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Olidens mission statement is to provide the state-of-the-art drilling and measurement downhole tools to enable efficient hydrocarbons exploration and production anywhere in the world.
We aim to become the first independent MWD/LWD equipment R&D firm to supply full suite of advanced LWD tools and be the most innovative, effective RD&M organization in O&G industry with global impact.

 Press Releases

  • Oliden Technology has won the coveted 'Spotlight On New Technology' award from OTC in 2018.
    The product that won this award was the GeoFusion 475 Laterolog Imaging and Resistivity tool.
    Qiming Li, the CEO of Oliden Technology was present to  receive the award amongst other elite winners at a prestigious ceremony located in the main area of the Reliant Center.
  • Oliden technology will be presenting at booth 5009 in the NRG Center in 2019.

    Amongst the downhole LWD tools on display will be the GeoFusion 475 Laterolog and Imaging tool.

    The GeoFusion 475 won the prestigious OTC Spotlight on New Technology award in 2018. With its 128 sector images, resistivity range to 20,000 ohm.m coupled with its outstanding vertical resolution makes this tool the perfect solution for water based mud applications.

    Come and see the equipment and meet the Team. 


  • GeoFusion Laterolog Resistivity and Imaging Tool
    Available in two sizes (4.75” and 6.75”), the GeoFusion is a latest generation imaging and Laterolog resistivity LWD tool incorporated into a single collar, enabling formation evaluation, well placement and fracture analysis in conductive mud....

  • Laterolog Technology
    GeoFusion is a Laterolog style device.
    Laterolog tools need a complete electrical circuit to work.
    Current passes from an emitting electrode, through the borehole into the formation and back to the tool via a return electrode on the tool. Resistivity is a function of voltage drop between return electrode and source, and source current. Laterolog tools have to make electric contact with the formation through either a conductive drilling fluid or by direct physical contact.
    Laterolog resistivity measurements are ideal for formation evaluation as they have excellent thin bed reponse, they are azimuthally focused and relatively unaffected by anisotropy effects.
    Structural and Strategraphic features
    High resolution, detailed images of structural and stratigraphic features allow for accurate determination of faults, bedding dip and fracture orientation.
    Understanding dip orientation helps geosteering experts to position the wellbore accurately in the desired formation. Further, the dip can be estimated and extrapolated for update to the geologic model.
    Fracture Applications
    The 128 sector full wellbore images with 0.4" vertical resolution reveals fracture locations, density and orientation. 
    A reservoir level approach to this new data source reveals fracture patterns, fracture behaviors, and fracture networks potentially meaning fewer wells could be drilled as these fracture networks become intentionally exploited by future wells.
    Accurate Formation Evaluation
    GeoFusion has 3 focused resistivity measurements which are all azimuthally focused and have outstanding vertical resolution, in addition to this, the measurement range of the tool is 20,000 ohm-m and the measurement is relatively unaffected by anisotropy meaning that accurate formation evaluation is possible where other technologies suffer.
    Geostopping and Wellbore Safety
    With its bit resistivity measurement, certain drilling risks can be largely mitigated, such as detection of geopressure anomalies, such as depleted formations before bit penetration by identifying the different resistivity characteristic of that particular formation.
    This enables casing to be set and sealed, allowing BHA and mud weight changes to be made before penetrating the next section. With this particular drilling risk eliminated, the drilling team can focus on the next challenge.
    Complimentary environmental measurements such as shock and vibration, RPM and temperature enhance decision making in tough drilling environments.
    Using Images for borehole condition
    Keyseats are a small diameter channel, worn into the side of a larger diameter wellbore.When larger diameter components such as drillpipe joints or BHA parts try to pass through the channel, they can become stuck. Images can locate the exact position of keyseats and other ledge problems.
    Keyseats can be mitigated in realtime by intentionally reaming at the correct depth to remove the keyseat.
    Wellbore instability - breakout
    Wellbore instability events such as breakout are due to shear stress exceeding the rock shear strength in the wellbore wall. Chunks of rock breakoff leading to an oval hole which is filled with conductive drilling fluid. As the image rotates around the wellbore, this charcteristic ovalisation is easy to spot.
    Breakout is a signal that a non-optimum mud weight is being run over a particular section. Identifying the direction of breakout can improve decision making for future well planning.
  • DartFusion Geosteering and Array Resistivity Tool
    Available in two sizes (4.75” and 6.75”) the DartFusion Tool carries the functionalities of two tools rolled in one. Geosteering and Formation Evaluation....

  • Propagation Technology
    DartFusion is a multiple frequency Electromagnetic Wave Propagation style device.
    Multiple transmitter antennas sequentially create magnetic fields which induce alternating currents in the formation, they in turn generate secondary magnetic fields that are detected by two receiver antennas which measure the phase angle and amplitude of the wave.
    The electronics then provide a Phase Shift measurement (difference of two phases) and an Attenuation measurement (ratio of the amplitudes).
    Azimuthal Propagation
    By using specialist and proprietry designs for the antennas, the tool can produce directionally sensitive measurements that are lacking in traditional LWD propagation tools.
    Bed Boundary Mapping
    Capable of reading all around it to a depth of 20ft into the formation, the DartFusion tool enables real-time distance to multiple boundary meaurements, providing the surface team with unprecedented visibility of the downhole stratigraphy beyond the wellbore.
    The measurement provides quantitative distances and directions to multiple bed boundaries and a qualitative measurement of the boundary resistivity.

    Bed Orientation
    • Strike - This is continuously measured directly by the DartFusion and sent in realtime. The formation strike is displayed on a foot-foot basis using the surface displays.
    • Dip - This is inferred in realtime from the Oliden surface answer product as formation bed boundaries are displayed and measured. Visualization made simple.
    Accurate Formation Evaluation
    The 20 borehole compensated resistivity curves from DartFusion replicate those same curves from the ArtFusion. In addition to the accurate formation evaluation capabiliities of ArtFusion, the DartFusion has even enhanced capabilities when delaing with anisotropy. 
    Wireline resistivity runs can be avoided.

    Deep Depth Of Investigation

    This device is perfect for well placement and geosteering challenges. The 20ft Depth Of Investigation into the formation beats all equivalent technologies.

    The Power of Visualization

    A surface software product that inverts the azimuthal resistivity measurements and displays multiple formation bed boundaries against the trajectory of the wellpath, displaying the quantitative distance to those multiple bed boundaries as well as a qualitative indicator of their resistivities and the bedding orientation.
    Azimuthal Gamma Ray and Images
    Integral to the tool is the azimuthal gamma ray sensor, capable of sending realtime gamma ray quadrant measurements or even images. In memory, the tool stores 8 sector gamma ray images.
  • LithoFusion Azimuthal Density Porosity LWD Tool
    Available in two sizes, the tools Azimuthal Density is complemented by 16 sector density and PEF images for accurate DIP and lithology determination.
    The neutron porosity measurement is compensated for environmental effects.

  • In an age when most wells are drilled with Oil based muds, the density measurement, offering the finest vertical and horizontal measurements in the tool string is typically the most accurate tool for dip determination. 

    The tools Azimuthal Density is complemented by 16 sector density and PEF images for accurate DIP and lithology determination.
    The neutron porosity measurement is compensated for environmental effects and the ultrasonic caliper is available in both hole sizes