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Korea (South)
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Every year since its foundation BOSUNG has continuously flourished. Our experience sharpened our skills. and with it, we have been able to provide our clients with quality service altogether with punctuality and accuracy.

Main item #1

Chemical Injection Packages

Skid – Mounted Modular Packages with Chemical metering Dosing System.

Main item #2

Skid – Mounted packages with Lubrication system.


  • Chemical Injection Package
    The complete system consists of a chemical storage tank, filtration metering dosing pumps, dampener, calibration pot, piping, valves, control panel, electric & Instrument....

  • #1. Chemical Injection Package

      - Design according to customer requirements, application, standard and design codes

     - Pump selection as per process parameter.

     - Use of proven system components.

     - 3D modeling of all packages.

     - Design Validation.

      - System Performance Guarantee.

    #2. Lube Oil unit

    The typical lubrication system consists of reservoir, filtration, pumps, cooler, heater, control panel, piping, control valve, electric & instrument.

    The system can supply the lube oil to compressor and turbine generator by circulation pump and individually adjusted to deliver the desired amount of lubricant.

    Once the entire system reached the low pressure, a pressure switch sends a signal to the control panel and stand by pump to maintain the system pressure.