Beijing Liuhe Greatness Technology Co., Ltd.

No.39 12th Zone No.188 Western Road south
.4th Ring Road
.,  BeiJing 
  • Booth: 2777

Beijing Liuhe specializes in designing and manufacturing drilling survey instruments, including single/multi shot, self-floating, Fiber Optic GYRO, MWD, calibration stand and wireline skid unit with API certificate. The tools are used in oilfields of worldwide now and gained good public praise and prestige from customers.


  • North Seeking - Fiber Optics Gyro
    Our NS-FOG is one of the most stable Gyros in the industry; it can be used both in Real-Time more and Memory/Drop Mode. Different operating modes and different resolution settings. Easy to use, less than 5 minutes preparation time on the rig site....

  • ◆ Azimuth                                            0~360°    ±1.0°
    ◆ Surveying time                                 51s - 67s
    ◆ Toolface                                            0~360°    ±0.5°
    ◆ Cable resistance                               ≤200Ω
    ◆ Surface Unit Dimension                  235×105×245mm