Petrol Instruments SRL

Via della Tecnica, 5
Aprilia,  LT  04011

  • Booth: 8102

PETROL INSTRUMENTS manufactures PD flow meters for liquids (double and single case), for industrial and custody transfer applications, master meters, digital control valves,  tank provers and strainers entirely in its own factory in Italy.

Petrol products are always reliable with excellent performances, very reduced maintenance and low cost of ownership.

Product range from 1” to 16” with max flow-rate up to 2000 m3/h; wide range of construction materials (carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel etc.); wide range of accessories;

Excellent Accuracy and Repeatability; Low Pressure Drop; Compact Design; Long Service Life; Wide Range of Accessories; Conformity with International Standards: PED, ATEX, OIML R117, ISO 9001; International Approvals for Fiscal Applications: Malaysian (Sirim), Kazakhstan, MIGAS (Indonesia), Russian, Nigerian and Chinese Approval.

Petrol Instruments PD flow meters are MID certified as a component for use with in a measuring system as agreed within WELMEC


  • Double Case PD Flowmeters
    Double Case PD Flowmeter...

  • Double Case PD Flowmeter
  • 16" PD Flowmeters
    16" PD Flowmeter with Hart Transmitter...

  • 16" PD Flowmeter with Hart Transmitter