SDC Verifier

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Haarlem,  NH  2011VB

  • Booth: 1629

SDC Verifier offers comprehensive engineering consultancy services with an expertise in the field of FEM analysis, in Marine and Offshore, Civil, Consumer Products industries.

SDC Verifier developed powerful standards checking software that works within different FEA solutions such as Ansys, Femap, Simcenter 3D. It includes the main engineering standards for different industries.

 Press Releases

  • This year SDC Verifier ready to welcome you to a Meeting room at booth 1629 (Holland Pavilion) For your convenience, we are providing possibility to book a meeting with our CEO Wouter van den Bos. Follow the link, choose date and time and fill the form with your details.  

    We are continuously adding new features and improvements to new versions of SDC Verifier. AISC 360-10 Bolt Check, Deflections Check, EN 13001 will be available in SDC Verifier 5.2 

    Our engineering department is now 20% bigger and ready to help you with code checkinsdg, tender support, and different structural consultancy services: residual lifetime analysis, strength checks, normal modes and deflections, nonlinear calculations, etc.


  • SDC Verifier
    SDC Verifier is an engineering software to perform verification according to standards. It works as an extension for Ansys, Femap and Simcenter and automate the full FEA workflow....

  • SDC Verifier enables code checking in Ansys, Femap and Simcenter 3D. It helps automatically verify your model according to different industry standards without the need of creating any additional models or spreadsheets. At the same time, it helps to generate all the required documentation in extensive calculation reports.

    SDC Verifier speeds up the design phase by storing the full calculation process. A recalculation after a modification requires just a single click. All calculation settings are reapplied to the model and FEM results.

    The following standards are implemented: ANSI/AISC 360-10, API 2A RP, ISO 19902, Norsok N004, DIN15018, Eurocode 3, FEM 1.001, ABS 2004, ABS 2014, DNV RP-C201 2010, DNV CN30/1995 and many others in progress

    With the unique recognition tools structural items as beam members, plates, welds, stiffeners, panels and joints can be directly verified according to their specific requirements.

    With custom checks you can modify the formula of a standard and save it as your own.

  • SDC Reporting
    SDC Verifier allows the process of report generation to be done automatically, reducing time expenses and maximally automate the process. It is possible to preview and print the report in Report Designer or Export to Microsoft Word...

  • Preparing full calculation report is one of the most time-consuming parts of the project. An engineer has to make the same routine processes to create calculation report from project to project. SDC Reporting allows the process of report generation to be done automatically, reducing time expenses and maximally automate the process.

    Two powerful tools are available to generate the report: Report Wizard and Report Designer.

    Report Wizard gives a possibility to define step by step items of the report. It is possible to generate word report from a wizard or to keep working with report structure in a designer.

    Report Designer is an advanced tool that helps to change the structure of the report, move items, preview immediately results and edit/modify parts, structure. It is possible to preview and print the report in Report Designer or Export to Microsoft Word in order to add extra information to calculation report such as comments, images, conclusions if necessary.

  • SDC Engineering
    With 20 years of experience, we offer comprehensive engineering consulting services in different industries. We calculate models using Finite Element method and verify structures for fatigue, plate buckling, and member checks...

  • Design check and optimization 

    Choosing the most competitive design to fulfill the needs in strength / complexity / economy sectors. 

    Certification support 

    Developing the complete calculation procedure with open basis of calculation to comply with the rules of Eurocodes, DNV, ABS, FEM and any other standard. 

    Structural calculations 

    By using the modern and innovative software our experienced engineering team is ready to perform structural calculations using FEA methodology of any kind: from Linear Static to Advance Non-linear Dynamic analyses. 

    Building digital twins 

    We are able to prepare precise and detailed calculation models of your structures to simulate the realistic behavior for further analysis. 

    Measurements and inspections 

    Visiting the site to measure the dimensions, speeds, frequencies, accelerations as well as highlighting the possible problem locations 

    Standard checking 

    Predicting the residual lifetime, buckling check, welds capacity calculation, joints and connections checks according to most recent and up-to-date is the core skill of our team.