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Pleuger's engineers, who have continuously developed the water-filled motor in Germany since it was patented in 1929, and on its experience with sensitive large-scale projects in the oil & gas. At Pleuger Industries, you speak directly with pump experts who will help you with the smartest and tailored made engineering solutions in your upstream, mid and downstream applications

 Press Releases

  • After eighteen years in the Flowserve group, Pleuger Industries, the German manufacturer of submersible motor pumps, is once again represented on the market as an independent company. An American investor bought the brand and transferred the strategic management to German hands. From its headquarters and production site in Hamburg, Pleuger Industries now supplies its customers with submersible motor pumps, plunger pumps and thrusters "Made in Germany". More than 200 experienced employees passionately strive for worldwide company growth after the change of ownership.

    From 2000 to 2018, Pleuger was part of the Texas based machine engineering company Flowserve and was responsible for the motor pump division within the corporation. The Flacks Group, a private investment group from the USA, bought Pleuger out of Flowserve in 2018. The strategic management of the long-established German company has now returned to its attractive headquarters in the heart of Hamburg's Wandsbek district.

    With a new brand appearance and the claim "Power – Pumps – Propulsion" the pump specialist underlines its strengths as the inventor and manufacturer of submersible motor pumps. In its 90-year history, Pleuger has become a synonym for the underwater motor pump and is still regarded today as a German promise of highest quality. This competence is based on the experience of Pleuger's engineers, who have continuously improved the water-filled motor in Germany since it was patented in 1929. Pleuger pumps are globally used in the water industry, on offshore drilling platforms, in refineries, nuclear power plants and in mines. Today, Pleuger's submersible motor pump division comprises a broad portfolio of cavern, well, booster, polder and flood pump units. In addition to Pleuger's submersible pumps, vertical and horizontal plunger pumps "Made in Germany" have become an integral part of the world's fluid industries. Often these are tailor-made machines designed specifically for the application, which are characterised by high operational reliability and freedom from maintenance.

    In addition to the previous Pleuger locations in Orleans, France, and Hamburg, Germany, further locations in the USA and Russia will be added shortly. From there, Pleuger Industries intends to build up its portfolio in the oil and gas markets of the regions and develop additional market shares in the water market, in general industry and in the energy sector.
    Frank-Ulrich Szittke, Genaral Manager of Pleuger Industries, sees the basis for a successful business development secured: "With our customized solutions for special applications in mining, petrochemicals, the energy industry and the water market, we see great market opportunities and considerable growth potential. As we have a worldwide network of distributors and service contractors, we are able to supply our customers around the globe and offer the corresponding support. In addition, we will continue to focus on the standard pump business, further develop the product range and offer the corresponding support," emphasizes Szittke.

    Since the beginning of the year, Pleuger has presented itself with an independent brand identity that revives the corporate philosophy. On the new website, customers can get an impression of Pleuger's activities. You can meet Pleuger Industries this year at the following trade shows and industry events:

    • Oil & Gas exhibition (OTC), 6–9 May 2019, Houston/Texas
    • Weftec, 23–25 September 2019, Chicago/Illinois
    • Aimex, 27–29 August, Sydney/Australia

    • Traditional pump manufacturer will demonstrate its broad capability for offshore applications in the German Pavilion
    • Powerful and durable Solutions for Petroleum & Gas Applications
    • Company presence in the US market to be expanded

    From May 06 – 09, 2019 Pleuger Industries will present its extensive portfolio of special pumps for offshore applications at the 50th Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas USA. Operators of offshore plants will find solutions for underwater motor pumps, plunger pumps and ship drives "Made in Germany" at our booth number 3625-14 located in the German Pavilion. The company will also use its trade fair presence in Houston to expand its network of distributors in the USA. Pleuger Industries is currently investing in the establishment of a US production facility and service branch to get closer to its customers in US offshore and onshore production and to be able to offer effective on-site support.

    In Houston, Pleuger Industries presents its comprehensive portfolio of high-performance pumps, which are used in many applications in the offshore industry. The focus of the trade fair presentation will be Pleuger offshore thrusters, which are used as manoeuvring units for offshore vehicles, in floating platforms (SEMISUB), but also in typical work vehicles and supply ships. Submersible motor pumps, which are operated with a water-filled submersible motor, are also used as durable and maintenance-free products in many offshore applications. As with plunger pumps, Pleuger not only offers standard configurations but also custom-made units to ensure maximum operational reliability and performance under the most difficult conditions.

    Pleuger Industries, which was part of the Texan Flowserve group between 2000 and 2018, was initially founded 90 years ago. During this time, Pleuger engineers have made a name for themselves in the international onshore and offshore industry over decades as developers and manufacturers of high-quality submersible motor and process pumps. All pumps developed and manufactured at the production site in Hamburg are designed for maximum operational reliability and performance in continuous operation as well as maximum energy efficiency to meet the high offshore requirements. Pleuger Industries is based in Hamburg and works together with major customers in the international oil and gas industry such as Shell, BP, Chevron, Kellog Brown and Exxon Mobile.

    To better serve its customers in the North American market, Pleuger Industries will further expand its network of distributors. The participation in the OTC will therefore serve to promote the company and establish contacts. In future, customers and partners will also receive support from a new branch, which Pleuger plans to open in Florida shortly. At this location, German pump-engineering know-how will be fitted to the needs of US customers.


  • PLEUGER submersible Pump
    PLEUGER Submersible pump, maintenance-free, custom-made unit, ensures the highest level of operational reliability...

  • Submersible Pumps and Motors

    PLEUGER offers custom-made units of submersible pumps to ensure the highest level of operational reliability and performance in all applications:

    • Firewater & Jockey Pumps
    • Drain Caisson Pumps
    • Seawater Lift Pumps
    • Service Water Pumps
    • Raw Water Tower Pumps
    • Ballast & Bilge Pumps
    • Oil Extraction Pumps
    • Firefighting Pumps

  • PLEUGER Aldrich recip
    The high quality and highest performance Pleuger reciprocating pump range includes vertical and horizontal reciprocating pumps (also called plunger pumps), which are used in almost all applications....

  • Plunger Pumps

    The high quality and highest performance PLEUGER reciprocating pump range includes vertical and horizontal reciprocating pumps (also called plunger pumps), which are used in almost all applications:

    • LPG/ NGL
    • MEG/ TEG Gas Drying
    • Methanol Injection
    • Water injection
    • Condensate
    • Slop Oil transfer
    • Boiler Feed
    • Reverse Osmosis
    • Hydrotest, Pipeline Testing & Flushing
    • Water Jetting/ Descaling
    • Fatty Acid/ Detergents
    • Ammonia / Carbamate
    • Various metal ore slurries

  • PLEUGER Offshore Thruster
    Pleuger Offshore Thrusters are typically applied in semisubmersible platforms (SEMISUB), propulsion devices for multipurpose and supply vessels are available....

  • PLEUGER Offshore Thrusters are manoeuvring devices for Offshore vessels. Typically applied in semisubmersible platforms (SEMISUB), also propulsion devices for multipurpose and supply vessels are available. Pleuger standard supply is a L-type configuration of the drive train combined with a fixed pitch propeller (FPP). On request, additional Z-drives or controllable pitch propellers (CPP) are available as well.