Since then pricing normalized and the understanding of dissolution factors improved, and so the dissolvable technology continues to grow.  CoorsTek understands the unique challenges associated with machining magnesium alloys and therefore dedicates equipment, processes, and quality steps for magnesium alloy components. We provide machining services for magnesium components to lower total cost of operations. CoorsTek produces components to the customer’s design and uses customer-supplied material or provides turn-key components. We also employ wire EDM machines to optimize material usage and kit part sets to add value. 

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